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  1. David did not "take the time to answer (my) question ". The quotation was from David's FAQ page, and I can't see how it could be impolite or immature to quote him. So not a "poor show" at all.
  2. I've only recently discovered this forum. David John, who produces the excellent "CruisingTheCut" Vlogs alerted me to it: What’s the narrowboat forum you mention sometimes in your videos?The forum I gained most of my info from is canalworld.net. It’s got loads of very expert people who chip in but the only thing you have to watch is that sometimes the discussions veer (quickly) wildly off on a tangent, which is unhelpful, or occasionally descend into vitriolic arguments. If you can wade your way through that occasional treacle, it’s good stuff. However, it seems that forum members just can't prevent themselves from calling other peoples boats "pug ugly" or worse, or saying "I don't want to offend" when in reality that's precisely what they want. So, while I'll visit this forum and "wade through the treacle" and "vitriol" to get news and information, in future I'll keep my contributions to a minimum. It's not a question of being thin-skinned (I've a hide like a rhino); I just think that grown-up canal boaters should behave more maturely and treat each other with more respect.
  3. It seems the tribalism continues! I've decided that after all, when my boat (a rather fine-looking wide-beam river launch with a steeply raked seaworthy bow and a counter stern) is ready to go onto navigable waters, I'll take her to Reading, and go downstream to the Thames and to France. I've joined the DBA Barge Association and I look forward to navigating the wide horizons of Europe. I'll leave cruising the K&A until I return to narrowboating in my dotage, perhaps less than a decade away ...
  4. Once again, you have made some very helpful points. Thanks!
  5. In my narrowboating days, thirty years ago, I never strayed beyond the narrow canals of the central and north-west midlands. Now, having become a widebeam owner, it's really disappointing to discover the animosity between groups of canal boaters. This forum topic has run on to 57 webpages!
  6. This was very useful. Many thanks.
  7. Trevor Lyons

    Trevor Lyons

  8. The Iroquois wasn't mine. I think it was probably a MkI.
  9. I agree completely. With the obvious exception of my river barge, I would never choose to navigate in a monohull vessel again. I am utterly converted to multihulls, having sailed an Iroquois, a Fountaine-Pagot Maldives and a Brady 45.
  10. Why would I do that? I am an experienced boatman, and I'm not a snob!
  11. Alan, many thanks for the response. Yes, I have sea-going experience; I am an RYA Offshore Yachtmaster and have sailed a big schooner, a large motorsailer ketch, and several catamarans. I've sailed a to Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland, and have crossed to Brittany and the Bay of Biscay several times. Having been a maritime law lecturer until I retired a month ago, fortunately I know the collregs and I'll do the CEVNI exams. I wouldn't dream of crossing the Channel in a barge till the spring or summer, and with the support of Dover Coastguard. The barge is class D (ie "rivers, canals and small lakes" only) so I have to prepare the bow well to make sure no waves come aboard. Yes, I'll have the fuel tank cleaned; presumably one can use red diesel for heating in Europe? Are separate tanks required? I've got paperwork, thanks. I want to do some navigation in England to do any troubleshooting in home waters. My main issue is whether the K&A is deep enough and whether the bridges are too low (my barge has a fold-down wheelhouse).
  12. In the 1980s I had a lovely 41' Mindon narrowboat with a 3-cylinder Lister air-cooled engine, a very high seaworthy bow, and a cruiser stern with a square transom. That was sold a while ago, but I've recently acquired a 54' x 12' x 3'3" (draft) widebeam barge. She was being used as a live-aboard on a boatyard on the Trent & Mersey. She's not a "fat narrowboat", but an English-designed "Dutch" barge. I plan to have the barge carried on a low-loader to a wide canal, probably to Reading. I'd make a visit to Oxford and back to check the boat's systems, before taking her down the Thames to Dover, across the Channel to Calais (by sea!) and into the French canal system. Rather than Reading, if feasible, I'd prefer to take it to Stourport or Gloucester, and then navigate via Sheerness, Avonmouth and the Kennet & Avon to the Thames. Two questions: (i) is the K&A large enough for a boat with these dimensions?; and (ii) having read much of this web chat, I am disheartened by some of the anti-widebeam tribalism. Assuming the answer to q.1 is "yes", might there be unpleasantness from narrowboaters resenting my widebeam's presence on the K&A?
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