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  1. Hello, I bought a 9" deep mattress from this company 6 years ago. It was made to my measurements and fitted perfectly. Sorry to say, that although it is used only 5 months per year and gets turned frequently, it is no longer very comfortable and will be replaced soon. It hasn't really been comfy for last couple of years, hope this is useful. Garry.
  2. Interesting, I had quite a lot of work carried out by this yard. Always found them to be helpful, friendly and very good at their job. I would and have recommended them to other, now satisfied customers. Perhaps you caught them on a very bad day.
  3. Used this earlier this year, didn't get the same coverage as I am used to from Intertuf. The blacking did flow well and I felt that it will do its job well. With Intertuf 3 coats went on, Ballastic black gave 2 full coats and 1 more along the waterline. This on a 60ft boat. It was also much cheaper almost £50 saving.
  4. Remember to fully charge batteries before you start. This job could well leave you unable to run engine for 3 days. Can't remember if a generator is available.
  5. As above really. This could be done for less than £100. Going with your other plan I would suggest the cost will be around £700 ish. Cost everything carefully and don't assume/guess low prices without checking.
  6. Hello, would suggest that you use a flexible pipe in the system to cut down on vibration being transferred to the hull. Don't underestimate how difficult it can be to free up the old screwed joints when working in limited space.
  7. No connection, just been happy with past work and know several others that feel the same.
  8. Hello again, glad they were able to help you. Didn't want to overstate their good service but thought they would be able to sort something out. Shows the value of a good small boat yard. Cheers.
  9. Yes, North Kilworth boat yard. A little before the tunnel. Opposite the new marina.
  10. Hello, Les is a good choice. However if you get to him and he is too busy, you then need to do the arm again. It may be better to continue on to North Kilworth and let Ben see what can be done. It's not out of your way. Garry.
  11. Hello, am I being unfair or is there anyone connected with the name Mike and regginald? seems familiar somehow.
  12. Hello and welcome, you may find the list of work you have given could cost as much as the purchase price of your boat if paying a tradesman. have a good look around. cheers.
  13. Hello, two people come to mind. Rupert at Armada boats, Newbold or Les at Welford. Both are in my opinion good people to work with and fair with pricing. Hope this helps.
  14. It may also be a good idea to work out what caused it to sink and put this right before you do anything else. Don't want to go through it all over again next week.
  15. Hello again, yes "Gas Appliance Spares" 01772 702755. No connection just found them on google. Hope it helps.
  16. Good afternoon, ebay is showing instruction book and manual which covers gg7000 model £6.99. could be just what you are looking for. Also google shows parts available from "GAS" looks like good prices.
  17. It may be just my poor sight, however it doesn't look as if this has been done recently. lots of rust on the thread and no obvious sign of marks on the nut.
  18. I had to look carefully when buying similar a few years ago. Many could not read dc current. I was surprised. Mine is the Uni t 203. this does read dc current
  19. Hello, the description states, measure ac/dc voltage, ac current. No mention of dc current.
  20. Good meter but may have been better to go for the model that reads DC current as well.
  21. They have these lower wattage tubes at Midland chandlers. You may not expect this but they are cheaper than Bedazzled. However the tubes I bought from Bedazzled are excellent.
  22. Mtb, your alarming lack of good luck finding equipment that works or measures accurately is still running. We can now add fuel pumps to Smart gauge, batteries, Eco fan etc etc. Hope this run of luck changes soon, (all in good fun, you know).
  23. If the tank is in poor condition, I would pump out asap and invest in a cheap porta loo. It would not be good if the sides of the tank that you cannot see are worse than the sides you can. No amount of bitumen would hold the contents inside. The clean up doesn't bare thinking about.
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