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Andy Russell gunwale paint alternative??

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25 minutes ago, crosser said:

i want to paint my gunwales black but i see you cant get the andy russell paint anymore so what do people use instead? is it a satin black or matt black paint?  thanks

We've been trying to get Andy Russell paint too.... I understand it's now sold by HMG Paints Ltd, Manchester - tel 0616  205 7631 their website hmgpaint.com has a server error at this moment in time. 


We finely got a pot of Chassis Black (6150) from HMG Paints, Venetian Marina ordered it for us yesterday, and it arrived today - the smallest pot is 5 litres, and it cost £50, so it will last us quite a while. 


It's well worth it as it's good natured to paint, and great for touching up. We also painted our cratch and stern floor with it to great effect.

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Bought some from Nantwich canal centre last year.  I think it was HMG.


It seems to be different to the normal boat paint. As well as being matt it goes on easily without brush marks and dries much quicker.  Easy to touch up.

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Buying over the counter is the best way at 3P. I highly recommend them, not just for the black paint, but also they will mix marine enamel in whatever colour you need, in whatever quantity. I had them colour match based on a sample I took in and they were spot on. A great business to deal with. I suggest ringing ahead to let them know what you want in case it needs mixing.

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FWIW. Toolstation sell Leyland direct to metal black paint that gives  a semi-mat finish. It seems a bit thin but they do say apply a second coat two hours after the first. It seem easy to touch up and not being glossy is much better at not highlighting dents and scratches in the substrate.

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