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  1. PeterG

    3LW oil change

    I was talking about a normal multigrade used today rather than the Morris classic golden film oil which is a low dispersant dropping the crud into the sump. That just shows there are all sorts of oil available which is great but you need to understand what you are buying, it is not just some oil.
  2. PeterG

    3LW oil change

    I agree Gardners are massively over engineered compared to current engines but they were designed in the 30s after all and a simple SAE30 is what they expected to operate with. They will keep rolling even with much abuse unlike a more modern engine. A multigrade keeps all of the crud in suspension a simple SAE drops it in the sump and paper filter.
  3. PeterG

    3LW oil change

    It depends on what sump you have for the exact amount but I keeps 3 x 5 litre containers for that very same reason, plus of course another for the gearbox oil.
  4. PeterG

    3LW oil change

    Yes purely a breather filter which I personally change every 4 oil changes as they do not cost that much. I put a new one on when I got the engine as I was not sure how long the last had been on for. Probably overkill but I want to look after the engine for the long term.
  5. I went through here a week or so a go and met the lockies in the morning filling the pound after the Cape, this was a regular thing for them to do if they could get out to get it ready but yes the leakage on those gates is significant and looks like it is causing the problem every morning.
  6. PeterG


    It was aimed at Roland after the comments on the North Stratford.
  7. PeterG


    What boat were you steering as we are due through in a week or so?
  8. PeterG

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I still do not understand why there are not more pictures with the advert, 3 is not enough?
  9. PeterG

    Laurence Hogg

    Yes he will be sadly missed, he made us all think with his forthright views which is not a bad thing. RIP
  10. It is very sad and looking as it will still not be wide enough to stop two fast moving cyclists to get through without the strong possibility of crashing into each other, plus it narrows down the canal. I think what is needed is a way of slowing down the traffic along the towpath.
  11. PeterG

    Minworth embankment repair

    Excellent report, sounds like more remedial works will be required, obviously Marquis is not the shallowest so was a good test.
  12. PeterG

    Minworth embankment repair

    I think the answer is not yet. Any volunteers?
  13. PeterG

    HEXAGRIP or similar suppliers

    SWMBO wants hexagrip so I need to find some and that is what we currently have and has lasted 9+ years.
  14. PeterG

    Minworth embankment repair

    Looks like from the picture they were profiling as much of the silt on the far bank away from the towpath, whereas more recently the channel was quite far across that side due to the amount of infill left on top of the temporary repair next to the towpath. It would be good to hear from whoever goes that way next to see how the work has gone. I tend to drop someone off at the bridge just before on the way up the locks so I can keep as much afloat as possible with someone on the towpath helping out if required.
  15. PeterG

    HEXAGRIP or similar suppliers

    My boat is currently very close to your Reg and happy to drive around and collect from somewhere more midlands based than where I live.

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