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  1. When I bought mica, for the below stove I just cut it to size with scissors and drilled a hole through the centre for the bolt hole in the middle. An old stove my Dad used to own. An old Atayco D. I still have it. Bought it off him for ยฃ30 in 1998! Re- fire bricked it, new mica and new ashpan made. It was cream originally but enamel damaged, so painted it black! Now would re paint it cream with black top as original. James.
  2. Certainly was hot. I was working today painting kitchen tiles for a client and doing other things and I called it a day at 15.30. Boat was hot inside even with all curtains closed and windows open. Had a nice cool shower and then went out in my non work car. The joy of working AC. Popped to shop and chippy! Still warm but just chilling with fan on and some cold pop! James๐Ÿ‘
  3. My sister has a 23 foot waterbug with enclosed front deck with escape window. I have seen them as 23ft with open well deck and enclosed. It is also fitted with a 2 cylinder inboard diesel. I quite like it as a boat and a good layout although used one of the dinette seating areas for a solid fuel stove. Need to clean the engine bay and paint it! James.
  4. When I fitted my relatives new kitchen last Year I just used a jigsaw to cut out the curve. This is a laminated worktop. James.
  5. Interesting thread. I wired my battery bank and tidied it up and added inverter and battery monitor and busbars as not enough room for the add ons on the main battery posts. Still need to fit a cover over the positive take off! Has a plywood lid to stop anything falling onto it. James.
  6. Thanks. I had a look last night and all are A+ rated. Ideally want a A++ one. A+ are very cheap compared to a 12 volt one. Most 12 volts cabinets look the same as the cheapest of mains fridges! Indeed, from yourself! The funny thing is this morning the fridge had reached temperature and switched it's self off. On again, so see how long it runs for. 3.4A on monitor when it fired up, so see how it goes. Don't think its getting too hot, but compressor was hot and cleaned the fins which were very dust free. It seems to like having a hissy fit every now and again! Thanks. James.
  7. I needed to buy a bath as my window and door layout excluded the room for a free standing shower. There was a shower cubicle originally but I ripped it and the dividing wall to make a walk through bathroom. Shower tray originally 700x700 Someone was removing an old "bette" 4ft bath and it was just what I needed to fit the space. It was free, so even better. I use it as a shower tray, but useful to sit on the built in seat to clean my feet. If the layout had suited I would of fitted a shower cubicle. I have since raised the woodwork on the loo wall. James
  8. My very old 12 volt Inlander under counter fridge with icebox has been running constant. I fully defrosted it and switched it back on at 7pm. by 9pm not switched off and thinking a supply issue swapped the wiring over to the 12 volt freezer that has thicker wiring at 10mm2 direct from the batteries. Its still constantly running. Dial at 2.5. There is a big Gap between fridge and worktop so think air flow is ok. The 12 volt under counter freezer works perfect next to it. The ice box is falling apart with gaps to fridge space and as it's probably 20 years old think its probably fit to scrap? Don't really want to buy 12 volt due to cost. As I'm Marina based, thinking a 240 Volt unit. Any suggestions? Must be 50cm wide. When out, I'll run it off my Victron 3KVA Multiplus inverter that's 2 years old. Many thanks. James.
  9. Cleaned the windows one day then gave the whole boat a wash! Not washed the roof/sides in 3 years. Amazing the amount of dirt that came off. Also dirt on the sides that had a film on. So much cleaner looking. Plan to replace the stove pipe as rotten in roof collar when I cleaned the chimney a few weeks ago. Repaint well deck as rusty under rubber matting. Grinding disk job in grinder. Touch up boat paintwork on roof and well deck. Surprisingly no rust scabs since I last painted the boat 3 years ago and rest of paintwork looks good, if not as shiny as new. Biggest job is to remove most of the windows, grind back rust on top, paint and refit. Probably paint a border round each window in same colour as still got some paint left Re-paint boat fully in 3 more years! James.
  10. To replace. Buy a box spanner or crank spanner. I bought a cranked spanner. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R1.TR4.TRC2.A0.H0.XImmersion+heater+sp.TRS0&_nkw=immersion+heater+spanner&_sacat=0 If your not confident on electrics don't proceed! Spray some penetrating fluid the day before around the join of heater/calorifier join. Turn water pump off at 12 volt switch/fuse board. Turn water off at tank shut off valve. Most likely near water pump. Open taps to get rid of dregs. Turn off the immersion electrics. Disconnect wiring of old immersion heater. Have plenty of old towels and wrap them around base of calorifier. As calorifier is still full of water gives better protection to not damage/tear it when undoing the heater. I had to give my crank spanner a few taps anticlockwise with a hammer to loosen. You will find as you loosen you will loose water out of the calorifier, just have plenty of towels. Inspect mating face of calorifier flange is free of old seal/ PTFE tape and flat and install new supplied calorifier O ring seal to base of immersion and refit. Check taps are closed except one and turn water on and pump electrics and refill calorifier, checking your immersion isn't leaking and vent taps until they stop spluttering. If all good reconnect the wiring following the wiring guide on the immersion heater instructions and turn mains back on. James.
  11. Thanks, for the product link.๐Ÿ‘ Ordered 6mm x 15mm to reseal my bedroom and kitchen window! Bedroom window terrible. Currently got gorilla clear tape to stop my mattress getting wet! Hope the 20 year old Channel Glaze windows come out in one piece! Mine are screwed in. James.
  12. For me it was my solid fuel stove with back boiler 8 years ago. So glad to install it in Mid February. James.
  13. Always use my own facilities. Washer/dryer. 4ft bath with shower over. Only use Marina elsan disposal and rubbish skip. James.
  14. What with Coronavirus, life's to short to think things over too much. If you fancy buying and living on a boat, then go for it. If you buy something sensibly priced, and in good condition and you don't end up liking boating then shouldn't loose too much. I lived with my Grandparents till I was 32 and returning to the UK and thinking of housing and viewed 6 boats until I found the one that spoke too me! This was 8 years ago and I don't regret it at all. Paid 25k. The only regret I have is I'm Marina based as self employed and haven't got out the Marina! Was going to go last year and didn't as I put work first, as that's what pays the bills. I'm hoping this year to at least do local trips out. Work has dried up at the moment but have a bit of savings and get ยฃ39pw working tax credits, so better than most and may get the self employed government funds in June. I'm loving solar. Gave them a clean, as been a while! Unplugged the landline at 12 and running my 12 volt fridge and seperate freezer great. Currently 14 volts showing. Was thinking the voltage would plummet as trojan T105's are 6 and 2 years old. I have a bank of four. My plans for this year are take the windows out de-rust, paint and reseal. Paint roof a more cream colour and get out cruising! James.
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