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  1. There has been some joshing but there’s always room for more. sniffy I don’t think they have. sniffy
  2. No - today is getting ready for imminent house-move. Tomorrow is scheduled for trip #3. And i I must say, there’s been some very useful posts on this topic - I started it as a bit of whimsy, really and expected plenty of joshing but didn’t expect practical advice. So thanks for both types of input. Appreciated? sniffy
  3. Attempting to change which side of the canal to moor at, my reversing skills proved eccentric and the boat sensibly decided to turn round and take me home.. sniffy
  4. Another little trip today and more important knowledge gained. I was able to confirm my suspicion that my boat can indeed turn 180° without needing to find a winding hole. Admittedly, I hadn’t intended to turn 180° at the time but useful knowledge, nonetheless. sniffy
  5. Took our new purchase out today for first voyage - just a little meander down the cut for a picnic and back to the marina with a pretty full boat as it happened. The weather was fab and it was a great day - even taking into account the techincal hitch. Did I mention the technical hitch? No? Ahhh, well, what happened was, the boat refused to recognise neutral or reverse. She was fine yesterday when we got some diesel but not today. I should have guessed when we gently coasted into the boat moored in front when we stopped to eat. It was just the merest kiss and the boat was unoccupied but I thought I’d done everything right. It wasn’t until we started back that I realised that, regardless of where the throttle was positioned, including neutral, the engine was engaged and going forward. We travelled all the way back in "neutral". I was a bit concerned about how we’d moor in the marina but I just pointed her in the right direction and cut the engine. We glided in beautifully. Just got to work out what’s up with the throttle now. ? Having said all that - what a fab day. Now relaxing with a suitable libation and going over it all again. Loved it. sniffy
  6. I only discuss my stern gland with medical professionals. sniffy
  7. Yes; yes and yes again Nut; sound advice. And yes, cuthound - I worked out how to stop the engine. I foolishly thought that the sign on the ignition (where the key goes) that said "Stop" would do it but after getting over that naive impulse, I found the correct button to press. I don’t think there was any link to me doing that and someone in the next boat simultaneously being ejected 50’ in the air but you never know. sniffy
  8. I see this topic has descended into silliness - which is exactly how it’s meant to be. However, I have BIG NEWS....! I worked out how to start the engine...! And it started....!! Next stop - the electrics. I'm so chuffed. sniffy
  9. Well thanks for that offer, David - much appreciated. I’m going round there tomorrow to find someone I can annoy to show me some basics - the man in the office seems a good bet. All being well, once the locks at Semington are reopened, I’ll be heading in your direction so maybe a meet-up would be possible? sniffy
  10. It was a good year although I don’t remember much about it, myself??? "Confession"? What confession? I'm confident of getting assistance, the original owner lives on the marina but works away during the week - I’ll track him down over the weekend and I know someone else moored there so things aren’t too bleak. My original post was more to see if this was a not uncommon way to start a boating career. There seem to be a lot more negative comments in general on lots of topics from posters here than I find when talking to boaters face-to-face. Those I’ve seen when walking the canal all seem very positive and filled with a "go for it" attitude. I'm also more than happy to get stuck in to learn some stuff and when I say budget is "minimal" I’m exaggerating the minimalnuss(?) for dramatic effect? sniffy
  11. Location is currently Caen Hill marina. sniffy
  12. Well, I’m 72 but thanks anyway? "There will be one [as in number 1] starter battery which is just like a car starter battery. There will be some sort of OFF / ON [usually red plastic] switch for the starter battery. You need to start up with the starter battery and never turn the switch to OFF when the engine is running or it will blow up blow the alternator. There will be an ignition key, usually a plain steel thing attached ot a bit of cork, so that when you drop it in the water, it will float. And a throttle/gear stick of some description." Actually, that helps a lot. I've signed up for the Rescue service - I thought the Platinum cover would be a good idea, at least for the first year. Budget is minimal. Technical knowledge - even less. Toolkit - Basic. Sanity - doubtful. Enthusiasm- high. sniffy
  13. Took ownership of a narrow boat this week. Popped down with some stuff to take on board yesterday and, although pushed for time, I thought I just had to start the engine at least. And then I realised. I haven’t got a clue how to do that...! Furthermore, I haven’t got a clue how the electrics work, how the heating works - in fact I haven’t got a clue about how anything works really. The boat is 25 years old, there are no manuals. I had an hour with the previous owner a couple of months back and he ran through everything with me. I thought I understood it all at the time but really, I was just nodding and saying "yes, aha, mmm, yes" and not taking anything in. I'm going to be making a nuisance of myself with other owners for quite some time until I can get the hang of things - it’ll be interesting! It does make me wonder how many other newbies are suddenly brought face-to-face with their total ignorance? sniffy
  14. Thanks for all the replies. The consensus seems to be as I’d anticipated, ie, it’s no good just paying for 3 months marina mooring then assuming that the CRT will be none the wiser if I don’t renew it, find an alternative or become an official continuous cruiser. Not that I ever considered such a thing. Obviously. sniffy
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