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  1. meerdog

    Otters at Napton

    3 otters have been around Calcutt locks and marina over last winter and recently. Regarding the fence which I had heard about months ago I think there is a public footpath over Calcutt top lock and round the reservoir to the car park so I can"t see how access can be restricted that much.
  2. meerdog

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    At the end of the afternoon parade I saw Adamant being towed along, hope its nothing serious. I looked for Pru when I saw Tim and I didn"t notice her, hope that"s not bad news.
  3. meerdog

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    Photos of today on the flicker link below
  4. meerdog

    Braunston 2011 - Name that boat?

    If you look at the flicker link below for 2012 I think your boat is right at the end. Lillian 514961 built by Johnathan Wilson.
  5. meerdog

    Night visitor on North Oxford last night

    Don"t know if it"s related but there is a lot going on in the fields by bridge 81. They are excavating the new marina and some of the workers are living on site in caravans.I was approached by a nice couple a few weeks ago who had been told by their boss that there was a pub close by on the towpath????
  6. meerdog

    Braunston 2016

    Kinver was just passing through wasn*t sure how old it is
  7. meerdog

    Braunston 2016

    Photos from Saturdays parade on flicker link below. Sickle doing its best to cause chaos. Sorry for the ones I missed but camera & small grandson malfunctioned when lightening was overhead & brolly sprang a leak. Big thanks to everyone taking part. Good to see some different boats
  8. meerdog

    The Boat House Braunston

    Didn't read O P until today so got caught out by the closure yesterday. Walked up to the Plough instead and it will be our first choice in future.Very warm welcome, good home cooked food, good beer, good value for money. What more do you want?
  9. This boat was converted to paddle propulsion by my step father in law. He lived at Pewsey before the K&A was restored and the pound suffered badly from weed growth because there was so little boat movement. The paddie overcame the problem of weed clogging the prop
  10. meerdog


    This is going to sound like the daftest question ever. What are you burning on your stove? We have had the wasp problem in our house and found the answer is the queens are going into my log shed to hibernate.I bring them in on the logs and warm them up by the stove and they fly round the room . Simples
  11. Now I feel truly amongst friends.I might become a posting junkie
  12. Young man I think you greatly underestimate yourself & you have managed to inspire me to post after only 7 years on the forum. I greatly admire boaters that single hand and try hard to do their bit when sharing locks. I think you worked all of the gates and paddles on your side. you didn't hit us or any other boat or any of the canal structure that alone must put you in the top 5% of boaters we have met over the years. I didn't realise you were scared of the tunnel but you came out the other end, maybe next time you will meet a boat coming the other way to add to your enjoyment. While I'm here in case I don't post for another 7 years thank you to everyone who made us so very welcome and a huge thank you to all members who post technical information, there is nothing I have needed that I haven't found yet.Looking forward to meeting some of you again soon and will certainly be looking to attend next year.

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