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  1. Thank you for your kind gesture, restores your faith in human nature. James.
  2. I have swapped from the cheap Brazier etc. Really like Oxbow RED. Less ash and even though not smokeless, very little smoke. Lasts well and good heat. James.
  3. Went to Lidl today and all gone. It said "when it's gone it's gone" and it was! It burns fine, definitely ashy but cheap and handy size. I mix with logs. A few winters ago burned oxbow red. Not found a coal I like. James.
  4. Yes, old Volvos are best. Modern cars are too complex electronically. V90 Power pulse pipes constantly breaking and heard of engine failure. I also had a 1986 740 GLE estate in 2001. My very first car. £425, I also loved it. Was a B230K carb model. Owned it for 6 years, then a new Corolla then the cars above. James.
  5. My current workhorse is a 1996 Volvo 940 bought 3 years ago for £250. No issues and a good runner. Love it being an auto. 2.3 litre petrol turbo and now just over 200,000 miles. Previous to that a 1989 Volvo 240 GLT auto estate 2.3 litre owned for 10 years cost £350 to buy added 76,000 miles to it and never gave any major trouble. Used as my only car for 8 years until I bought the 940 as wanted AC and ABS brakes. Sold the 240 last year for £500 with 234,000 miles and it still lives on and recently sold on Ebay for £1200. I really like the older 2,7,9 series Volvo's as reliable, solid load luggers. 18 months ago I also bought a high mileage (174,00) 2006 Lexus Is 220D. £1,475. Now on 186,00. It's ok but prefer automatic. Suspect head gasket going. Love the build quality and 10 airbags inc knee airbags. Will sell at some point and just have my 940. May get a Lexus IS250 Or hybrid GS450. James
  6. Did shopping today in Lidl and outside had 10kg bags of smokeless coal at £2.99! Hetas approved and distributed by CPL. I got 6 bags. Not tried it yet but cheapest I have found! Normally Blaze or Brazier for £3.99. Hopefully national, so hope others can benefit. I like the smaller bags to handle and 30kg for £8.97. James.
  7. Definitely good for once. Makes up for the expensive paint and dear plumbing fittings or only 1 in store when you want 14! We moved to Normandy in 2002 and returned in 2010. We didn't regret it and had a good time renovating at the time. We used to go to French lessons and the restaurant had an Invicta stove, which had a curved base and big glass door. Very welcome on a cold day. We had a SUPRA make HF something or other and replaced it after a year as oil heating in 2008 was nearly 1 euro a litre. At the time virtually no boiler stoves, so bought a villager AHI for £780. This heated our house (11 rads) and used 20 cubic metres of mixed logs. We paid between 15-35 euro a cube seasoned, cut to our size 50cm and delivered. Lit for around 7 months. My Grandparents felt the cold. James.
  8. Indeed. So far trouble free in the Lexus in the 11,000 miles I have added. Volvo also never broken down. 1989 Volvo 240 GLT auto in the 10 years of ownership and only car for 8 years was only recovered once. The auto gearbox banging, and as it turns out against the transmission tunnel, as tail output bearing worn, plus prop centre bearing and gearbox mounting bent, due to play. Biggest repair job at £400 at Volvo specialist. Happened at 210,000 miles. covered 76,000 with me and sold at 234,000 miles. Car cost me £350 in October 2009 and sold in July 2018 for £500, as had 3! The old RWD Petrol Volvos just soldier on. change oil regularly and basic servicing. James.
  9. An all electric car would be no good for me as Marina Based and couldn't see them fitting charging points. Most of my journeys are local so EV ideal. For me I cant afford a new EV. Used old hybrid yes. I have a 1996 Volvo 940 auto petrol and this cost me £250 nearly 30 months ago and is a nice mile muncher and reliable and now run in at 200,000 miles. Around 18 months ago bought a 2006 high mileage (now 186,000 miles) Lexus IS 220D for £1500 and its been great, love the safety, build quality and comfort but not keen on the 6 speed manual and turbo lag. Lexus got the gearing wrong! Should of bought the bombproof IS 250 V6 petrol auto version. If my relatives move near me I'll sell the Diesel Lexus and keep my lovely Volvo. Really like Lexus as a brand but only the older cars like the IS250. GS450H. LS430 V8. LS600H. My IS as bought. Bought tailored floor mats and fitted new AC condenser. Cost me £150, plus regas. Volvo 940 new Rad £105 as weeping, AC condenser, £65 (both nissens) AC Compressor, £35 off Ebay and basic servicing. Replaced headlamp glass New old stock off Ebay £20. I think its good to keep old cars on the road as even though newer cars do much better MPG the pollution in making a new car is never calculated in with its official Co2 emissions rating.
  10. Last week went to B&M and got 3 bags of Blaze and 4 nets of logs and 2 kindling. Not used any yet as too warm inside my boat. Also topped up with Diesel for the Webasto when my boat was in for blacking etc. I buy coal in as I go as not a lot of storage. James.
  11. 3 weeks ago had my boat blacked and 8 new anodes fitted on my 50ft trad. Also replaced the gearbox for a new PRM125. Filled with diesel so ready for winter. James.
  12. I bought the same stove for my Sister the hamlet hardy 4kw around a year ago. It's fitted in her 23ft springer and for what it cost new at £265.00 you cant beat it. The collar is a standard 6 inch one with around 5 inch internal. I packed the 4 inch flue to collar join with the 1 inch stove rope and high temp vitcas silicone. So far no issues. James
  13. When I bought my boat 7 years ago it had a separate shower room off an unused space corridor to bedroom. After living on it for a few years I decided to remove the shower and wall and have a full width bathroom. I find it good, as before the multifuel stove gravity heating rad was in the corridor, now in bathroom and have 4ft long bath with shower over and space to move around. The biggest change this enabled was having a central door to the bathroom was having units on both sides in the galley. Enabled space for washer/dryer. Separate fridge and freezer and slimline dishwasher. I don't like the toilet being on view with the door from galley open but existing window layout dictated bath position. Would of had corner shower cubicle where toilet is. A few pictures of current bathroom and old galley with corridor. Got to raise up toilet wall as new loo higher than old 200. James
  14. I wired my immersion heater of 1.1kw from the consumer unit using a 10amp MCB and using 2.5mm arctic blue to an digital immersion heater timer located in wardrobe, then used white 2.5mm heat proof cable to the immersion heater. I used the older LAP timer from screwfix. Works well as liveaboard at Marina. Just don't run 2 power hungry items together. My bollard is rated 16amp. Around 3.5kw? James.
  15. I find my 50ft trad narrowboat fine for just me, and have all mod cons in the galley. I also wouldn't mind a 58/60 footer to get a 2nd bedroom in to use as a bedroom or mainly as a study. James.
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