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    Thank you all so much for your thoughts. Much food for thought there. Next job, I think is to talk to some local boatyards to see what facilities they offer and prices, of course. I imagine that we need to get booked in somewhere ….and then coordinate that with some decent weather!!!
  2. Catali


    Thank you! Good to note! Since we are up in NW, wet weather is certainly going to be an issue!! Yikes!
  3. Catali


    Ps sorry if this is an ignorant question….. but do we have to remove the old bitumen if re blacking with the same stuff? That might make the decision easier!! Yay! You just answered that one for me! Thanks!
  4. Crunch time is approaching and a decision is needed: stay with the trad bitumen or fork out for pitch epoxy? A can of worms, I know, but would be v grateful for opinions. Anyone know a rough price comparison? (Per foot or per meter.) We are 30 yr old Nb, 55 foot. Our first time blacking. Might consider trad bitumen blacking ourselves, but possibly not with the pitch epoxy…sounds a bit more technical. Thanks folks! (Sorry if this is a FAQ. Is there a link I should look at?)
  5. Thank you all so much for the input! Maybe someone will recognise her on our travels. Hope we’ll meet some of you as well, though marrying up boats, faces along the way etc with you lot (no offence intended at all!) might take a bit of doing. Maybe you’ll give us some clues if we meet! Btw, my Uncle was Peter Goss. I don’t know if any of you remember him? He ran boats out of Cosgrove many decades ago all built, I think, by Colecraft. His own (a series of them) were called Argus I, II, III etc. Think he got to V or VI. Others were Pegasus, Romulus and Remus. He died late last year at the age of 94 and we miss him very much as he taught me everything I know about narrowboats and canals. I hope he would approve of Pan91!
  6. The mooring bollards are a bit unusual too. I hesitate to call them cleats because of their shape. Look kind of unique and “hand made” so to speak. Again, makes me wonder if she was a prototype/one-off or experimental build. Anyone recognise them? These days I imagine they are bought “off the shelf”?
  7. I’m beginning to wonder if the D&A Marine bit is mythical!?
  8. If you still concur, I think a trip to Stibbington maybe in order....! Would the bow shape be more typical of a river builder?
  9. Wow! Thanks guys! This is getting really interesting! My photos of stern rail (@70liveaboard) are not good because of awning and because I was obsessed with the hull at the time! However here they are... .....you can can just see one of the gas lockers by Fred’s foot on stern deck. There is one port, one starboard. ooh! Just found a few more pics so you can see stern rails and gas lockers. didnt take many of interior as had pics on sales spec (and obsessed with hull design!!!) However should be able to rectify that next week when we complete, handover and commence our maiden voyage in her!!!! How exciting is that!!!! (Sorry folks, getting just a wee bit over excited here!!) PS all the beautiful non slip decking has been added by Fred. Guess what? He’s a sheet metal worker!! Ditto the stern platform.
  10. Ooh! My head is reeling with all the information! But thanks, guys, for all the input! Yes, can confirm strakes fully welded on top, stitched below. (Surveyor noted no significant corrosion underneath but is this really a good idea??) Calcutt Boats fitted the BMC 1.8 engine and Roger remembers the owner was aHilary Peterswho was involved with Canal Cavalcades. Ive heard of Pat Buckle but not PKB. Would love her to have been built on the Nene, though, because I sailed that as a child. We think very little has been done to her interior since she was built (except being very well looked after). She is fitted out in sapele mahogany. Rather lovely with a beautiful sheen though probably difficult, if not impossible to get hold of these days. And/or a bit pricey!!? I can see the resemblance to Lazy-Daisy. The flanges to the fore cabin sides (what on earth do you call those bits? Bet they have a name!) look very similar as well. .....The thick plottens as they say! Are any shells still built in this country? Seems a lot are built in Gdańsk and suchlike and shipped over these days!
  11. Ooh, that’s interesting! A good lead to follow up. here are a few pics. (At this point I have to restrain myself from posting a complete album from every possible angle etc!) v excited to hear what folks think...... I should add (though patently obvious) the latter photo was take after pressure washing.....the keelblack has failed badly! Won’t be using that product again!!! Cxxx
  12. Hello Folks! Sorry for the silence.....immensely busy....but after several trips up and down the country, a very thorough and efficient surveyor’s report, a lot of thought and a huge amount of excitement we are......about to become the new owners of Pan91! Thank you for all the replies..... I’m sure a huge no of questions will follow! Also some pics as we still haven’t got to the bottom of who built her (more on this below!) Looking forward to meeting people and maybe identifying a few of you by your boats along the way as we start Pan’s Progress: The Odyssey later this month! Cheers! ps Anyone got any thoughts on the route we should take from Droitwich to Lancaster ..... our maiden voyage, so to speak!
  13. A&D denying responsibility for the build of Pan91. The boat that looks v similar on their website was built by Union Mill (Wolverhampton) but seems that company didn’t exist until c.1998....too late for Pan91, unless she was a prototype, maybe. The investigation continues! Getting v excited ......survey takes place on thurs am!
  14. I did wonder about that.....when I looked at the site I only saw that it was a historic dry dock. Now I look more closely the boat in the picture is very similar ( superficially, at least) to the one we’re looking at. I shall be ringing. Them first thing mon am I think! Good tip off! Thanks!
  15. Ok! Survey being done end next week so will take photos and post them! That’s brill. Thanks!!
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