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  1. In fact I would like to go hybrid but, even though I'm convinced of the benefits, I've spoken to 3 different electricians and none of them are prepared to do the "suck it and see" resistance wire method. Neither do they seem to have much clue about alternative ways to achieve (eg DC to DC Charger?). The advice I've got at the moment is to have SLA'S and lithium on different charging circuits, that I'd have to switch manually. That negates the benefit of hybrid for me.
  2. Want to replace 2x SLA with 2x lithium. Don't want to go hybrid. Can they just be connected in the same way as the SLA's were or do any extra gizmos need to be added? 40A alternator to starter and 100A to domestic. TIA
  3. What's best material/method to clean/protect PVC (I think) covers?
  4. Out of curiosity, do Spotters walk the towpaths on the same day(s) all across the network? If not, how can monitoring of 14 days be accurate?
  5. My (old) Beta 38's dripping oil from the air filter casing, about 1 drip every 5 to 10 minutes running. I realise this is serious but I'm torn between considering a top-overhaul, a complete recon, finding a recon engine or having a new engine fitted (at an eye watering price). What would you engine experts recommend me to do? Thanks for any replies.
  6. I'm new to boating so please be gentle ? I use the inverter for microwave, tv and vacuum cleaner and my question is whether it's better to switch the inverter off after using an appliance or leaving it permanently switched on. Thanks for any advice.
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