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canals are us?

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    All aspects of DIY. Stained glass and all things stove and fireplace related.

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  1. canals are us?

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    Around 3 years ago I was Unemployed and got £71.40 a week JSA. I applied for HB for residential mooring and Boat licence and after 5 months of hassle got awarded £45 a week. £40 was the mooring fee cost. It didn't cover the £740 licence fee or the £150 for boat insurance. Thankfully my Nan paid the mooring fees and license fees and I used the back pay from HB to pay the license fee from then on and 18 months later after applying for dozens of jobs and several interviews found work at £7.40 an hour doing Property Maintenane. 3 years later I'm self employed and earn anything from 8-10,000 a year, much less than working for others, but I manage to pay the bills and am contented and like the variety of work. I get working tax credits of £36.82 a week so use that for food. There is just myself and I have no children. I felt great when I went into the job centre and signed off. James.
  2. canals are us?

    Samantha Eastwood

    Like everyone, I was hoping She was found safe and well. Feel so sorry for her family and friends. Hope the Police find those responsible. James.
  3. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    Decided to give the above boat a miss and buy one more finished and preferably Midlands based. The one thing that was good, is we all agreed a fully GRP cabin of 25ft is an ample length if no rear canopy. (30-32ft with rear canopy) Looking for a boat now for up to 5K with working engine, either inboard or outboard, reasonable interior with a few interior jobs like multifuel stove adding or repaint or update galley. Anyone know of anything? Thanks for all of your advise. James
  4. canals are us?

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Indeed. These supply period gutters. https://www.rainwaterdirect.co.uk/cast-iron-overview/cast-iron-guttering-1 James.
  5. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    I don't know. Think yard just want it gone. See what it's like Thursday. Suspect total shell and strip out needed. Insulate, pine T&G lining. Just need 240v landline with garage consumer Unit, small calorifier with 1.1kw immersion for hot water. Later add gas hob, small oven. Possibly a electric mini oven with hot plates to simplify things . Find outboard eventually as main use a weekend escape for my Sister to stay over the weekend when her neighbours are driving her mad. Small multifuel stove like a pipsqueak for heating. James
  6. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    If I do buy it I'll phone CRT anyway in order to see if they know of the boat and I an get legal transfer of ownership Indeed. It is a condition of sale. They want it disposed of. I'll find out the full facts of the circumstances of sale and why it can't be cruised away. James Thanks. I'll ask Streethay when they phone me. James.
  7. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    I have asked about a mooring at Streethay and am awaiting a call back to see if they have availability. It would be a good base for my Sister and to work on the boat. I'll ask about boat transport. Unfortunately the condition of sale is it's a seized boat (Presume section 8) but will ask and has to be transported by road as a condition. It is cheap and floating so a good start! I have emailed tony the tug boat to see transport costs and take it from there. We'll see what happens between now and Thursday! Thanks. James
  8. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    I'm going to look at a 25ft GRP cruiser shell on Thursday. As no outboard engine, needs to be taken out of the water and delivered 1 hours drive away to a new Marina and then I can get a BSC and license it and insure. Can anyone recommend someone or a company with a trailer or the means of taking the boat out the water and putting on a trailer and delivering it 40 miles away and either putting it in the water or on the bankside? Trying to get an idea of cost before buying and now going to find a mooring, hopefully Streethay Wharf. Many thanks. James.
  9. canals are us?

    Leak at Bollington

    How do they fix it properly? I presume dig out hole and refill with rubble, clay? Why not fix it permanently while drained and get it done once and right. CRT really do need in house repair teams and local knowledge of previous workers who can be called in on jobs in their area. James
  10. canals are us?

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    That's something then, better than nowt! I also say get rid. I would prefer a KIA rio than a Vauxhall! James
  11. canals are us?

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    I like Toyota and Lexus for a new car. The Lexus IS 220d isn't well regarded engine wise as head gasket failure and EGR and DPF issues. Mines on 176k Ie not inherently different to any modern diesel really but not as good as the IS250 petrol with the V6 2.5 engine. Quite fancy a Lexus Hybrid or an LS430. James
  12. canals are us?

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    Yes, push them hard for a no cost option from you! I like my very reliable petrol Volvo 1989 240 auto estate, on 234,000 and my petrol 1996 940 SE LPT auto estate. On 195,000. Hope you get it sorted cheaply. My 3 cars. left 240, owned 10 years, cost £350 then. right 940, owned 18 months, £250. Lexus IS 220d £1,475 James
  13. canals are us?


    Make sure it's got plenty of ventilation. It's amazing how much heat comes off them. It could be staying on as it can't get cool enough due to poor ventilation. Pull it out and see if it runs ok. Battery voltage very low! James
  14. I would bring back the village stocks. Members of the public could pay to throw rotten things at them and all money raised used in the local community. James
  15. canals are us?

    replacement glass

    If it's one of the louvered windows 6.4mm laminated glass should fit. Available from glass merchants and can be cut while you wait. Just get the top and bottom edges edged/polished. If fixed pane with frame then 4mm toughened needed. Unless you can get 4mm laminated or Perspex. James.

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