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  1. Same old question, sorry, but just wondering if anyone knows of any online liveaboard (or discreet liveaboard) moorings available or coming up on the north half of the Shroppie, inc. Middlewhich and Llangollen branches, and the 'Wirral' stretch. Many thanks N
  2. I'm looking to have my tatty old hatch door liners replaced, and wondered if anyone knew of a reasonably priced carpenter who specialises in this. I'm in Cheshire, but would be looking to remove the existing door liners and send them to whoever to make new ones, rather than making them in situ. Thanks very much Neil
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Thanks everyone. Had a mooch, bit of a fumble, gave things a waggle, and lo and behold it started charging fine the following day. All connections seem tight and clean, but she's quite an old boat so something must have just needed a bit of a nudge!
  5. Cheers Tim. I've really only just got around to starting to sort my battery bank, so thanks for your advice. I did assume the alternator could cope fine, so hoping I've just go a loose wire! Neil .... typing from a rapidly dimming cabin Only started since changing the batteries, yes. I have no way of giving any exact numbers and figures, just welcoming any obvious things I may have missed... the first being checking again for loose connections first thing tomorrow! Thanks. N
  6. Hi guys I recently replaced 3 x 110ah batteries for my domestics with 3 x 135ah, but now the alternator barely seems to be charging the battery bank at all. I have a Beta 1903 with twin alts - could the one charging the domestic bank now be too small (but would it stop working almost completely this way??) or is there something else I'm overlooking. Ran the engine for a couple of hours today but stored power ran out within half an hour or so. The same batteries had previously lasted 2.5 days after a full charge from shoreline. Thanks for any help! Neil
  7. Rumour has it that Lakeland Leisure who own Tattenhall Marina - where most of the Shady's boaty clientele head down from - have bought the pub, but I'm not sure how true that is.
  8. Thanks guys, although really just after a decent supplier. Anywhere doing a buy 3 get 1 free, that kind of thing? Cheers Neil
  9. Hi guys Does anyone know the best place to get a good deal on a new bank of batteries please? Many thanks Neil
  10. Cheshire Cat is great, lovely boats and Mark and Linda couldn't be more helpful. Linky. But yes, too far perhaps. There are hireboats at Swanley Bridge now, a good spot to start from, but again perhaps a bit far. N
  11. http://www.jacarandanarrowboat.com/ This is the single boat based at Tattenhall. Would recommend Chas Hardern or Cheshire Cat. N
  12. snigsnig


    No-one knows for sure what happened, they have started trying to raise it today by pumping it out (not much luck so far), but as you would expect the marina is full of theories! Its a fairly old cruiser stern, the general consensus is that it had been taking on water for a while and then reached whatever entry point in the hull (large engine vents perhaps?), but at the same time nobody noticed, which is strange as there are a lot of liveaboards at this marina. Its a very big marina, incidentally, and there are plenty of staff around but as I say no-one noticed it, staff or other moorer
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