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  1. I bought the same stove for my Sister the hamlet hardy 4kw around a year ago. It's fitted in her 23ft springer and for what it cost new at £265.00 you cant beat it. The collar is a standard 6 inch one with around 5 inch internal. I packed the 4 inch flue to collar join with the 1 inch stove rope and high temp vitcas silicone. So far no issues. James
  2. When I bought my boat 7 years ago it had a separate shower room off an unused space corridor to bedroom. After living on it for a few years I decided to remove the shower and wall and have a full width bathroom. I find it good, as before the multifuel stove gravity heating rad was in the corridor, now in bathroom and have 4ft long bath with shower over and space to move around. The biggest change this enabled was having a central door to the bathroom was having units on both sides in the galley. Enabled space for washer/dryer. Separate fridge and freezer and slimline dishwasher. I don't like the toilet being on view with the door from galley open but existing window layout dictated bath position. Would of had corner shower cubicle where toilet is. A few pictures of current bathroom and old galley with corridor. Got to raise up toilet wall as new loo higher than old 200. James
  3. I wired my immersion heater of 1.1kw from the consumer unit using a 10amp MCB and using 2.5mm arctic blue to an digital immersion heater timer located in wardrobe, then used white 2.5mm heat proof cable to the immersion heater. I used the older LAP timer from screwfix. Works well as liveaboard at Marina. Just don't run 2 power hungry items together. My bollard is rated 16amp. Around 3.5kw? James.
  4. I find my 50ft trad narrowboat fine for just me, and have all mod cons in the galley. I also wouldn't mind a 58/60 footer to get a 2nd bedroom in to use as a bedroom or mainly as a study. James.
  5. My boat found me, a trad stern. Liked it as more internal space than the other boats I viewed. A 50ft narrowboat with beta 1305. I haven't been on any other sterns cruising so couldn't say which I prefer. I suppose with cruiser stern have a nice seating area and space for plant pots/ social area. Must get out next year as not been anywhere in years except winding hole and back, ran lovely. James.
  6. My boat name isn't very original. KYLEMOOR. Kyle is my surname and Moor as in mooring!
  7. I'm surprised by how thin the concrete is. Also cant see any rebar reinforcing the dam slabs and side wall. Seems the bank is what holds the water back with little in the way of concrete. I suspect the right wall separated from the dam concrete as no reinforcing and water got underneath through the crack. Hope they get it drained in time and everyone is safe. James.
  8. Hi, Its the old version of the current LAP branded digital immersion heater timer from Screwfix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-7-day-digital-immersion-timer/1804R?tc=ST2&ds_kid=92700019931972361&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249401&ds_rl=1248154&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1247848&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI05-HoePV4wIVC7DtCh059gY7EAQYAiABEgKT6PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I have the same one as yours installed about 5 years ago for my 1.1kw immersion heater. Its worked great but it's biggest problem is it's not backlit, so you need a torch to set it etc. Update it to the new version!! To see if it works press the on/off/auto button while shining a torch at the display to on in the window appears. Make sure on mains landline not inverter! The red light will come on if mains present and water being heated. To set the timer from memory use timer button then hour/min buttons. display shows on time in window. set off same way and also select days Mon-Friday or Monday-sunday Has setting for several on/off times during each day. I have my immersion set for 7 days a week with one on time at 16.30 and off at 1800. If mine packs up I'll buy the new version as has light built in to the display!!
  9. I bought my 1999 50ft Liverpool trad nearly 7 years ago for 25k and have to say it's been great. I'm self employed on a small less than 10k a year income and find the boat perfect for me. I probably wouldn't get a mortgage for a house and couldn't afford a monthly rent. My boat costs are reasonable. £2,400 for residential mooring in Midlands Marina. £800 boat licence. Blacking every 2-3 years £500. Gas bottle one a year, last one cost £28.50. Just use gas hob. Shore power £10 a week. Use mini oven. Washer/dryer and dishwasher. Insurance £150 a year Heating by multifuel stove £20 a week. Plus £60 worth of diesel a winter for webasto. I have updated most of the interior adding my stamp to it mainly galley and walk through bathroom and updating electrics as added inverter, solar etc. Just finished installing an engineered oak floor in galley, bathroom and bedroom and a new thetford loo as old C200 loo well past it! The more you can do the better. September my boat is getting blacked and new anodes fitted as anodes nearly gone at nearly 7 years old. My advice is if buying a smaller boat gets you a better, newer boat go for that. I could probably live on a 40ft trad if I had too. Good luck with you search. James.
  10. I have 380 watts and a 40A tracer MPPT controller. No idea what it will run but most mornings when sunny reading 14-15 volts. I'm Marina based and so plugged in to shore power. I have a 12 volt under counter fridge and separate 12 volt under counter freezer, which are my boats main power usage items. 12 volt TV. LED lights. pump etc. Batteries 4 x Trojan T105's One pair very old like 5 years other pair 18 months old. Must get out soon and try it out! James
  11. A 23ft springer water bug that we have was overplated in 4mm steel in 2017 by the previous owner due to pitting, and when we bought, the gas locker drain was on the water line or under if someone is on board. The extra weight of plating and new fireplace and stove etc have added extra weight. Plan to get the boat blacked this summer, have hole welded up and re-drill new hole higher up and rust treat floor and install new gas locker floor higher up level with new hole. May modify locker lid higher to fit a larger gas bottle at the same time. Then a outside paint job. James.
  12. My Washer/Dryer is in the Galley along with the 12 volt fridge and freezer and dishwasher. My boat is a 50ft trad, originally with corridor shower room, as first picture. I re did the galley around 4 years ago and made a walk through bathroom. This enabled me to have units down both sides, so I could fit everything in. Need to change the laminated oak effect floor and re-paint the units. James.
  13. Ordered 2 new batteries from Tayna batteries, so awaiting them. Budget at £69 each. I found that connecting the charger to the battery at 10 volts the charger fired straight up. Thankfully not getting warm and will be binned when the new batteries arrive. Many thanks. James.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I started it up 6 days ago after around 8 weeks not started and engine took a while to start, blowing out white smoke, then fired up and ran clear. I had forgotten to turn off the charger then so may of blown the fuse! James.
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