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  1. RIP indeed Bruce and Sheila bought a share in the same boat as I had and I have casually followed ever since.
  2. No problem at all it is great to meet with other people that enjoy the practical side of looking after great engines.
  3. What I was talking about is the cold start fuel override. Yes I agree about keeping the linkages oiled but that is just expected tlc for your Gardner.
  4. Simple answer is yes in the carbon bushes have evolved over time and now you can buy a modern ceramic bearing which is totally different.
  5. I believe I am right saying the manual recommends the 30cc every thousand hours, so a couple of squirts every couple of hundrede should be ample. Perhaps if you cannot say when last time would be good to start with more?
  6. What I do, not in the manual of course, is every couple of hundred hours put in a couple of squirts from my oil can. Highly scientific as you can see.
  7. I would leave that one alone that is for the later new fangled governer adaptions that my engine does not have. Not for filling with any more oil.
  8. Yes that is right. I did not know the 4LW was a single block of 4 thought it was split like the cylinders into 2s and 3s. I would agree 30cc does seem a lot but just checking my manual that is what it states though.
  9. On the top half of the fuel injection pump for the 4LW you will see a pair of fuel cotrol blocks each having 2 connections at the top to the injectors. These are connected by a rod in the middle so these two units work together. There should be a Lucas plaque showing the pump details on this and at the same level you should see a 2BA set screw on each of these two blocks. That is were the oil goes. Sorry no photo at the moment.
  10. PeterG

    oil filter

    The oil filter is not washable and must be replaced each time, the early models had a gauze type which could be cleaned and then replaced every 2000hrs. The paper elements are replaceable at each oil change.
  11. Yes that is why I was clarifying his question on Hudsons with an engine room as he did not know, or perhaps only his butler is allowed to look?
  12. No Hudsons with Engine rooms have skin tanks on the swim as well. Perhaps this is one of the very early builds?
  13. I have checked my records for you and I use a single 019XD battery which gives 100ah and 900CCA which I found at a decent price.
  14. Trying to work out how many alarms I will need. It appears to be one for the main cabin with the Morso, one for the main sleeping cabin and one for the BMC with the range and the cross bed. No idea where they can be fitted though, but I am sure someone will tell me once it is time for the BSS.
  15. PeterG

    3LW oil change

    I was talking about a normal multigrade used today rather than the Morris classic golden film oil which is a low dispersant dropping the crud into the sump. That just shows there are all sorts of oil available which is great but you need to understand what you are buying, it is not just some oil.
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