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canals are us?

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    All aspects of DIY. Stained glass and all things stove and fireplace related.

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  1. canals are us?

    Stupid Stupid Rebranding

    The new logo looks more of a sewage or water companies logo. What was wrong with the C&RT? Seemed sensible. Have cart rebranded to do a phoenix? Awful waste of money. James
  2. Great news! Pictures are mandatory once finalised. Steve was great when he did my boat, glad the recommendation worked out and that Steve was able to do your boat. Happy boating soon! James
  3. canals are us?

    Webasto or Espacher

    As you have the rads and fuel feed, then easy if good at DIY. The wiring with the kit is simply plug and play and all pre wired and labelled. My heater is on one side of the boat and batteries the other and battery loom was right length. From memory 4 metre loom from relay/fuses to timer and 3 metre from webasto to batteries. The heater is plumbed in using SAE heater hose to connect the heater to your heating pipework. Fill with inhibitor/ antifreeze mix with 25% strength antifreeze. Screwfix is the best stuff and cheap. James
  4. canals are us?

    Webasto or Espacher

    I bought an MP&H webasto TTC heater kit. I had it pack up due to coking after a short time, but didn't bother sending back as had the solid fuel stove. The coking up was possibly due to 5 year old diesel and needed commissioning at my end. I tend to run it for no more than 2 hours. I sent it back to the seller 10 months into the 12 month warranty at the time and 10 days later was returned and fully working. No cost to me apart from postage to the seller. I was dubious about the warranty but he does stand by his guarantee and the heater has worked fantastic since. The only thing in the kit to be aware of is the exhaust isn't a gas tight one and have changed it to the mukini 22mm one piece exhaust, on the advice of NMEA. http://www.mikuniheating.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=105 If a cruiser stern the non gas tight probably fine providing no route for fumes into boat in engine bay. You also need the exhaust skin fitting and official 2mm internal copper fuel line. It's a good price and works very well. 4 Rads and hot water lovely and hot. I use it as 2nd form of heating to my solid fuel stove with back boiler when not worth lighting the fire. James
  5. canals are us?

    Radio turns itself on

    Voltageist. wattageist and Ampageist are it's brother and Sister! their electrifrightning! James
  6. canals are us?

    Radio turns itself on

    A priest needed? Seriously has anyone had a boat that's haunted? James
  7. Indeed. Done my last 2 boat safety inspections. Comes on time, friendly and reliable. I would find your own surveyor and dock it at either Barton Marina or Streethay or Shobnall Marina. James
  8. It's exciting stuff. Over 5 years ago I was in the same situation on buying my first boat for 25k. A 1998 Liverpool 50ft trad. I work so Marina Based and have no regrets and adapted the boat as I wanted. Walk through bathroom and bigger kitchen with separate 12 volt fridge and freezer, cooker, dishwasher and added solar and a victron inverter charger. I had my boat surveyed by Steve Hands and it was a very good result. He doesn't do BSS though. I plan to get out soon and go cruising! At first I thought it was sinking as hearing drips, then realised it was raining. James
  9. canals are us?

    Back boilers in solid fuel burning stoves

    You do have to bear in mind it's in a very harsh environment what with sulphuric acid with burning logs and coal together, soot, tar coating, condensation formed while heating up on the boilers surface etc. Mine is just a steel back boiler not stainless and is 4 years old. It's wasn't expensive at £140 from woodwarm. It's a pain having to drain the heating system and refill but the only thing to really go wrong rather than heaters coking up etc. Some factory integral fitted boiler stoves used to fail around 5 years like the old arrow stratford due to above issues, undersized boiler for heat load, no rust inhibitor etc and no pipe stat to prevent cold water being circulated back round the system when fire started and fire dying down. I like woodwarm stoves as all of their boilers from 8-70,000btu are bolt in and are separate to the stove so that when it leaks you don't have to throw away the stove. Clearview do too. James
  10. canals are us?

    Back boilers in solid fuel burning stoves

    I have a woodwarm fireview with 8,000btu domestic hot water boiler heating 2 rads or the calorifier on gravity circulation on my 50 foot trad narrowboat. Never gets the rads really, really hot like a webasto, but heats the bathroom and bedroom to a good temperature in winter and stops my bedroom windows freezing up. My stove is at the bow doors and replaced an oil stove without boiler and is a gravity system with 28mm and 22mm copper. I can also turn off the 2 gravity rads off on the lever valves and switch a pump on to heat the calorifier under the bed, pipes run from one side of the boat to the other under the floor to the calorifier under the bed hence needing a pump. It takes the back boiler at least 2-3 hours to get the water hot for a shower, so don't ever use it. I'm Marina based and so for hot water use a 1.1kw immersion heater on a timer. 2 years ago I installed a used Webasto and linked it into my existing heating system and added 2 more rads in the salon and galley, to heat this space when stove isn't lit. This works really well, but only use it when not worth lighting the fire. If cruising have engine heating water, or Webasto or SFS with backboiler. If land based immersion heater. The only real disadvantage of gravity heating is it's not as neat looking with large 28mm pipes fixed along the side of the boat, but no electricity used! I think secondary form of heating is important as if ill much prefer to flick the switch than mess about with fires. I have my Webasto timer in my wardrobe at the foot of the bed! James
  11. canals are us?

    Britain powers on without coal for three days

    I bet when the government say we should scrap our old cars and buy new, I bet these calculations aren't included in the CO2 outputs, only when driving? I have a 1989 Volvo 240 GLT petrol automatic, was my daily and only car for 8 years, now on 233,000 and a 1996 Volvo 940 Turbo auto petrol on 194,000. This is my work vehicle. I have probably ruined it now with buying a 2006 Lexus IS 220d! Its high mileage at 175K, but lovely and comfortable and cheap at £1500. We should be encouraged to keep old cars on the road and not buying new. James
  12. canals are us?

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    Henry for me. Lives in the back of my modern trad. Our first one we left at our last house move. Still working great and no spares needed at 22 years old. As a maintenance man I have used a few customers cleaners and generally disappointed in Dyson. Some are not too bad but wouldn't buy one. James
  13. canals are us?

    Gas explosion on a boat moored on the Great Ouse in Ely.

    Hope all 3 make a speedy recovery and no long term effects. James.
  14. canals are us?


    You need to change the battery type to "user" I couldn't work it out too, then you can adjust the voltage settings to your own values. If no posh inverter occasionally do an equalisation charge using the EQ charge function voltage on the MT50 Meter. I wouldn't take it as gospel the battery charge indicator as mine is showing half charged on the MT50 meter and on mains victron charger. Best first thing in the morning when no solar activity is to start the engine and see how many AH is being charged. If under 2% of the battery bank then full. This way you won't kill the batteries. James
  15. canals are us?

    Solar Panel Kit From Ebay

    As said the Remote MT50 meter for the BN series controller is a great piece of kit as you can adjust the controllers voltage settings under user settings and every now and again do an equalisation charge at 15.5v - 16 volts to get rid of sulphation on your batteries. I can also do it on my inverter charger but if no mains available can't do it, but can with the solar MT50 meter. James

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