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  1. phone signal

    EE now provides a good signal on the canal at Lower Heyford but not in the village
  2. Mildew under mattress

    Get rid of the ply and fit slats.
  3. Condensation

    Just be careful you do not move condensation to a hidden spot, like the back of cupboards, wardrobes etc.
  4. Winter Ain't Cheap!

    The hire boats at the wharf where I work have Ebers fitted and I am surprised at how long they take to put heat through the radiators compared to my Webasto.
  5. Pub loos

    I was born and bred in Harrow Weald, left there in '81 and only ever go back for funerals of old family friends. Am always shocked at the decline of the area.
  6. Pub loos

    Have not been back to Wealdstone for many a year, seem to remember that most of the pubs that I used, Red Lion, Alma, Duck in the Pond and Three and a half Men are now closed and even pulled down.
  7. Pub loos

    I remember the Duke of Edinburgh in Wealdstone had toilets like that. They were so bad we used to cross the road to use the toilets in the Queens Arms.
  8. Building control are only interested in the glass. They check that it fitted the right way around not inside out. The quality of the fitting of the frames is between the contactor and customer. When I installed my own Windows B.C. only charged £90? per visit not per window
  9. Branch loppers

    The nursery where I used to work at started stocking fiskar tools and quite frankly they were rubbish not what I expected from such a famous brand. They must of been taken over for the brand name.
  10. Cooking pot

    That is the one I have got generally use it with a trivet
  11. Shiny Boater Mooring

    I am not Mr smelly
  12. Shiny Boater Mooring

    Done the same in Banbury only for the other boat on the ring to move forward to next ring. On a busy Saturday as well.
  13. Cupboard doors

    Chasmood track. Top section has deeper recess so lift the door up and pull out from bottom then remove. If two doors are side by side they could be sliding
  14. Obscure connections to celebrities

    My connection is to the infamous James Hanratty. I went to the same school that he had attended years previous and sat at a desk that had " Hanratty woz here" carved into the top. Actually I think all the desks had the same carved into them so I imagine he sat at a lot of different desks.
  15. Fire Brick Advice Please

    This has been said before but I can never find it. What dept is it in?