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  1. Caldwells windows

    Is it condensation that isn't draining to the outside through the mismatched drain hole or leaking in general through the window to steel cabin or window/glass seals? I presume they are still under warranty? It may be worth removing a window and seeing if the steel opening size is correct or if the glass has dropped in the frame etc. See if the condensation drainage route is clear to the outside and at a lower level. You shouldn't have to do anything with new windows though! James
  2. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Bought a battery Specific gravity tester. Try it out next time I get a chance and finish off my electrical upgrade. Still to do: VSR buy and install. Wire in 4amp charge cable to engine start battery. Connect battery temp cable. Run wiring to new freezer location and make space in galley for it. Thanks for the various links and advice, it's much appreciated James
  3. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Thanks for the links to a Specific gravity tester. Very reasonable price. Sunday I'll order one. I'll test each cell and see what the results are within the next two weeks. I certainly like Trojans. Only issue is I use the rear of the boat for storage and forgot to top up the batteries! They level was 6mm below the top of the plates. I topped them up with deionised water. Must fit a watering system! The plates looked fine and no distortion and the battery sides were nice and cold. If I only need 2 more then great. If not may splash out and look after them better! I also note I can do an equalisation charge from my new victron if needed. I saw a video on doing it with the control switch and presume you can adjust the charge rate with the dip switches? If I can keep the Trojans would it be advisable to alter the charge voltage permanently? The Victron inverter seems far kinder to the batteries as every time my 12 volt fridge fired up the charger would come on, seemed excessive. The victron runs around 13-13.3 volts when fridge runs and stays in float mode. I also note my solar is contributing more lately. 13 and 7 year old batteries you must be doing something right! I'll heat the calorifier first and while on landline see if the water that's drawn is hot or cold. This way I can then see if it's best to pour hot water in first. When out I'll see how many AH it's drawing from the BM2 and see which method is best. James
  4. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Will do in the next few weeks. Busy working from Monday. Any recommendations as to which Specific gravity tester to buy? At least if they are ok capacity wise would I be ok to buy 2 new only and mix with the other older 2 Trojans? Thanks. James
  5. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Thanks for the info I have no idea how many cycles they have done in the 3.5 years as virtually always been on a mains battery charger and the last 2 years 380 watts of solar. Even if the 2 do turn out ok, it's probably sensible to just buy 4 new. James
  6. NASA BM2 Settings.

    My washer/dryer has a hot and cold fill and I only ever use the 30 minute 30o quick wash, so hopefully use much less electricity. I am paralleling the alternators with an VSR which are 70a and 50a. I'm hoping it will cope fine. Mainly doing all the electrical modifications/upgrades as planning to go out of the Marina around May for a month or too. Hoping the 380 watts of solar will help top the batteries up too. James
  7. NASA BM2 Settings.

    I'll look for a specific gravity tester for the next set of batteries. I have saved your reply for next time. The temp only goes up and down in 10 degree increments. Thanks. James
  8. NASA BM2 Settings.

    I'm going to bin them in a month or so and buy 4 new batteries of 110ah each. This way I'll know the health of them. It probably wont be Trojan as just too expensive at £560 for 4. What is a cycle? James
  9. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Is there a way to test? Not worth it really as need more batteries anyway due to more capacity needed for washing machine. Going to get 4x 110ah. James
  10. NASA BM2 Settings.

    Thank god it hasn't got a built in camera! James.
  11. NASA BM2 Settings.

    My Nasa BM2 arrived lunchtime so just spent just over an hour to wire it in. On the setup it asked what your battery capacity was, so thought from memory it was 242ah as a pair of Trojan T105's, is that correct? Also asked the average battery temperature in O C. I left it at 20 but what would you suggest? Batteries are on top of the swim next to engine in box/ cupboard In a modern trad. Turned off the charger for setup, and let it do its own thing with a fridge running. It adjusted it's settings and then I put the charger back on, it went to float in minutes. Decided to fit the monitor at the end of my bed so I can see it easily! Very easy to see what's happening. Does it account for sulphated batteries? Many thanks. James
  12. Inverter ac mains and AC out connection.

    WotEver. That's good news then. I'll connect the victrons 4amp charge lead to the starter battery then. Smileypete. That's the option I decided to go for, as saved messing about with moving the CU, as you can see space limited. power lead enters into the JB, earth goes to GI under the CU then earth goes to a chock block inside the 16amp MCB box to link back to the 3 core cable going to the inverter. Mains out to RCD Live and Neutral and earth connected to earthing bar. Just got to label up the CU and put some insulating tape on the battery feed positive of the inverter. Some pictures!
  13. Inverter ac mains and AC out connection.

    Thanks for your reply. Indeed some could easily forget and end up with knackered batteries. I have switched it to charger only, as if we do ever get a power cut I'd like to know about it and can at least use the inverter and engine to recharge. This is what I thought when running the engine with the VSR, but will the starter battery get charged also, when on landline only with the victron charger? If not will having the charging lead connected cause harm? Many thanks. James
  14. Inverter ac mains and AC out connection.

    Went and got the electrical parts this morning. Well it's all wired in and up and running. Good bit of kit. Tested the inverter for a minute or 2 with a 1300 watt mini oven and all works. Also works when shoreline switched off, changes straight to inverter and vice versa. Only job I need to do is run the cable to starter battery and fuse it with 5a fuse. Awaiting a crimp in post. Working next week, so next job will be to buy and install the VSR kit and then with engine running try out the washing machine. Will having the VSR and additional 4a charging cable from the victron to starter battery clash with each other? Also run the 10mm cable for the freezer. Many thanks James
  15. I think i am going to give it a go but ?

    Must be earning above the tax threshold then, to actually pay tax. I pay £150 a year for my class 2 NI contributions. James