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  1. For anyone who cares about this stuff, on www.speedtest.net I'm currently getting: Ping: 38 ms Download speed: 14.27 Mbps Upload speed: 13.81 Mbps Particularly impressed with the upload speed.
  2. Hello team. I've just got back from the Three shop in Oxford town centre, where I bought a £20 Unlimited SIM. I took my old ee MiFi device (Osprey Mini) along with me and explicitly said I was going to use the SIM in that for tethering. I asked first about the £25 100GB offer, and then when I mentioned the £20 Unlimited deal for comparison, the chap smiled and nodded. He said they're not allowed to advertise the fact that those SIMs can be used in unlocked MiFi devices, but if people specifically ask about it they can confirm there's no problem and sell them. I got passed on to another colleague to sign me up, who confirmed the same thing. They told me I'd need to activate the SIM on an unlocked phone first and wait for it to connect itself to the network. Once the 4G data connection was working on the phone and I'd received all the welcome texts, I could then put the SIM into any unlocked MiFi device. I've just done all that and am typing this now on my laptop, connected to the old unlocked ee MiFi device with the new Three SIM in it. So far so good. Will report back if I hit any issues. I quizzed the guy a bit about the terms. Apparently the speeds don't get throttled after a certain amount of usage – it's always the fastest connection available. And the Go Binge bonus should work even on a Google Chromecast connected to a TV. So I've just cranked up my Netflix settings to High. Again, will report back if this causes any issues. All seems a bit too good to be true at the moment.
  3. [Edited: Sorry, just realised somebody already did this joke. Feel free to delete.]
  4. I was considering getting one recently, until I saw the stats here: https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/charging/wind-turbines/. They do say there are some trees around their mooring, so in perfectly open conditions things might improve. Considerably less than 1 amp though on average here.
  5. I've used Ocado scores of times over the last few years, and can corroborate the testimony of others in that I've never had a problem with deliveries. Under 'Delivery instructions' I say that I'm on a boat on the canal and will meet them outside at the address given (usually a pub car park, shop, or nearest residential address by a bridge), and give them my phone number. I used to go and wait at the drop-off point at the start of the delivery window, but it can be pretty miserable sitting in the car park of the Red Lion in the middle of winter waiting forlornly with empty bags. Nowadays I give my phone number and ask them to give me a ring when they're ten minutes away so that I know when to set off to meet them. Every driver so far has been happy to do this. As for freshness, as it happens I had a delivery yesterday. Bread is good until 8 Oct (as good as I could hope for from the shop), fresh soup until 14 Oct, and hummous until 19 Oct. Mushrooms are good until 4 Oct so maybe could have done better there, but I'll be cooking with them tonight anyway.
  6. I was hoping the video would embed. Here's a screenshot to give you an idea. It was far from a sombre affair. There was lots of chanting and jangling of tambourines, and the overall effect was rather jolly.
  7. I happened to moor at Osney island about 10 days ago and was just heading out for dinner when this kicked off. A number of people were gathered on the bridge in curiosity. I recalled this thread and was happy to be able to relate to people something I'd read online concerning coconuts, a proxy Ganges, and Hindu ceremonies. Thought others might find this interesting. Captured here on video for the first time is the ceremonial smashing of the coconut on the Thames mooring. IMG_1192.MOV
  8. I don't think anybody has outright suggested it yet, but if you have a choice of where to start and cruise initially, then I would definitely recommend spending the first few weeks or months on narrow canals. As a single-hander I find broad canals much much harder to deal with. Once you've got the hang of doing locks on your own on the narrow canals you can generally breeze through them* and don't need to worry half as much about what the boat does once inside the chamber. Going up locks on the K&A and Grand Union (broad canals) I find I have to tie the bow rope around a bollard and keep hold of the centre line (with a turn or two around another bollard) to take up the slack and keep the boat from getting away. When doing a flight this gets quite tedious. I've been single-handing for three years and thoroughly concur with Ray's recommendation of Colin Edmondson's Going it Alone. Somebody gave it to me when I started on the Shroppie three years ago. *The exception in my experience so far being Bosley locks on the Macclesfield canal. The top gates are mitred pairs with no platform to walk across, meaning you have to go the long way around every time to open the offside gate (unless you take to carrying a barge pole around with you, which I did in the end).
  9. I suppose if I sold the boat and saved a bit I could … oh, didn't see all those noughts on the end.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Park Farm looks very good and a reasonable price, but I think I'm leaning towards the farm where Arthur is. Minimum twelve month contract but probably worth it for freedom of extending my trip if I find I can keep working (remote freelance) from the road after three months. It's a good question. Initially I looked at the CRT network map and thought the L&L was only accessible from the Leeds end, which would have been too far to go (I'm starting from Oxford in a couple of weeks when the clocks go forward, moving evenings and weekends around work). It now looks doable with a bit of help, but there were other reasons for avoiding the L&L and looking for somewhere south of parents. They're actually based in Appley Bridge (where I grew up) and we had a little boat when I was a lad, so they've seen quite a bit of those stretches. Also, Dad will be single-handing mostly and the wide locks are much more demanding.
  11. This sounds like it could be perfect! Will PM you. Thanks Arthur.
  12. Hello chaps. I'm hopefully off on a motorbike trip for three months this year – May, June, and July – and am looking to find somewhere to put my boat while I'm away. It's a 57ft narrowboat. The idea is that my parents would be able to use it for a few days every now and then (they'd realistically only take it out two or three times in three months I think), so ideally: – somewhere not too far from them (jnc 27 of M6, near Wigan), but south of them – somewhere where they could park their car for a few days – somewhere not too expensive for me – a stretch where they can cruise a bit without doing too many locks I thought good spots might be (in no particular order of preference): – somewhere on the Trent & Mersey above Stoke – south end of the Macclesfield – Trent & Mersey above Middlewich – Middlewich Branch – anywhere on the Shroppie between Chester and Audlem – the Llangollen A marina would be handy for parking, and I'm resigned to paying £600–700 to store the boat for 3 months based on initial research. Any recommendations for an affordable marina in a reasonably pleasant location are welcome. I'd also greatly appreciate any suggestions for other spots that might be available for May–July, e.g. on the edge of private land. The boat will mostly just sit there, and has solar panels to keep the batteries topped up so no need for hookup. Parents would need access once a month to take it out for a few days and need to be able to park a car nearby. There's a chance I'd be away August and early September as well, so the option of extending would be good. All suggestions and advice very welcome!
  13. Thanks so much for posting this AllanC! I found the facebook group you mention, and the post on there from James. We've been in touch on Messenger and he confirms they're my keys! Sometimes the internet is pretty amazing.
  14. Hi all. Hope everyone is well. I managed to leave my spare keys at (I think) Giffard Park water point near Milton Keynes on the Grand Union on Saturday (19 August). Should be a big cork ball on the keyring, and I think a tag with the name 'PAL' in faint marker pen. There doesn't seem to be a facebook group for that stretch of the Grand Union where I could post about this. Does anybody have any ideas where somebody might have posted if they found the keys? I've phoned the Giffard Park pub, and a friend called back yesterday to check the Elsan room and inside the water point box in case anybody had left them there. No sign so far. I think I left them in the water point keyhole as a hire boat was about to use the water after me. Other long shot is that the hirers will return them to the base when they finish their holiday (currently nothing handed back there either). Not the end of the world I suppose if they're just missing. New padlock and new keys to be cut. Some pretty bits on this stretch.
  15. Many thanks again Tony for all of your help today. You're a real gent. It's extremely satisfying to piece together a few things that I had a very rough or partial understanding of and get a fuller picture of the fuel's route from tank to engine. I feel a lot more confident now to check and replace the filters and bleed out air in the process. I set off a little way upstream from the marina this afternoon and everything is running smoothly. Plenty of revs and power on a couple of fast flowing stretches to Woolhampton. The bonus news is that while I was still inspired from this morning's session, I thought I'd try the diesel boiler again. It spent quite a while with the fuel pump at the initial slow clicking speed, but didn't give up, so I left it on. Eventually, it made it to the double-tempo clicking and water and air pump kicked in too. I just tried it again (a few hours later) and it's getting to double tempo with all pumps running fairly quickly. So it seems to be working again just like it used to. Not sure how this is connected to tinkering around with the main fuel supply to the engine and poking around in the tank with a pump, but it seems to be – I tried the boiler only yesterday and it wasn't working (giving up after 30 second of slow clicking). Cheers Tony!
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