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  1. You are correct however car lights can be dipped and are correctly adjusted to keep the dazzle to a minimum. It is also illegal not to dip your headlights to on coming traffic. If the LED lights are angled correctly then no problem.
  2. I have a story about me and the father in law going through a tunnel not realising we still had our sun glasses on
  3. Are LED tunnel lights really necessary or is it just a case of brighter the light the dimmer the captain? Obviously this question will upset some however after todays blinding experience it does raise concern. Early this afternoon we went through the Bosworth tunnel and whilst doing so we met a narrow boat coming towards us with a LED tunnel light. Although the boat was 800m away from us the brightness of this light made it impossible for me to see where I was going unless I blocked the light with my hand. So here comes a happy chappy on his boat with enough light to illuminate Blackpool and all I can see is a bright light similar to the light an optician shines into your eye so they can see the back of your eyeball. I slowed right down and was hard to the right to allow him to pass safely, then blow me down we heard the sound of metal against brick as he boat chiselled a new scar into the tunnel wall. Not only that, he also had two additional LED lights just in front of the helmsman position. As the boat went passed, being vey curious I looked back to see the benefits of the tunnel light and yes it lite the tunnel and yes you could see everything, however this is at the expense of boats coming towards not being able to see jack s**t! So I ask the question again, are LED tunnel lights really necessary?
  4. Early days yet but all comments are welcome
  5. Our windows on our NB are getting bit grubby and sometimes leak so we are thinking about replacing them. The obvious choice would be double glazing, and then i began to think. The existing windows attract condensation and need wiping dry. To be honest we can sometimes control this with a bit of air management. But and here is the question, is condensation on windows a bad thing as the windows are acting similar to a dehumidifier and help remove the damp air with the occasional wipe of a cloth. If we went for the double glazing, my way of thinking makes me think the damp air will condensate elsewhere on the boat and possibly not be visible until the damage begins. Any comments and experience of double glazing much appreciated.
  6. Your absolutely correct and i am here looking for advice from experienced n-boaters like yourselves. We must remember that although we may like our luxury’s the sacrifices we make to live on a boat are made up by the freedom, the countryside and mornings on the tiller with a bacon sandwich. If we should ever meet i will buy you a pint with the money i shall save ???
  7. @mrsmelly if you are happy with your coat hanger and speaker wire system, then i am happy too but the advantage of satellite in my opinion makes it worthwhile to spend a little bit more. @Sea Dog i use a mifi with a 3 unlimited data card which costs me £17 p/m. The mifi has an external aerial and you can have up to 6 devices connected . Tethering can have issues and may affect your data speed.
  8. I do agree and I have looked at some options but typical me always have to have a gadget. we won’t be moving onto the boat for at least 12 months and seeing we are moored at Crick will be looking for some good deals at the show. The other advantage of the snipe is the size and the fact it can be folded down. Anyway I think i can find 5 reasons to have one and the wife will think of one which will overrule my 5.
  9. Hi Blackrose. The Snipe is a small motorised flat dish which seeks the satellite but also will fold itself down flat on the roof of the boat. https://www.pulsat.com/products/Selfsat-Snipe-v3-White-Line-Twin-LNB-Automatic-Flat-Satellite-Antenna.html Problem is it is so expensive and may have a problem convincing the wife ? Your Sky dish is fine especially if you are spending a longer time on a mooring.
  10. Crikey i think i agree with you but then I’m not so sure.. Anyway who mentioned television? You mention bird spotting which is what a snipe dish is for. It attracts snipe at this time of the year.
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