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  1. Any chance of seeing some photos of the property.
  2. No butter, crispy bacon, HP Brown and Heinz ketchup. Perfect.
  3. It is ugly, walk away, fast.
  4. Thats a pretty nice boat. I'm interested to know about the extension to the back. I have just read the info. That is a nice addition.
  5. Got my 9mm ply floor with Birch ply strips fitted on the boat today.
  6. Hi All, I decided to take up the old lino and replace with 9mm ply and Birch ply strip inlay. Would of been easier and quicker to mop the floor.? Few more strips to glue in place, a little varnish and then it is done.
  7. Must be great to cruise along fairly silently. Would be great to see some video footage.
  8. If you can get the survey and lift out done for a reasonable cost, I think it is worth it. If the survey comes up with a few niggling problems then you will be in a good position to knock off a few quid from the asking price. On the other hand. If the hull is riddled with problems under the water line then that 500 has saved you £7500
  9. Blundstone classic is my favourite.
  10. Hi Tom, Great news. Enjoy. I'm a new boater myself and I'm enjoying the experience so far. All the best, Paul.
  11. Paul HD


    Wow, that is a crazy price. It does look very similar.
  12. Paul HD


    If I knew it was full I would have. I just thought it would be emptied when the previous owner put it up for sale. I wouldn't leave a turd in each of my toilets if I was selling my house. LOL HaHa. You are right.
  13. San Miniato al Monte and if you like your steak you have to have a Fiorentina. Yum Yum
  14. Paul HD


    I don't think it is gas. I have a flexible hose coming from the gas bottle which connects up to copper and then goes off to the hob. When I got the boat I removed the crap tank, so I spent a lot of time under deck and do not recall any pipes going to the fridge. What a job that was. 80litre tank with 70litre of crap.
  15. Paul HD


    It looks like a 1 inch gap all round.
  16. Paul HD


    It is fairly well boxed in. In this picture you can see a cut out air vent just under the seat.
  17. Paul HD


    Thanks for the heads up. I will keep a look out for gas line. I hope it is 12/240 and works. I have no need for it on the boat but it will be useful in the workshop.
  18. Cheers Alan for the suggestion. The handle that is pointing up is slightly bigger than the others plus it has three rings to separate it from the others. Possibly a different colour would be easier to see. I am going to make another set of handles soon and will make it more obvious. Cheers, Paul.
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