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  1. Got you. I'll give this a go. Seems nice and clear at the top and middle of tank, but I don't think I've treated the tank for a while or left it standing so long before. I was on the habit of adding Marine 16 every couple of fills; I'll have to get back in that habit. I'll get what sludge I can with a hand syphon from the bottom. I may get my diesel polished soon too. I think the last time I spoke to him, Matt Varney up in Aynho mentioned he was getting a mobile machine to be able to go out to people and do this.
  2. 20 min running in neutral now. It sounds happy.
  3. So, I couldn't remember exactly which bit to unclip in order to bleed the system. I did this once before, four years ago, under the expert guidance of Tony Brooks. But what I've just done is pumped away again on the primer until the pressure of the pump changed. After a bit of a splutter I've got the engine running again. Has been running in neutral for 5 min. So far so good. Not sure I'll chance moving off again today though.
  4. Diesel is almost fully topped up. I've tried priming again after changing the filters. When I've changed them before it normally starts after a couple of goes but I'm getting nothing at all. I'll have a look at unclipping the pipes and making sure there's no air. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I was supposed to be moving off from my winter mooring today. Engine started beautifully on the button, I cast off, and then it conked 50m down the canal. It wouldn't start again on the button immediately. I tried pushing the little hand priming pump a couple of times and it started and ran for five seconds after that. I suspect there's an issue with fuel. I've now changed both fuel filters on the engine but can't get it running again. The agglomerator filter (the one that's first in line from the fuel tank) was full of sludge when I changed it. Any ideas about wha
  6. Yes, exactly. This is why I need to go back to the boat. I've been a liveaboard on the boat for five years and don't normally need to winterise as I'm on it. I thought I'd need to drain the whole water tank to empty the pipes properly and didn't fancy doing that when I left it as I expected to be back and need water. I've read since that I can just drain the tank a bit and isolate it before opening all the taps. Yes, always switch absolutely everything off apart from the bilge pump.
  7. Thanks all for the speedy answers. Helps put my mind at ease. I'll get down there on Weds and winterise properly. That's incredibly kind. Thank you. I'll hang on till Weds.
  8. Hello. I left my boat on a winter mooring in Thrupp on 1 Nov, just before Lockdown 2. I thought I'd be back before winter but for various reasons have been stuck up north and won't be able to get back to the boat and winterise it properly until Weds. When I left it the water tank was mostly full and although I'd turned the tank valve to closed, I didn't drain all of the taps and leave them open. What do people think the chances are of the pipes being OK until Weds 30 when I can get back to the boat? So far I think the temp has only dropped to -1° once or twice overnight, and fairly
  9. North for now. I haven't made it to Banbury yet so I'll call ahead to Tooley's and see if they have one or can order one in – good idea.
  10. Thanks all. So the consensus seems to be that it's imperative to replace the impeller before using the pump again. I'm moored in the middle of nowhere between Aynho and Banbury at the moment, but I'll try to get one sent somewhere and in the meantime will avoid straining the pump and continue to sponge out my shower water into a bowl in the rock n roll manner to which I've become accustomed.
  11. Thanks very much Tony for helping me sort this. It's fixed for now. It isn't the first time over the years you've helped me learn how something works and fix it myself. So it turns out it was a jam. Two of the rubber arms had broken off and jammed up at the narrowest point. I've pulled those out and the pump is working fine on four of the original six arms. Much more straightforward than I feared. Rubber on the remaining arms feels slightly hard and old now so they may not have a long life left in them. Those little arms get bent right back on every revolution, so mus
  12. Hello. Pump to drain the shower tray stopped working a couple of weeks ago. The normal thirsty gargling sound was replaced by a dull thud for split second and then nothing. I thought it might be blocked pipes but I've taken the pump out now and the pipes seem clear. Pump is still making only a slight dull clunk and wriggling a tiny bit. See video, where I'm flicking the switch on and off. Does this just mean the pump has gone? Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/294p69m8vhv2wma/20200827_190801.mp4?dl=0
  13. Made it through with no major problem. Only minor issue was that I had to sit on the pivot of the top gate (river-side gate) and wiggle it a bit to get it shut. Phone won't let me attach images but just imagine an open bottom gate with a boat peeping out, anticipating the canal.
  14. Didn't twig the name at all. Sorry! I did see you, and saw you head upstream earlier in the day as well. Will definitely say hello if we pass again. Made it through with no major problem. Only minor issue was that I had to sit on the pivot of the top gate (river-side gate) and wiggle it a bit to get it shut. Phone won't let me attach images but just imagine an open bottom gate with a boat peeping out, anticipating the canal.
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