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  1. A 23ft springer water bug that we have was overplated in 4mm steel in 2017 by the previous owner due to pitting, and when we bought, the gas locker drain was on the water line or under if someone is on board. The extra weight of plating and new fireplace and stove etc have added extra weight. Plan to get the boat blacked this summer, have hole welded up and re-drill new hole higher up and rust treat floor and install new gas locker floor higher up level with new hole. May modify locker lid higher to fit a larger gas bottle at the same time. Then a outside paint job. James.
  2. My Washer/Dryer is in the Galley along with the 12 volt fridge and freezer and dishwasher. My boat is a 50ft trad, originally with corridor shower room, as first picture. I re did the galley around 4 years ago and made a walk through bathroom. This enabled me to have units down both sides, so I could fit everything in. Need to change the laminated oak effect floor and re-paint the units. James.
  3. Ordered 2 new batteries from Tayna batteries, so awaiting them. Budget at £69 each. I found that connecting the charger to the battery at 10 volts the charger fired straight up. Thankfully not getting warm and will be binned when the new batteries arrive. Many thanks. James.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I started it up 6 days ago after around 8 weeks not started and engine took a while to start, blowing out white smoke, then fired up and ran clear. I had forgotten to turn off the charger then so may of blown the fuse! James.
  5. I thought about buying the seals and re-furbishing them but the plastic is scratched and faded. Toilet seal to tank failed and pressure release on cassettes leaking and generally shabby. Probably bought from late 99-2002. I bet the cassettes are different! If so I'll give the old cassettes away! Thanks. James.
  6. For the last 6 years I have a woodwarm fireview and its great. Very controllable and good quality. Made in Devon. Not cheap then at £795. Have back boiler on it £145) to heat 2 rads on my 50ft trad narrow boat. Simply great. Have a look at Clearview and woodwarm. Also like Dunsley Stoves and Contura. My Sister bought a boat and we went cheap and cheerful with her stove. A 4kw hamlet hardy 4 by arada. £269 Delivered from plumbnation before Christmas. Steel bodied and cast door. It works OK and quality is good. Riddling grate could clear more ash and glass not totally clean but good value for money.
  7. Sadly there is no volt meter on the boat or battery monitor and I have been away twice working for 5 and 4 weeks and my Sister wouldn't know how to use a multi meter or even think of looking at her batteries. When I installed it I seem to think the charger function was odd as it went to float too early so suspected batteries full as had ben cruised for 7 days ,54 miles, being delivered and though batteries were nearly full at 12.5 volt and so gone to float. I cant remember fully as busy with other work but sure I measured the batteries float voltage around 13.2v. I'll get a digital volt display from ebay and wire it in. I find mine useful as well as a NASA BM2 and MT50 solar Meter on my boat. I'll get my Sister to buy new batteries and I'll fit them and see if I get an increase in volts to indicate the charger is working. The charger has printed the float charge to look for and bulk charge. Certainly when I run her engine I got 14.2 volts at the batteries. James.
  8. The boat never had any mains on board so wired in a consumer unit and sockets and as my Sister is spending time on board wanted to wire in my old 4 year old battery charger to run lights and fridge. I remember after buying the boat the batteries were at 12.5 volts. can't remember if I measured output with charger on but charger been switched on for 3 months same as fridge. My suspicion is charger US and killed of batteries. Many Thanks. James.
  9. This is how I wired it. charger output positive to domestic positive and negative to common negative. I can see the black cable going to the domestic negative then link from domestic to starter. Originally I had a 15 amp fuse in the positive lead to the batteries and yesterday it blew a 15 amp fuse 3 times when fitting. I put a 30amp fuse in and not blown so far sine yesterday. Also the charger has a 25 amp fuse and that is fine. Terminals are ring type and crimped. Many thanks. James.
  10. Yes. The fused output positive connected to the positive of one battery and the negative on the same battery. No, mostly not in use, but fridge on with a few items in it. Batteries not looked at electrolyte level but the batteries look old. The charger has 2 lit led's one to show mains on ie red. 2nd LED red to show charging and green to show in float. Thanks. James.
  11. Thanks everyone. What I don't get is why didn't the mains 20amp battery charger not charge the batteries as needed as connected and on ever since turning on the 12 volt fridge? I don't want to buy new batteries and wreck them. Yes domestic battery 3.6v and starter 10 volt. I'll get new ones. My thinking was I could use the capacity of the 2 batteries, 110A each for fridge and the mains charger keep them charged. James.
  12. I'm in need of replacing my C200 Loo, as well past it's best, faded and leaking! All seals needed and on cassettes. I found a caravan supplier with the cold water flush and it was £380 but ideally want a spare cassette as well. Has anyone found any good offers or recommended suppliers? Anyone have this version? Any better alternatives? https://www.jacksonsleisure.com/caravan-motorhome/toilets/cassette-toilets/thetford-c223cs-caravan-motorhome-cassette-toilet/ Many thanks. James.
  13. My Sister has a Springer Water bug with inboard diesel engine with single alternator with one domestic battery and one starter battery connected with a 4 way rotary switch. marked Off 1,2 or both. Around 3 months ago I fitted a single output 20amp electroquest battery charger connecting the fused output to one of the batteries and negative on opposite same batteries negative terminal and kept the main rotary switch set at both, thinking the charger would charge both batteries. When I fitted it I couldn't tell if it was working as went both red then to green very quickly. There is an old Engel 12 volt fridge and the batteries are both flat now as had fridge on for 2-3months. Battery with charger connected reading 3.7 volts and other battery 10.2 volts. On setting 1 and 2 got around 7.5 volts each from my multi-meter. can you wire up a single output charger to a bank with a rotary switch? If so how? Also suspect duff switch as get no power to lights in the both position. Originally it worked up until now. The 2 positive cables goes from the rotary switch separately to each battery and the negative is shared and joins each battery negative. Will a charger charge really flat batteries? Tried starting the engine and no start in any rotary switch position. Like to get this sorted. 12 volt wise we have 5 LED lights and the slimline engel 12 volt fridge. Any ideas what the issue is? Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of the battery wiring and rotary switch. May even try separating the 10 volt battery and fitting charger direct to confirm if charger actually works. Many thanks. James.
  14. Being in property maintenance, every garage I have seen has as you say been full of crap or converted to extra living space . Car on drive. James.
  15. Thanks everyone. So could be a Vetus/ Mitsubishi/ Kubota engine or a mixture of all! Were they any good? Sounds like a motorbike when revved. It also has an oil removal pump like my BETA. The boat is supposed to be from 1991, but who knows when it was actually built. James
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