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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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10 hours ago, John Liley said:

The ingenious part of it all was the use of a second digger, ...

... which reminded me of March 2015 at Apperley Bridge following-on from the overturned crane ...

On 17/02/2021 at 16:56, PeterScott said:

spacer.png[Feb] 2013 ... at Apperley Bridge locks L&L [lock gate replacement], but sadly the job did not go all that well. Nobody was hurt. The crane had come across a temporary road across adjacent fields, as the towingpath was not wide enough. The turn on to the towingpath above the locks required some manoeuvring, and it's on a slight embankment, which began to give way sufficently slowly for the driver to make good his escape before the crane turned-turtle. A cofferdam was subsequently built to remove as much water as possible from the crane.

On 05/03/2013 at 08:28, wobbley said:

... The bank and towpath have been excavated and a scaffold walkway put around the crane. The temporary dam is still in place ...


The towingpath - the small embankment which holds the water in the canal - was taken away, walkers and dogs having been diverted  across ...

On 27/02/2021 at 11:14, PeterScott said:

....  a temporary bridge ...  to divert the towingpath to t'other side of the canal. ....... across the cofferdam ...... and then along a new offside path to the second temporary bridge.






  The level access to the overturned crane allowed two bigger cranes ... 595293005_2013-03-0516_36_28s.jpg.3f24bbffcdda1e2a0cd76cb1afd0c144.jpg


crane.jpg.91018cd8757fbb252dcc3247e61a2c25.jpg... to manoeuvre their demised colleague onto a lowloader to head back to base over the temporary roadway built across the field. From there it was off to a new life in (iirc) Portugal where, it seems, waterlogged cranes are more welcome than in the UK.


C&RT then reinstated the embankment/towingpath, and from 30Apr2015 below, there is only a change in towingpath surface colour to commemorate the event. But no plaque.L2321_20150430_0027s.jpg.f8b58256490baa36ef61fa8ede17e7c6.jpg






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18 hours ago, John Liley said:

For a time we kept the Arthur at Lisson Grove on the Regent's Canal, a splendid base for circular trips down the Limehouse, then up the Thames to Brentford.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 21.56.16.png





 Arthur was on the Blomfield Road moorings when we acquired her Spring 1988, having passed through the hands of Bill Fisher and Richard Branson as I think I've mentioned. Whoever painted the name "Arthur" did a good job as it still looked much as in your photos, though we subsequently changed her back to "Mersey". Sadly the hull thickness was not so well preserved, and the chine varied from 2 - 3.5mm. I do have a fondness for the Yarwoods built shortboats.



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