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  1. That would be great. I had a look at the SPCC website but I think it has to be updated and some pages do not open. I will own a boat by the end of next week, so I should be OK for next May. :-)) The boat that I am getting is powered by a 10hp outboard. Do you think that is enough for the Thames? @Grassman. Sorry to hijack your thread.?
  2. I will take a look at the St Pancras club. Hope they let plastic boats join. :-)) I have a similar set of lenses with a D90, not used for a few years but I will be dusting them down for the new boating hobby.?
  3. What camera do you use and do you ever flick it into video mode. Just been looking at your blog. Amazing trips you have catalogued. I would love to do a trip like the Tideway trip that you have just put up.
  4. Hi Mike. It is just what I wanted. When it is in neutral you do have to look at the rev counter to see if it is still running. I must admit I thought it would be a bit louder considering it must be getting on in years. regards, Paul.
  5. Hi All, A short clip of the boat I will buy subject to the survey next week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there are no major issues and hopefully it will be delivered on the 3rd of July.
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for the wishes mate. It feels like a long time ago that I looked at your fantastic looking Nauticus. See you on the cut one day? Cheers, Paul.
  7. Thanks Mike, I will enjoy a few trips up and down the canal this summer. ?
  8. Hi jocave, It is definite. Apart from the grotesque steering wheel and the fake Walnut, I love it. There is a bit of a dip in the roof which I wish was not there. I have seen pictures of the same model of boat and they seem to have this dip as well. I can't believe they were designed with this, or maybe they were? Hi Richard, My offer was accepted. Trying to get a date set with Tony Tugboats to get it delivered. Cheers, Paul
  9. Had a couple of minutes on the Ouse today and loved it. The outboard is whisper quite.
  10. It is very true. I have also learnt that I will never find the perfect boat at this price bracket. This boat ticks a lot of boxes for me and I am happy with that.
  11. You are right. I do like it and even if the outboard sounds rough it won't put me off to be honest. Cheers, Paul.
  12. Hi All, A quick update... Tomorrow I will get to hear the outboard and test cruise. Apart from other boaters.?Anything I should look out for on the test run? Cheers, Paul.
  13. This thread is perfect timing for me as I will need insurance soon. Will I need to have a boat survey done to get insurance with any of the companies mentioned? The boat could be 30+ years old and not worth more than £10,000 Regards, Paul
  14. Hi Richard, Without a doubt I will be getting a boat. I managed to secure a mooring at my local Marina today, so that is a worry I do not have any longer. That is good news. I was searching for other boats like this and I found a couple of boats that are exactly the same but they are called Ensign Classic 27. Not Stourport as mentioned in the advert.
  15. I think the batt was dead because it had been sitting there for a long time without running. Even if he could get a rope on it I don't think you would pull start it. The outboard is so low that the angle of the rope would of pulled off. Anyway, I don't think he had anything to hide. I had the same at Sawley marina the week before but they had a portable jump starter.
  16. Hi Mike, I like it too. The back end seemed to have a lot more room. Unfortunately the batts were dead so they couldn't start it. They said they would charge and get it going but I had to be somewhere else. He said the outboard is very quiet. Even if it had started they don't take the boat away from the mooring unless you have agreed to a price and put down a refundable deposit. A few marinas have the same policy. The only thing about the boat I didn't like was the fake birds eye Walnut that has been plastered everywhere.
  17. Hi All, The boat I linked earlier in this thread had a pump style toilet. How big of a deal is it to change to a cassette style? Do I need to start taking tanks out? Can it be removed and then have the holes capped off? Look forward to hearing your views. No [email protected] jokes. LOL? Here is the link again you will find a picture of the offending article. http://www.jonesboatyard.co.uk/boat-sales/classic-27-by-stourport-boat-for-sale-6770.html
  18. Yes, understood. Winter will be a few hours and that will only be on a bright crisp sunny day. What suits me is not going to be another persons idea of good boating. :-))
  19. Hi Richard, There were two large plastic boxes that housed two batts, I assume they get charged from the electric hook up supply on land?? I imagine they would run LED lights for days. It will be daylight cruising for me, 4 hours up the canal and 4 hours back to marina, max. I just want to get the feel of Marina and canal boating and this is the way I want to do it. If I like it in a year, then I will probably go down the narrowboat route. Cheers, Paul
  20. They are good points. I went to look at the boat today. If I end up with the boat the bog has to go, I will have a cassette type. I don't even like the shower but that will not be a problem to stay. I took a lot of pics of the boat. There is a cut out in the transom that will allow the OB to tilt up to clear any weed. There are lights and Fridge. I didn't see any overnights. :-))
  21. All the Nauticus that I have seen have this Z drive thing. I think that tilts sideways so you can get to the prop. The Outboard will be perfect. I don't need it to charge up leisure batts. I have no intention of staying on the boat. As long as the OB puts a charge into its own battery that is good.
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