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  1. I had good signal on the waterpoint mooring, also on the second boat length north of the bridge on the wharf moorings and on the first boat length north of the narrows all on EE
  2. Was there a programme in the 80s, The Beer Hunter, presented by Michael Jackson ( not the singer)
  3. I am going back 40yrs. Had some great nights in The Top Rank/ Baileys nightclub, not sure if it is still there, last I knew it was called Paradise Lost.
  4. Used to be a good pub crawl between the High St station and Bushey Arches station, sdaly not one pub left there now.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. The first thing we check are the lead connectors and 99% of the time water has got into them and are tripping the breakers.
  7. Exactly my layout but with dinette between kitchen and bathroom. Gives my best of both layouts with relaxing space away from all the work areas
  8. I have a reverse layout with galley and dinette at the stern and saloon at the bow with bathroom and cabin in between. Works well for me.
  9. Was unfortunate last week and had to call 999 twice for the same problem. Both crews were brilliant and were very interested in life on board. Only complaint was the poor or possibly just standard suspension in the ambulance.
  10. But o2 was non existent here when I tried it 6 months ago, that is why I opted for 3
  11. Service here at Crick keeps cutting in and out this morning.
  12. Had no service again last night for a few hours, am moored at Welford wharf.
  13. Have better speeds on 3 now than I have had for the last month.
  14. I think Oxfordshire narrow boats brought up all the old stock for their fleet
  15. Looks like the ones fitted to Oxfordshire narrow boats, believe the manufacturer was on the K&A but have ceased trading.
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