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  1. So if the sense wire and battery wire have different voltage drops, then the unit will see different voltages on each. Yet the post I was responding to said any such voltage difference would damage the unit. So which is it?
  2. Sometimes! My guess is that CRT check a sample of both insurance and home mooring details each year, the size of the sample being determined by the number of compliant/non-compliant boats they find.
  3. So why are there two connections then? Why not link them internally in the unit and have a single connection to the battery negative/ground?
  4. I recall my geotechnical engineering lecturer saying that failure of cuttings in over consolidated clays was also a problem on railways in the Weald of Kent and Sussex. He commented that reversal of the pore pressure state on removal of overburden could take tens of decades - which could be why we are seeing failures in 100-200 year old cuttings.
  5. Aqueducts (plural). Both the Birmingham and Fazeley and Birmingham and Warwick Junction Canals have aqueducts over the Tame at Salford Bridge.
  6. The connecting link will be a tunnel broadly as planned for the cancelled scheme. The difference is the station at Euston, which will have fewer platforms as it no longer has to service anywhere near as many trains following the cancellation of the route north of Birmingham. The government also hopes that by taking the project from HS2 Ltd and giving it to the private sector a more commercial approach to both station construction and related development opportunities will reduce the cost to the taxpayer. And one of the consequences of the smaller Euston station is that it will make it more difficult for any future government to try to make better use of the HS2 route to Birmingham by extending the system further north (whether by the recently abandoned scheme or any other route).
  7. No it doesn't. Trains don't spend all their time running at maximum speed, so halving the maximum speed from 200mph would double the journey time for those parts of the trip would run at 200mph, would less tha double those parts which would operate at between 100mph and 200mph and would have no effect on those parts of the journey which would operate at less than 100mph anyway. So the overall increase in journey time would be significantly less than double. And turnround times at the termini would not increase, so the overall train fleet requirement would increase by a lot less than a factor of 2.
  8. It is and it isn't. Work between Old Oak Common and Euston is paused. The latest ministerial update to Parliament (https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/hs2-6-monthly-report-to-parliament-november-2023) says: "We are going to scale back the project at Euston and adopt a new development led approach to the Euston Quarter which will deliver a station that works, is affordable and can be open and running trains as soon as possible." and "At Euston, we will appoint a development company, separate from HS2 Ltd, to manage the delivery of this project. We will also take on the lessons of success stories such as Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms, which secured £9 billion of private sector investment and thousands of homes. So, we will harness the future growth that the station will unleash to support its development, to ensure we get the best possible value for the British taxpayer" No timescales are given for the new approach at Euston. All that is said is "Delivery remains on track for the initial high-speed services between Old Oak Common in west London and Birmingham Curzon Street by 2029 to 2033." So Euston is some time after that.
  9. The guys at Brinklow would straighten that on the fly press. The wood lining would need to be removed first, and has been said the flange might buckle on straightening, so some refettling with the welder and angle grinder would probably be needed. At least with lift off hinges you can take the door off for repair elsewhere. And while it is being repaired get a sheet of plywood clamped over the opening for security and weatherproofing - some window tape or mastic would keep the drips out.
  10. Is this red oxide, as in red oxide primer, or a red oxide finish paint of some sort, or some other paint type completely which is the same colour as traditional red oxide?
  11. Not clear whether you are just subject to the random checks on home moorings which CRT have always done or whether this is something new relating to the higher fees for CCers.
  12. Thinking further on this, if you have separate engine and domestic alternators and both have the negative connection through the alternator body and thus connected to the engine block, as is normal, the battery-battery negative link should be connected to the load side of the shunt, as otherwise whenever there is a current flowing through the shunt (in either direction) there will be a few mV potential difference in the circuit comprising the alternator-battery negative cables, the engine block, the battery-battery negative link and the shunt, and that will cause some small stray currents in the cables (but not in the hull unless there is an unintended connection somewhere), although whether that current is big enough to cause any problems I can't say.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. No. I was being picked on by a forum member! 🙂
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