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  1. When I bought my boat 8 years ago it had a diesel bubble stove fitted. When used for the first time it was leaking diesel out the lever thing on the right and smoking out the boat from the hot stove body. Was going to install a solid fuel stove anyway as wanted a stove. Waited 2 months for a Woodwarm fireview 4.5kw. Have a back boiler in it too, that heats bathroom and bedroom. Best thing I bought for the boat. Not replaced any parts on the stove yet. Vermiculite fire boards are cracked and thinning and took baffle plate out the other day to clean and still has 6-8mm of steel thick
  2. Sorry, It was this one: All fixed! C262-CWE - Plastic Bowl | Thetford (thetford-europe.com) I decided to have a look at Youtube and saw a post of the flap not fully opening, so found the part that turns the cassette twist knob underneath the loo and it was loose., The mechanism works by ratchet to the lever on the side. Undid the screw. Lever now nice and free moving. Re-positioned plastic cog that engages with the plastic ratchet and re tightened. Flap now works on one of my cassettes! Then looked at other cassette and there was a piece of plastic loose in
  3. Around 2 years I replaced my Thetford C200 loo and replaced it with another Thetford product a 365 I believe. It's never been a good product. Full light never worked and emailed Thetford and never got a reply! Bought spare cassettes and enlarged the hole as cassettes wider! Supposedly improvement! The best is Just! Went to change the cassettes and one that was full and was very tight to remove, for some reason. Had to lift locking tab and really pull to get out! Now when you need a number 2 too! Anyway put spare cassette in and turned to open the loo hole a
  4. My Sister has one. Good boat and thankfully overplated already. From memory around 4k in 2017! My sisters is also diesel. We paid £8,500 for it around 2 years ago. Spent around £12 in total with buying/doing jobs on it. The water bug is not flat bottomed. It has a curved V hull, so steel needs bending to shape. Not all boat yards have the facilities to black them either, so bear in mind they cost more to maintain.
  5. A GRP would be the best bet. There is a highbridge GRP at Streethay wharf that the owner was thinking of selling around a year ago. Was still there a few days ago. Have occasionally unblocked the deck drain holes of leaves to allow the water out, as he said it goes under the rear door and enters the boat. Looks like a good space to live on and looks solid. You could spend 10k on steel work easily. My Sister has a 23foot Springer Water bug. My Sister visits for weekends. It's quite a good layout. Inboard 2 cylinder Diesel. Added solid fuel stove. Already been overplated
  6. Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks to the mods and forum owner. James.👍
  7. Can you access the pipes? Presume boxed in at floor level? Sounds as if there may be a restriction/ blockage in the pipework or an isolation valve to heat just rads or calorifier circuit. If this valve wasn't fitted in the circuit teed off the main pipework it would reduce the flow to the rest of the rads. I would expect all 5 rads to get hot even on 15mm, so sounds to me like a flow problem. Make sure any valves in the pipework for isolating the calorifier or rads are open. Drain down and refill mixing to 20-25% volume in system and see if the heat reaches all the rads. Als
  8. Keep them separate I say. I have an old Indesit WD 12X washer Dryer and have to remove half or more out to dry! Takes ages. Like hours. Not tried running from the 3kw Victron Inverter but runs on mains as Marina Based. My Nan has a new BOSCH washer Dryer and loves it. Cost £630 I finish the drying by leaving in Salon to dry overnight/ finish damp washing. Stove/room heat dries them well. James.
  9. Not had anyone yet walk in-front of my Auris Hybrid, but I do look out for all hazards. James.
  10. Solid Fuel backed up with a diesel boiler and rads. This is what I have except solid fuel stove has a back boiler on a gravity system, this heats bathroom and bedroom. James👍
  11. Thank goodness for that! I thought "Delhi Belly had caught up" James.
  12. I used the same in my solid fuel gravity system. I mixed it beforehand to 25% mix. Poured it into header tank with a jug. So far 7 years later all ok. Your drain off could be on the radiator valve itself or in the pipework. I bleed my rads again a few weeks after refilling. James.
  13. Shocking turn of events. Just so lucky, as an accident waiting to happen. My Sisters boat's engine vent is on the stern level with the top of the cruiser deck, so well above water line. James.
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