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canals are us?

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    All aspects of DIY. Stained glass and all things stove and fireplace related.

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  1. canals are us?

    We're now liveaboards!

    You only have one life apparently, so glad you have gone for it! All the best in your new liveaboard adventure. James
  2. canals are us?

    Supertherm smokeless

    I have used supatherm ovoids and found it good when I used it on a boiler stove. can't remember how much ash it left but it burned very hot. Do regulate it well. James.
  3. canals are us?

    What do you burn in your stove?

    I bet you had to dust yourself down when you got out! James.
  4. canals are us?

    What do you burn in your stove?

    Oxbow red for me last year. Quite a good all rounder and reasonable cost. 25KG for £10.50 Sometimes buy the odd seasoned log or the wood briquettes. James.
  5. canals are us?

    Tiny stove recommendation.

    Hi thanks, the mini cube looks nice. Not had any luck finding a small 3kw stove. Thinking if too powerful could make firebox smaller, so I an burn hotter an keep a good fire going and keep flue warm and deposits to a minimum. James
  6. canals are us?

    Tiny stove recommendation.

    Thanks everyone for the very useful replies. It seems its a lot easier to buy an ordinary stove due to the odd flue size and rear flue. Would of been costly to weld up the bends needed to bring the flue away from the cabin walls. Going to go for a hamlet hardy 4kw as has a 4 inch top outlet flue. At least only one door, so Sister cant leave ashpan open and forget about it! I may even add extra fire bricks if needed. Want a proper cast iron roof collar and I'll buy a standard 4 inch boat flue. Plan to line it out in fireboard with an air gap and tile it. Need it very well installed as Sister has never had a stove, so I'll show her how to use it. Many Thanks. James.
  7. canals are us?

    Tiny stove recommendation.

    I am shortly completing on a small 23ft steel narrowboat and am wanting to install a small multifuel stove. I like the look of the pipsqueak stove and wonder how owners find it? Does it stay in overnight? Any parts cracked? Any good small steel stoves? Budget £350 My sister is going to use the boat for weekends so heating essential. The boat has a Kabota 2 cylinder diesel inboard. it runs and sounds fine. Any timing belt to worry about etc? Many thanks.
  8. canals are us?

    Clifton wharf scary

    The tree looks hollow/ quite rotten in the Central News report. Glad they are ok. Thank goodness they weren't in a GRP boat! James
  9. canals are us?

    Cutting Back boiler - Calorifier pipes

    Where does the black heater hose that's connected to a drain off valve go to? Is it a feed/vent pipe to fill/vent the radiator/stove system or a crude connection for a diesel boiler? In both cases needs a less restrictive tee. I would keep the pipework and refit after as a gravity system is great. I have a gravity stove system and a webasto diesel boiler. I use the stove as main form of heating. The more ways to heat water the better. I have 240 volt 1.1kw immersion on timer for mains landline. Webasto 5kw boiler. Back boiler stove. Boat engine. James
  10. canals are us?

    Morso Squirrel with a hairline crack on backplate

    I have the now discontinued woodwarm fireview 4.5kw stove for 5 years and its brilliant but cost £950 with the optional boiler. I haven't replaced any parts yet, the only things that have worn/cracked is the vermiculite fire boards. I like the double glazed glass and stays 90% clean and stays in very well. The door ropes fit into a cast channel with no glue. Good airwash. Heavy build and very thick 8mm baffle plate. Riddling grate can be set flat for wood or open for coal. Used on ebay seem to go for £250 when available. Like the foxfire rated at 4kw. Or the new firewren. Not cheap though. James
  11. canals are us?

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    Around 3 years ago I was Unemployed and got £71.40 a week JSA. I applied for HB for residential mooring and Boat licence and after 5 months of hassle got awarded £45 a week. £40 was the mooring fee cost. It didn't cover the £740 licence fee or the £150 for boat insurance. Thankfully my Nan paid the mooring fees and license fees and I used the back pay from HB to pay the license fee from then on and 18 months later after applying for dozens of jobs and several interviews found work at £7.40 an hour doing Property Maintenane. 3 years later I'm self employed and earn anything from 8-10,000 a year, much less than working for others, but I manage to pay the bills and am contented and like the variety of work. I get working tax credits of £36.82 a week so use that for food. There is just myself and I have no children. I felt great when I went into the job centre and signed off. James.
  12. canals are us?

    Samantha Eastwood

    Like everyone, I was hoping She was found safe and well. Feel so sorry for her family and friends. Hope the Police find those responsible. James.
  13. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    Decided to give the above boat a miss and buy one more finished and preferably Midlands based. The one thing that was good, is we all agreed a fully GRP cabin of 25ft is an ample length if no rear canopy. (30-32ft with rear canopy) Looking for a boat now for up to 5K with working engine, either inboard or outboard, reasonable interior with a few interior jobs like multifuel stove adding or repaint or update galley. Anyone know of anything? Thanks for all of your advise. James
  14. canals are us?

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Indeed. These supply period gutters. https://www.rainwaterdirect.co.uk/cast-iron-overview/cast-iron-guttering-1 James.
  15. canals are us?

    Boat Transport Company.

    I don't know. Think yard just want it gone. See what it's like Thursday. Suspect total shell and strip out needed. Insulate, pine T&G lining. Just need 240v landline with garage consumer Unit, small calorifier with 1.1kw immersion for hot water. Later add gas hob, small oven. Possibly a electric mini oven with hot plates to simplify things . Find outboard eventually as main use a weekend escape for my Sister to stay over the weekend when her neighbours are driving her mad. Small multifuel stove like a pipsqueak for heating. James

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