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  1. https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/commercial/details/56834482
  2. But what is the engine, the title looks right but then the body of the text confuses? It has got both a warrenty and warranty what ever they are.
  3. I managed to get one of those for Gardner Oil engines circa 1954 and it is very useful to me.
  4. Mine also has solid oak bearers and runs smoothly. It is worth checking that all of the bolts are still tight of course. Initally one of my injectors was not 100% but after getting all three reconditioned smoothness returned.
  5. Claydon now working but just got told Grants lock is currently closed waiting for a structural engineer to assess the safety of the lock cottage.
  6. Cart back in attendance and the queue grows as the sun beats down.
  7. Managed to dislodge some rubble behind the gate. Cart has vanished but first boat has got through.
  8. Top lock closed and flight following with Cart in attendance running down water. Now top lock bottom gate not opening and queues formed in the sun. possibly Cart still on site and trying to get them to take a look. Reports that similar issue last night.
  9. Went through on Thursday and all looked back to normal.
  10. Thanks will be going through tomorrow so will take a good look then.
  11. Is this still an issue or has it been suitably bodged into more life?
  12. You also might find that this is being prompted by the alternator kicking in varying the load on the engine starting that off. Not unusual if you have just taken over the boat and hence it has been little used but see you are going to squirt some oil in via the BA screw as well so think you have it all covered.
  13. Yes sounds good to me and there are a few jobs that need to be done in my case.
  14. If you get far enough way through you can chose multiple types of boats including one which revs up to 1200 only with some smoke and noise.
  15. RIP indeed Bruce and Sheila bought a share in the same boat as I had and I have casually followed ever since.
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