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  1. I am not playing, I am living, i have been aboard boats for 5 years and worked my way up to a narrow boat! I have no intention of returning to bricks!
  2. Well yes I would be happy to do that but currently the support i have had is not all to encouraging but im happy to give it another try. Message for admin... If you could remove my whole post for argument sake, some people clearly don't want this stuff about and I will adhear to their wishes, I shall stay a part of this forum however won't post about my vlogs until I see fit.
  3. For your information this is not the case, I have a job and have no interest in making money from YouTube, if it happened then so be it but i have no interest in it. I do it for the love of the canal network and to share my experiences with people who want to look. I will make this simple for everyone then... If you want to watch it then watch it If you don't want to then don't If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it! *I will not listen* -- END --
  4. Well as I see I have had some lovely comments and some very small minded comments - I will not be taken back by the negative comments. With regards to the Floating Round Britain account , that belongs to Jack and we are still working on Episode 1 of that. We are not begging for subscribers just asking for people to have a look if they wish as it's FREE to do so and you never know, you might enjoy it? I have every intention of becoming a part of this forum and will not take any rudeness from other members.
  5. Hi everyone on here, be nice as i'm new to this... I've had a really bad year starting up my YouTube channel, firstly we go into lock down and then i have huge engine issues that caused me to stop cruising meaning I couldn't make more vlogs to grow my channel, i've also had issues in other personal aspects of life so i'm hoping you can all try and be thoughtful of my situation over the last year! "the following vlog will be in two parts due to my current locations poor internet however I am in the process of fixing this! 💥NEW VLOG 💥 Finally I can share part 1 of a new vlog with you! It's great to have finally found the time to do this since taking up a new job but here goes... don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! https://youtu.be/K3gNdZjlKro
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