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  1. sherbert


  2. Seems like a caddis lava to me they cover themselves with all sorts of debris whatever is available so come in all sort s of wierd shapes
  3. I seem to remember Grindley brook is some of both during normal hours
  4. Went past yesterday and all boats gone but saw several of them dotted about on Middlewich arm and on T&M towards Northwich Sad as they seemed to have upgraded thier fleet
  5. We had a problem with our oven and grill on lighing they would burn for a few mins and then flicker and go out as if being subject to a wind Then I read about regulators having a 10yr life and ours was ?? yrs old so I replaced it and problem cheaply solved Has yours been changed?
  6. Glad to hear you didnt cheat with sand Mine were standard 110 batteries but I always kept them fully topped up if you know what I mean
  7. Nice surprise today after batteries failing whilst on a trip to Bugsworth and being replaced I took the old ones to the local scrappy and got £10 each for them Well worth doing and took a bit of the sting out of the price of the new ones
  8. Thanks for the advice as I will be removing mine in afew weeks ready for a repaint and a new canopy and was wondering the best way to tackle the removal
  9. very untypical boats apart from the hirers and Elvis * boat The gig at the Shroppie Fly was excellent even got into shot a few times The programm overall was typical TV hype
  10. I too have a carbo stove fitted and in the7 yrs I have usedit there has never been a baffle plate just 2 blanked off holes in the flue pipe and it works fine
  11. I wear a two piece padded gortex lined fishing suit nd if it is really cold I have a one piece thickfleece to wear under it A bit bulky but so warm and toasty
  12. There should be a stop valve on or near the tank Turn this off Open the sink and shower taps and let the pump get rid of the water in the pipesthen you should only have a dibble to mop up Then just an easy job to swop the pumps Beat me to it Must do better
  13. My wife decieded on day one it was easier to steer than to work the locks On our first trip ever we encountered ice thick enough to make going away from a straight line difficult so while I had got off at a bridge to work to locks she was having great difficulty turning into the lock mouth Yes many bumps and mistakes were made but I could do nothing to help and did not critisies at all those difficulties and having to sort them out on her own means that now after 16 yrs she can tackle most locks as good as anyone her specialality being the bywashes at the tails of the Llangollen locks which I struggle with because like some women I rarley have a go at doing it
  14. Always used the boat in winter and had some of our most memorable cruises on frosty but sunny days Our first ever trip in a shre boat was in Jan and after 3 days became iced iced in fourtunatley outside Tesco at Warwick and loved every minute of it Now in our 16th boating year and 4th boat
  15. having a light grey one I disagree but it is grey raddle no problem
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