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  1. This is the situation we are at today! Anyone with a different opinion is a fascist. Looks like the lines of being a fascist are being flipped. Here's a clip from Parliament this morning.
  2. Nigel's penultimate speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH7g0IbC0dQ
  3. Direct from the source;
  4. Can't wait to get going again, it looks like the wind could be abating by Friday. I'm making notes, so thank you Matty
  5. I'll agree with you, it's got nothing to do with Brexit Jerra you need to read this https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/finance-business/nissans-infiniti-to-exit-western-europe-early-next-year/ar-BBUFzz2
  6. Think you are missing the fact that he served his country.
  7. Did you see the news about HMS Argyll yesterday? Well done those lads! The frigate was heading home after 9 months away after being in Asia Pacific with allies. https://news.sky.com/story/royal-navy-sailors-save-27-people-from-burning-container-ship-at-sea-11662171
  8. "Politely" lol, I think you must be fibbing there 😂 The point was, you accepted that was the way things were, sometimes life isn't fair. In a job I left, I was asked to find my replacement, I felt sick when the salary offered was £5k more than I'd had for 3 years. It was a good decision to leave.
  9. I remember that time, couldn't understand where those Green Goddesses came from. After the strike they got mothballed again. A fiver a week was a lot then, I can imagine people would be peeved.
  10. Are you getting muddled up with right-wing and extreme right? I class myself as being on the right, but not for a moment would I align myself with those groups you mentioned. Extremes in both right and left are dangerous. It takes all sorts in this world thank goodness. It's healthy to debate, but not to dictate.
  11. LOL I couldn't remember the word 'Allegiance' (it's a better word than 'subservient') Thought the army was mentioned to keep order on the streets? I wouldn't imagine for a moment the Navy would be ordered to start blasting us out of the water. But... we're living in very strange times .....
  12. We've never had a situation (that I know of) since Cromwell, where democracy has been under such fire. Historians believe Cromwell's civil war stopped us from treading the same path as France. So basically, it's either the ballot box or the guillotine gun. One thing to remember about the army, the army is subservient to the Queen, and not to the Government. It's a truly worrying situation. Just look how angry and split people are on this thread as a minuscule sample, and sentiments are hardening.
  13. Brilliant news the 'unicorns' are turning up! Source The bar codes are linked to the number plates of the HGVs so hauliers have no need to stop, avoiding delays to the vast quantities of goods that pass between the UK and France every day. But of course, none of this could ever possibly work to monitor the tiny quantities of agricultural products and construction materials that cross the Irish border…
  14. Thanks Roland, we'll probably aim for Midland Chandlers at Mercia Marina. We don't have any other transport.
  15. Ecky Thump.... 😱 We're on our way to this area. We'd best sharpen up! Presently moored (till the storms pass over), at the bottom of Watford Locks. Think we'll start to 'drag our heals' and hope the floods will be over by the time we reach the rivers. Feeling a little wobbly at the minute, we were just leaving Braunston Top lock when an alarm started singing. We pulled up on the moorings to investigate, and discovered a hose had slipped off the engine, emptying the antifreeze-water from the tank. With the problem rectified, we set off to go through the tunnel. I'd have had a near heart attack if the problem alarm had started singing in the tunnel! That was too close for comfort for me We didn't have any more antifreeze, so now we've now got our fingers crossed that winter is over, at least till we can find a place that sells antifreeze.
  16. This thread is too spooky! Wondering what use the 'chicken shed' thingy was for? Perhaps keeping food dry?
  17. Sounds far too painful! Hope you're soon mended. My husband always carries a paint roller handle, it makes a great hook, and it saves a lot of pressure to his knees. Sorry can't help you with a pin, except perhaps using a couple of these, they are 1.3 metres, perhaps pushed through the armco and down into the mud below?
  18. Mind, mould/mildrew spray probably contains bleach.
  19. I'm sure the OP has thought about that
  20. Fabric as in cloth material? How about Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover about £3.50. Maybe Vanish carpet cleaner which is a dry powder in a shaker. Fabric as in a wooden panel? Spraying bleach works quite. White vinegar is supposed to be good, though I've not tried it. The above I have with success.
  21. If the drawdown amount puts you over the tax limit, think about (if your very quick) drawdown an amount now, and another amount after 5th April - splitting it over two tax years.
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