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  1. Hawkesbury on the Hawkesbury river N.S.W. first shop from the ferry. Brilliant chips and fish caught in the river.
  2. We had our waste oil taken away this week. Driver informed me that it is illegal to burn it in this country now due to environmental regs so they now export it to France(60000 lts per week) where it is still used.
  3. Excell has been excellent this year on my Boatman stove. Good heat very low ash.
  4. I noticed this problem with the excel at the beginning of last winter but it improved as the season progressed. This year the excel I have been getting has none of the problems of the last few years, it gives good heat, no fumes and is easy to keep in. Must be made by different manufacturers, mine is in marked bags from K G Smith.
  5. Got the same problem only started when I brought Fireangel. I now have a heat alarm in the kitchen and smoke alarms else where, but the smoke alarms still go off.
  6. Similar to my fan. If it goes clickclickclickclick all is fine. If it is click............click............click.............click time to put on more coal if it is ....................... too late fire is out
  7. But the proud son of parents born on the banks of the Tyne
  8. I would refuse to bite a scuffler if Stotties were on offer.
  9. Sounds like a poor southern imitation of a Stottie Cake
  10. I took engine keys off 2 boats 1 party at Thrupp last year as they had lots of complaints against them. They were told to vacate the boat and had to make their own way back to Heyford to get their cars.
  11. I find the safest level is close to the ground so that I do not hurt myself when I fall ?
  12. They man two locks one north and one south of their base.
  13. Just got 2 from local motor factors. Both Continental 11.9 x 950 id 27639 and 6 pk 1005 4433794 I had trouble with the pk belt, had to strip the bracket down on the starter alternator so brought one 5mm bigger
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