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  1. I've read the Canal Boat review. The first comment is that the owners found many builders unwilling to even consider some of their plans. It was built by Pendle Narrowboats. I remember 6/7 years ago when planning our current boat we went to see them and it was clear their business was about lifestyle and interior decor rather than cruising practicality. And even them they were mostly building widebeams to be shipped down south.
  2. Over the north west it's been one of the driest 6 month periods on record according to United Utilities and they should know, despite the downpours at the beginning of the month. Admittedly it's been particularly dry further north in the Lake District and Thirlmere and Haweswater are only at 38% of capacity. The Pennine supplies, which are of more relevance to the canals, are better at about 70%.
  3. Whilst normally there is no shortage of rain in the north west but as regret says there certainly has been this year. It’s been a very dry last 6 months overall.
  4. I presume the Wigan flight closure excludes the bottom two locks which are after the junction with the Leigh branch
  5. It was you who suggested Saltisford as a possible alternative and subsequently others have pointed out it’s an easy walk to Warwick Parkway from there. I’m not sure how ditchcrawler could be aware of what your car hire requirements are or what price you have been quoted.
  6. It is - our boat is there right now. £6 a night for the first 14.
  7. From Dover Lock (the Inn closed years ago and it's one of the few places where the closure improved the moorings) they would only have gone through the bottom two locks of the Wigan flight anyway. There was one time when Brandreth was left to drive the boat himself that I assumed he was going to hit the bridge so full marks for not resorting to the Tim cliche.
  8. I watched last night's programme on Wigan to Liverpool with particular interest as it's our home waters. It's very easy when you know the area to pick holes in the continuity and I was doing it all the way through. For example coming out of a pub in Wigan and getting on the boat in Burscough, then being back in Parbold. Saying that Spencer's swing bridge was their first - how did they get through the swing footbridge in Appley Bridge then? Coming out of Scarisbrick Hall and then being shown approaching Scarisbrick. And Thompson Dagnall's studio is in Bretherton, some 15 miles from Halsall (although not far from the Rufford branch at Tarleton). But that's not really the point of the programme, as ex Brummie says. The shows are for general TV audiences, not enthusiasts. I doubt that even some posters on here who have not been on this stretch of canal would have spotted the inconsistencies. What did surprise me was that they didn't show anything of the prettiest section of the canal between Dean Lock and Parbold or anything of the Liverpool link.
  9. We spent a few nights in the ACS marina at Circus Fields (for free!). There was a liveaboard in there staying for a week and he was so pleased with the location that he had put his name down for a permanent slot. He thought the £300 a month to be a bargain. The marina is on the edge of town rather than miles out and there is now a Lidl right next door.
  10. We have just fished a wallet out of the cut at 12.30, just below Calcutt locks. Thee is a driving licence and some other cards in it so we have a name and address. If it’s yours drop me a PM. We are heading north on the GU just now.
  11. No you can't. You make the journey around the turning of the high tide. So, heading north from Tarleton you leave punching against the incoming tide and when you turn into the Ribble you're going up river against the outgoing tide. You can't pick a time either. The transit is at a set time to coincide with the tides so the actual start time will vary. Coupled with the fact that only one way transits happen on a day and there are some days when no transits can be done it means the dates you can transit are quite limited.
  12. We left our boat in Ashwood marina on the Staffs & Worcs recently. I got the local engineer to do a bit of work and he was saying that out of the 100-150 boats in the marina he could count on two hands the number of boats that moved EVER.
  13. I don’t know whether the Top Lock pub at Wheelton are still doing it but when it was only outside spaces open their app had an option for location of canal. It was designed for anyone who was sitting on the benches at the lock but it worked for getting orders delivered straight to the boat as well.
  14. Riley Green is probably the best before Blackburn with the added bonus of being close to the Royal Oak pub. Going east of Blackburn there's a spot just beyond the pipe bridge after Fosters swing bridge (115) that has in my opinion the best view anywhere in the network - right across the Ribble valley to the Bowland fells. It's not perfect as you can hear the M65 a bit but the view...
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