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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. don't think kitchen foil is going to take amps required for engine start! as said above put both cables on same stud until key obtained
  4. Flush crushed ice cubes through it scraps the crud off the inside of the tubes and can't jam up as it will melt.
  5. 7 inch height and 9 inch beam should be no issue. IMHO. lol. “= inch ‘= feet
  6. Stay in your home and local exercise rules say funny being so far out in the country and tow path still like M25 all locals yea right. Just like the numties driving from London to walk up Snowdon. Anyway stay safe as most comments from marina moored owners or house owning boaters who only go to the boat once in 6 months to check that’s it’s still afloat, then there posters who don’t even have a boat! Say no more.
  7. Nice to see CRT again telling people to use tow paths for their well being. What about my well being have all sorts coming past my front door! CRT not bothering to think about boaters well being. At the moment moored up on the offside so good but as we know these are rare, also only access is from canal and we are alone here so very happy.
  8. Private person can not do a credit check against another person as report only goes to their home address not yours. I needed to check my credit history as the previous owner had a bad record and I was living overseas but they would only send report to address being checked which was no good to me as you only have 30 days to say there is a mistake and I couldn’t get the report to me within that time frame so I gave up until I returned to uk 7 years later. Previous owners forwarding address was HMP Brixton lol. also a broker has in their contract with you the buyer if there is an outstanding debt you can’t hold the broker responsible so it all comes down to you the buyer taking all the risk. However a broker has a lot to loose as in reputation by selling boats with outstanding debts so they will not take on a sale if they doubt the seller is telling the truth about no outstanding debt if there is a debt broker will pay it off direct and give balance monies to the owner on sale completion.
  9. Bottom line if a debt/ loan taken out against the boat you will loose it to the person who gave the loan if not paid off. Only way to protect yourself is take out insurance against this happening.
  10. Mate did that I took him to hospital on back of a 750 cc Triumph Trident and the nurse between laughing and trying to be serious just snipped the zip at the bottom and pulled it apart, job done. She said not the first time she had done this. Another good hospital visit was a friend fell of my trail bike flat on his back. Took him to cottage hospital late on a summer evening nurse put him in the bath tub with warm water 2 handfuls of salt and the gave me a nail brush and told me to scrub his back until all the dirt was out. Then said I’ll check back later as I’m busy do my drug rounds. He didn’t feel a thing, well not for a couple of hours any way. Then he was in agony for about 10 days as the scabs kept coming off after getting stuck to his shirt. Thing is these types of hospitals have gone by the way side now just mega sized units that you wait for ever in to get seen.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Tank level has no effect due the reg had a float in it. When I spoke to Harworth heating maker of Bubble stoves about installing reg was told it has to be fitted with float plimsoll line 2mm above the centre line of the inlet, dog walks across the boat trim changes by 2mm lol. I have tweaked the ref up a bit which has improved the situation some what but still goes out if both of us are on the bed together as this changes the trim so float level falls below inlet centre line. It is what it is location of the stove is at fault which I am not going to re engineer the boat for so will live with it.
  14. My stove goes out with change in trim go to bed stove goes out if I sleep on the sofa other side of the boat stays alight. I would like to use it as my mud weight but fitting a solid fuel stove to many issues so have to put up with it.
  15. Head gasket gone gas getting into coolant side hence bubbles.
  16. What happens as long as the system is not a sealed pressure system is if pump fails water in the back boiler turned to steam and the expansion pushes the water in the pipe back into the header tank which now over flows and dumps the water on the floor/bilge then if you have plastic pipes near the fire they melt. This I know as just before I brought my boat the broker got the fire going to show a buyer but did not turn on the pump and above took place. When I got the boat I found water in the bilge and when I asked the marina based engineer he told me the story. Cleaned out the water and no more issues. I plan to move the pump to a better place as access is under the bed stowage so I have to empty the stowage to get to the pump. I plan to replace the pump before next winter as it’s a new pump in September 2019 as it was leaking will replace as prevention is better than cure in this case as it’s running 24x7 now. It was only £70 so not to much for peace of mind
  17. Another good one was now working for Dan Air as fleet engineer engineer on A300’s. after winter check carried out at British airways Gatwick I was taxing aircraft to carry out high power engine runs just as aircraft started to move a quick dab of brakes just to make sure there working on the master green system and guess what no brakes at all nothing pedals flat as a pancake. Now moving towards active runway with no brakes mind going 100 mph ok turn off anti skid system that puts us on the yellow system brakes but it takes 20 seconds for the relays etc to change it was a long 20 secs that’s for sure. Also at Gatwick taxing a DC 10 had total radio failure that got the control towers attention lol. Fix was 1 click for yes two clicks of the mic button for no they then sent a yellow follow me wagon to lead the way. All in a days work lol. Now moving at 3 mph on a NB but you still need to keep your wits about you.
  18. Towing balls up, when I was a mechanic at Laker Airways Gatwick I was told to go and collect a DC10 from stand 20 and bring to the hanger ASAP as hanger staff were ready to start work on it. Big rush so I set off with another guy who was to sit in the flt deck operate the brakes. Put tow bar on backed up the tug bar was just a little out of line for the pin to fit backed up a bit and heard the pin drop in this is where the mistake takes place I did not check the pin it had NOT passed through the eye of the tow bar. So called up the tower asked and got clearance to back off the stand and go to the hanger, backing up was fine as the bar was jammed in the tug fitting but when I put on the brakes the tow bar fell off and said DC10 rolled down the taxi way backwards on its own. When the guy in the flt deck saw me jumping up and down he slammed on the brakes and the nose wheel came about 1 foot off the ground I thought that’s it it will sit on it’s rear end. All was good in the end got connected up and got to the hanger after getting inside the hanger I got a round of applause the news had got there before me. Much fun was had working there it was a sad day it closed down in Feb 1982
  19. I am not fended at all I’ve been working all over the world since I was 22 @ 22 I was sent to Nigeria for two years working on helicopters. The point is with CC’s is even if you count us where to you build a old people’s home place for us I could be counted in London but need a old people’s home place in Manchester. Anyway when the time comes off back to India nice and warm and home help available and affordable. I went there for two years in 1990 thinking I was going to starve as I hated Indian food lol Returned to UK after 7 years with a wife and 2 sons loving Indian food. Point is most like 87% of Indian places in the UK are in fact run by Bangladeshi’s so not Indian lol.
  20. I don't think wearing a sari would work doing locks lol. Why do we need to be counted anyway? My permanent home is between two houses in India one in Calcutta and our main home is in Goa, CC's while on boat in UK. Wife has a UK passport because of marriage to me, she is half Irish half German but born and brought up in India and I have a "overseas citizen of India" card because I am married to her so I can live in India, so best of both worlds for the both of us. So who counts us? No one that's who. If some job's worth find us on the tow path on the day then I will fill it out but I am not going to make a fuss about it that's for sure.
  21. I used a 240 v freezer and it was fine on shore power but blew its circuit board twice on the travel pack alt while cruising so stay away from household domestic fridge freezer it was a beco and I got short shift from them also when I spoke to them about it. Just got a shoreline chest freezer yesterday so my camping freezer goes on gumtree tomorrow. it’s a 55 lt need something bigger because of Christmas and lock down as we are cc’s
  22. Not boat related but a f#*k up as a licenced aircraft engineer. I was doing a engine change on one of my companies DC10 cargo aircraft in Bombay India leased a engine from Air India which was for a A300, basic engine the same Cf6-50C2 just some power plant items to change over for a DC fit. Having got the engine in and connected went to fit a small air pipe and guess what I had forgot to change over from A300 to DC10 and yes engine had to come out to change it over man was I pissed off, the mechanics where having a good laugh at my expense. Lol
  23. Same issue with cars and Ethanol in the petrol, the old rubber type seals swell up. I had 1973 Triumph trident had to make sure all seals were the new E10 proof type.
  24. Temp at 35 k ft can go do - 65 the issue with the BA777 was 9 hours at cruise alt with no change in engine power setting during flt in jet A1 fuel there is always water in the fuel. Ice built up on the inside of the fuel lines which when the aircraft started to descend started to warm up again the aircraft was still not using big increases in power the on short finals and at max drag a larger demand in power was required the ice broke of and the design of the fuel oil heater allowed to ice to block the inlet to the fuel heater hence no power and the aircraft belly flopped just short of the runway with some classic Ba piloting skills saving the day. fuel heat exchanger design now changed to stop this happening again. But I still say keep tanks full when leaving the boat
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