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  1. It sure does have to be one of the unluckiest, it sank in Tattenhall Marina a few months back and is currently for sale on EBay, Such a shame but I never ever leave my boat alone in a lock, im constantly looking out to see what's happening
  2. Afternoon all. Last Thursday whilst in work I slipped on the steps in the kitchen and chipped a bone in my right foot, the resulting injury has put me in a cast and crutches for five to six weeks. Brilliant timing as we are due to move house/pubs in two weeks as well as taking our boat up the Monty in June, looks like the latter may not be happening now. I'm 34 and reasonably fit, I've got the hang of the crutches now and can get on and of the boat (with some caution), its a bit difficult moving around the inside with crutches given the width etc, our boat is a trad so I would ha
  3. Myself and my partner run the Old Trooper in Christleton and own our own NB Lizzie Anne 3, we've always loved the Shady Oak, I called in a couple of months ago and met the new tenants. They are turning it into a Carvery but with a separate bar area for drinkers, The new tenant has spent tens of thousands on the place and its looking really good, I went yesterday for a nosey round, they had the landscapers in doing the final touch ups before the grand opening, which I am informed will be around Easter time. The Shady is a fab business and a lovely little quaint pub, here's hoping it w
  4. kienik

    Big AL

    I seem to recall the boat your talking about, and a previous member has posted that it was spotted on a offside mooring on the Llangollen, the location as I remember it as Plum Tree farm, right by Baddilley locks (unsure of the lock number tyo) but pretty easy to find on that stretch. If I'm right it's the one with the caravan and the huge swan pedalo on the backside
  5. On my previous NB I had Sandra do a complete rewire of the entire cabin electrics, she also did a full rewire of the engine and engine bay. Sandra is a very very experienced electrical engineer and certainly knows her stuff, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. I'd recommend her and definitely use her again if I ever needed work doing. She used to be independent but I think she is now contracted to kings lock or someone in that area, I would trust Sandra to do any work whatsoever on my boat
  6. Thanks for counting, still no where near the 200 the previous poster quoted
  7. Your are very wrong their are no where near two hundred boats on the moorings, and as you say "now" that makes it sound as though the moorings have grown in size. They have not at all grown in size/length in the ten years I've been their, yes it can get a bit boring going at tickover past the long line of boats but it no different to the stretches around Market Drayton, the end of the cutting at Grub Street etc. Yes it's tedious but surely the six mile stretch you've just come though of countryside must have bored you, now you can go licence spotting along the Nook stretch Forgot to add
  8. Your correct The Old Trooper is the restaurant myself and my partner run, we have been publicans and Narrowboaters for a long time and own our boat as we have done for many years. Yes we are new to this current business but we are experienced boaters and publicans, and our dream was to manage a canalside business, so when the Old Tropper came up we snatched it with both hands, since taking over we have seen business build quite steadily, but when something like this comes up on your doorstep it is somewhat worrying that some folk on the canals can cause this much angst and destruction.
  9. I absolutely loved it, as I did the first series, Tim and Pru really love the waterways and enjoy being out traveling along the canals and rivers, The two of them are fantastic presenters, so what if the editing is a bit bad, the overall result is very heartwarming, I liked the fact their son Is interested in the boating world, The programme for me was very informative, well presented, sympathetically done and very very well cast, I mean who else could present a programme like that.......... John Sergeant maybe???????? Seriously tho Tim and Pru have a much loved desire for th
  10. I'll name it the Cheshire Cat, she owns the boat, she lives on it in Tattenhall Marina, but spends a lot of time outside the Cat, she has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to various boats and apparently her attitude was couldn't care less! And yes it is the black one with white double glazed UPVC windows, it was on eBay a year or so ago, has something like MDN Shotblasting services on the side of it, very nice and swanky inside fittout as I remember it from Devizes, ironically it is a Eggbridge boat built locally and now moors I. The very local vicinity of where it was first bui
  11. AW at Bunbury are renowned for dumping their boats three abreast the canal, as you exit the staircase locks going downhill their is a small stretch before the railway bridge and its on an awkward bend, AW continuously block this and it's very tricky to get through at times.
  12. As a canal anorak I was really interested and excited about this program, I found it a bit boring but that's probably because I'm a anorak like most of us on here, if it was intended to raise awareness of the canal network and increase visitors and cash then bring it on! I too noticed that the bow on the first few scenes changed from a boring looking flat shape to a lovely looking sculptured one, then to a black prince boat lol I'm looking forward to the Langollen episode probably because it's local to me In my opinion any tv programmes that give my passion and love of life t
  13. kienik


    Incidentally I crusied Lizzie Anne back to her home mooring yesterday and noticed that said sunk boat is now out of the marina basin and on hard standing next to the slipway, gawd knows the state of the inside but it's good to see they have raised her and she is getting some attention Nik
  14. Evening All I initially started the topic asking questions regarding old hire companies that are no longer around, particularly in the NW area. I'd been reminiscing about my childhood in the 80s, Some. Kind sole responded to my request in WW magazine and sent a load of pictures from his various hiring experiences with ECC of Wrenbury. I'm glad to say (or a bit sad to admit) that over the years I've acquired a good eye in spotting boats and being able to identify who they were built by! So yes I admit it......... My name is Nik and I'm a boat spotter
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