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  1. Stayed in this location in summer 2021 and spotted this guy who I seen on a YouTube video from 2016 I think and here he was still there. The collection of sh*t tip boats taking up a nice mooring spot tee’d me off. Council had a skip there full of rubbish generated by these boats. We stayed in the area a few days waiting for a brush pack for our alternator then we went down to Bristol and round to sharpness on the lumpy water. There many other boats that need “taking out the water “ London being a place they need to get a grip on with CM’s taking up all the space. Rant over as boat sold now sorry to say next adventure is 6 months off road camping round outback Australia then it’s saga cruises from then on lol
  2. I was born in New Addington at #15 xxx moved to #19 xxx when 4 and left when 21 never to rtn but to visit parents.
  3. When I was a 11year old back in the 60’s I did a milk round on weekends on Sunday that was 1200 pints the milkman his son or daughter and me. My pay was 2 shillings a day 10 pence in todays money lol milkman today I bet doesn’t do 1200 pints in a week
  4. Croydon was ok back then now it’s the knife capital of London. Not going into reasons as to why that is so because I will get cancelled lol.
  5. Murderer got 37 years for that I was a prosecution witness in the case, last time in court was as a 21 year old in 1973 racing my Triumph Trident round Croydon lol 6 month ban and £160 fine.
  6. I had the engine removed due bad oil leak and poor access mounts replaced, leak fixed, new drive plate while engine out. Total bull £1300 inc parts labour and of course vat. While engine out I cleaned out bilge and 2 pack painted complete area paint supply in the £1300. The boat was 2003 I got her in April 2019 with 1995 hrs on engine sold 3 years later for same price and with 6010 hrs on the engine. problem is there are sharks out there seeing your situation you are nothing more than a cash cow to keep bleeding dry. Our boat I did not do a survey as survey was there from 1 year before I went round checking what he had flagged up. Still the cheap sods Who I got her from still had me over over some minor issues. However Karma got them with the boat they brought within 2 weeks of me buying their old one was condemned by the surveyor as the gas locker completely rusted out survey before buying not after I thinks. couldn’t stop laughing for a week By the way complete engine service £ 400 tops plus gaskets as required not a complete set, if they charge for a set take from the left over gaskets as head gasket is very expensive if brought on its own so take back the left overs you paid for it it’s yours not theirs. hope it comes good for you best regards Ken
  7. I had just this issue in market Harbrough called up the local licensing officer told him I had just come out of major surgery he said fine no issue stay as long as needed. Also he said I see my your movement record on the system you are a cc’er that moves most days so not taking the Mickey stay as long as you need.
  8. We have given up the boat we were cc’ing for 3 years now returned home to Goa India. We have had around 2 meters of rain over around 6 weeks monsoon season here, pity we can’t send you some. Next adventure is 6 months plus camping going round the outback of Australia nicking sons 4x4 for the trip. Some tracks over 1000 miles all dirt and you can do whole track in around 3 weeks and meet no one. Good as you don’t meet c’moorers either. Lol
  9. Had under wired bra stuck once hell off job getting it off, wife laughing saying I had lost my touch. Lol
  10. Our boat had 6000 hrs on it and not a hint of smoke. Oil changed every 250 hrs air filter washed ever750 hrs (k&n) proper maintenance works wonders prevention is better than cure I say. Mind you 50 years of large passenger jet maintenance has something to do with my mind set all things mechanical. Lol.
  11. I was in Debdale and a new electric boat was just being finished. Spoke to owner battery bank cost was £40,000 he’ll of a price to pay that to 5kva gen set in the well deck up front. What a waste of money in my view.
  12. On our boat had router with dual antenna inputs with omni directional antenna outside the boat. Roaming all over as cc er’s only once or twice got no internet phones no signal but got the internet ok. Our provider was O2. The antenna outside I had on a magnetic base stuck to a bracket on the front so could put pointing up to get best signal and turn upside down when moving so as not to hit bridges etc. In this pic the antenna is the white pole looking item on the front of the boat on the L/H side
  13. Believe it or not UK hunter killer subs have booze on the boat. Had a ex girlfriend’s hubby show me round his boat HMS xxxxxx and had a beer in the ward room beer kegs were the stools clipped to the floor with cushion covers over them to sit on lol
  14. We sold ours on “Apollo duck” within 4 weeks we were moored in Market Harbrough on an extended stay due to my hospital visits. Boat taken away from there and we stayed in a abnb for a month before returning to our home in Goa India. Miss the boat life after 3 years of moving almost every day. However now in Australia visit our 2 boys and planning another round the island lol road trip last one 9 years ago lasted 4 months and over 17,000 miles. Trip to take place mid 2024 like cc’ing but on land lol
  15. We sold our live aboard in may last year to a couple going CC ing. After doing BSC and blacking it was up for sale offers above £6000 less than they paid us. Big hit for them after just a few months ownership. Broker did them no favours with the listing as well so much he could have said to up the price like, new drive plate new engine mounts just overhauled travel pack alt. Service just done new pumps etc etc none of that listed. Felt sorry for them dream turned nightmare.
  16. I had to get change a door lock on a car dealership on Park Lane which was owned by a friend who had gone to Germany for Christmas. It’s was Christmas Eve and a Saturday afternoon £30 Chubb lock cost me a eye watering £700! However the day before he sacked a employee who still had a key and there was a car with a list price of 7 figures plus inside so £700 seemed cheap to protect this asset. Lock man very happy with his Christmas bonus!
  17. If the tank is square measure the W. L. H multiplying three sides and find total cubic cm divide by 1000 that will give you the amount in ltr ie 1000 Cubic cm = 1 ltr
  18. Agree I had to move when water frozen “couldn’t wait it out” as needed services and as a cc moving when water frozen fact of life. Mind you extra slow past plastic and wooden boats. also EXTRA care when getting on or off and round locks. Another point if you do go in stand up and take off heavy coat and woolly stuff as they are heavy then it’s a bit easier to climb out then into a warm shower fully dressed and strip off in the shower. Came to this idea the hard way lol not dead winter but water was cold that was for sure.
  19. Weld some chain to it and use it as a mud weight. Mine went in the bin changed it for a solid fuel stove had no end of problems with the bubble.
  20. I just take my hearings out problem fixed lol
  21. It’s under offer but the couple we sold it to never used her. However the broker I think did them no favours in the listing many things we did new were not mentioned at all. Also how to run things the people we sold her to would not know in the time they had her they only moved from market Harbrough to Peterborough. My wife and I miss the boat life but I had a major operation in March and the issue could come back so we sold up and returned to our home which is in Goa and Calcutta India as my half Irish half German wife was born in India, heady mix I know but it allows us to live here visa free as a local as it were.
  22. Anyone on here got a offer in on said boat “The Pleiades” if so pm me as I was the owner which sold it in April this year. Just like to give you the run down on her maintenance history and operation etc as broker not said much in his advertisement.
  23. I was told when our stove was replaced to take out and refit same stove old flue is good to go however replace with a new replacement stove has to conform to new standard ie double skin flue
  24. We had one done at kings lock on the t&m very happy with it. Diesel bubble came out solid fuel fuel went in.
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