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  1. Huge thanks to all of those who have taken the trouble to offer me valued advice. As for my starting WW3 re not following search protocol to reference old threads - I am very sorry. I am new to owning a widebeam (and to this platform) and I am understandably apprehensive regarding navigating a huge (to me) boat I have owned small cruisers but never a narrowboat. One of the reasons I have made the decision to live on a widebeam on a marina is my past experience re the love shown by the boating community - I have never known such kind and helpful people - sadly I cannot say quite the same about the hostile reception here! So many wonderful people here too, but sadly the 'canalworld police' are not so warm. Maybe newcomers to this fantastic forum should be allowed a little understanding until they fin their way around! And yes, I am a woman! xx
  2. Thank you so much - I’d heard that and wondered if it would be a nightmare - I’m hoping the bow thruster will be one a friend in need
  3. Hi I’m looking at purchasing a 60 x 12 widebeam to live aboard on a residential mooring. I will need to move the boat around the marina for pump outs etc etc. Could anyone with experience of both tiller and wheel tell me if you think I’d be ok with the wheel being a relative novice. Thanks so much.
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