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  1. Have a look if Baked on Board, the pizza boat is on that stretch at the right time. You should be able to see it’s movements on Facebook
  2. In the same vein I know exactly where two pairs of my glasses are - one just south of Northwich on the T&M and one outside the former Jack Mytton pub on the Llangollen. My wife also has a pair just north of the old Sollom lock on the L&L’s Rufford branch - lost when she had an impromptu dip while I was turning the boat.
  3. So, my wife is staying with our nephew in Portishead. They have a view right over the Severn estuary to Wales. This morning around high tide she saw what appears to be a narrowboat going up stream below the marina. Anyone what it could have been and where it could have come from?
  4. Rob - you’re not confusing the pound I mean with the pound where Red Bull services are - that one is often full and is time limited.
  5. Really? I’ve moored in the pound below the top lock many times and I don’t remember more than one other boat in what is a longish pound.
  6. I wasn’t looking at your original plan, but yes the Red Bull is by the services and quite close to the Blue Bell. I did once eat at the Red Bull before walking up to the Blue Bell in the days when the latter didn’t do food. Now it does I can’t see any point in the Red Bull. It’s OK but the Blue Bell is (or at least was) one of the best.
  7. I would press on to the Blue Bell at Kidsgrove. It was always an excellent real ale pub but I haven’t been in since the pandemic. It appears to do food as well now from their website. You should moor in the pound below the last lock before the tunnel. The pub is right by the junction with the Macc. 30 minutes tops to the tunnel Bear in mind that the pub is shut on Mondays.
  8. You can do a ring, but Shire Cruisers offer one-way trips as well, between Sowerby Bridge and Barnoldswick, either via Leeds or more adventurously via the Huddersfield or Rochdale and Manchester to Barnoldswick.
  9. Clearly you could hire from one the hire companies on the L&L and go one way to the end and then back the other way, but you're going to need to hire for three weeks to do the full length. Another alternative would be a one way hire from Shire Cruisers in Sowerby Bridge on the Rochdale/Aire & Calder to Barnoldswick on the L&L, either via Leeds or Manchester.
  10. Isn't the Caldon closed between bridges 1 and 13? The CRT website says it is, until 23/6.
  11. He was very much there when we passed him at Bettisfield on Sunday. I was surprised to see him on a permanent mooring there - now I know why.
  12. Preston Brook has a 10 minute window but Saltersford is 20 minutes on account of it being very short and you should be well clear in 10 minutes.
  13. Irrelevant to the OP now but the lighthouse is before Worsley surely?
  14. The western end of the L&L is certainly a lot busier than it was 20+ years ago. When we first got our own boat in 2003 you would rarely expect to see another moving boat between Rufford and Wigan. Since then and the opening of both the Ribble Link and the Liverpool Link and the opening of 3 new marinas holding c300 boats it has got a lot busier. Yesterday, on a weekday in mid March, admittedly a lovely day we passed 7 boats and many more more moored up but probably in transit.
  15. Pie Eater is right - it’s not vandalism. CRT rang me back to thank me for reporting it and we had a chat about the issue. As regulars will know the pound between the 2 locks has often been susceptible to low levels and a need to top up, but it was intermittent until recently. As we have seen on this thread it was empty yesterday morning and low again the afternoon and again empty this morning. CRT admitted that they don’t know what the problem is but I’m guessing that they can’t keep filling it up twice or more a day and I would not be surprised to see a stoppage to sort it. That will be problematic at the beginning of the season as it’s the most popular route from the South to the L&L and through the Ribble Link to the Lancaster.
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