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  1. Hi, a few of you were kind enough to help me last year with all things ‘Llangollen’’. This year we are doing parts of the Shroppie and was wondering if I could ask again for help this year. This our current plans. Bunbury to Nantwich Nantwich to Audlem Audlem to Beeston Beeston to Chester Chester to Ellesmere Port Ellesmere Port to Christleton Christleton to Bunbury Is there anything we should do / see. Any shout outs for places to eat / drink. Farm shops / food shops. Any current issues along the way. That sort of thing. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Shout out to below for replying to my question ‘Llangollen canal help, and handy hints required’. If I’ve missed anybody apologies. Tonka john6767 Quaysider doratheexplorer tree monkey jacko264 Timx We are back after a fabulous week on the Llangollen canal. We were lucky with the weather apart from getting very wet one afternoon as we were in the last of the locks at Grindley Brook and a storm hit. All went smoothly apart from the narrow parts when someone from another boat had gone ahead to check for oncoming boats and then returned and said it was clear rather than stopping any boats from entering and radioing / phoning back so, bedlam. Eat out a lot. All excellent food. Bull & Dog, Coton. We moored at Bridge 43 and got a cab. Excellent cab company Wem Taxis Castle Tandoori, Chick Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen Thai Gate, Ellesmere Horse and Jockey, Grindley Brook The Barbridge Inn, Barbridge Lockside café, excellent flat white and I’m told fabulous ice cream. Thanks again everyone. Now investigating part of the Shropshire Union Canal for next year.
  3. Hello to people who responded. Was looking for a way to thank you all personally but not sure how. Really appreciate the info. jumps
  4. Hi, I was looking for help / hints on a couple of things in regards, to the Llangollen canal. Has anyone got a list of water stops. I am checking maps / apps but looking for current 2021 stops Has anyone got a list of grocery stops near canal. Either a little local one or larger store. Thanks in advance. jumps
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