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  1. Hi Canal World! I'm a reporter for Cambridge News. I'm looking to learn more about the issues parents face when bringing up children on boats full time. Is it a delight or a nightmare? Have you faced issues in accessing schooling or healthcare? What are the main pros and cons? I'm looking to hear from anyone with lived experience of parenting on a boat full time!
  2. Hi! What I meant by that was any issues that impact some or the majority of liveaboard people i.e. access to healthcare, education, registering to vote, rights as tenants etc.
  3. Hi! I work for Cambridge News (the newspaper) and Cambridgeshire Live (the news website) - same company but different names. However I am hoping to interview people in-person if possible with a camera if they're comfortable for the online piece.
  4. Hi both, thank you for your input! I'm aiming to have the article be an in-depth feature on the lifestyle and political/ structural issues surrounding liveaboards, boaters, bargees and how people navigate these issues. It will be a sympathetic look into this walk of life and I am looking for both phone and video interviewees to contribute to the article.
  5. Hi! I'm the Community Reporter from Cambridge News reporting on Travelling and nomadic groups. I'm looking for interviewees that are currently around Cambridgeshire/ Peterborough/Norfolk/Suffolk for an article about long-term/ multigenerational boaters and bargees. If anyone is interested in being interviewed please drop me a message or email me at debbie.luxon@reachplc.com
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