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Community Answers

  1. I've always looked at some of the wider parts of the canal in that area and thought I should give winding there a go just to see if it will go round but have never had the courage to try just in case another boat turns up!
  2. I've set my phone to display colour and the picture still looks good in b&w
  3. I believe that was being used as a floating travelling theatre kind of thing albeit a whole world apart from the Mikron group. I assume that this is the business that the advert title attempts to refer to. It passed us a few years back near rugby with which what could be best described as a shanty town built in the hold which was a shame as it was a cracking boat previously. It also had a steel cabin extension fitted at Braunston. The roof had just been lifted on in my picture below.
  4. The Avon Ring is definitely doable in a week. It’s easier or harder at different times of the year. When are you intending to do it? Tardebigge only takes a few hours.
  5. Those trees on the right have been well and truly cut back over the last few years.
  6. This website http://www.spurstow.com/rogerfuller/historic/barlow.htm suggests it was broken up at Gayton in 1982.
  7. I never said anything about a boat hitting a gate. Yes, if a boat was to hit a pair of mitre gates at the point which they touched then some force would be directed back to the stonework along with the cill. But even then that isn't straight forward. Bring in twisting and overturning of the gate(s) and things could get interesting. I'll maybe model it in 3D and run some analysis on it if I find a spare hour or two. I think though that we're basically agreed it isn't really the best idea.
  8. Bear in mind that the Thames and Severn was a wide canal used by wide barges, the consequences of something going a bit wrong when strapping a boat was increased. The canal company was always a bit precious about their canal anyway. Also, can you even strap a boat when a lock has double gates? In a narrow lock the gate will stop against the masonry of the lock side. With a wide lock it will be the cill taking the brunt of the force.
  9. Boats aren't usually sealed very well so if it's 80% humidity outside then it's pretty much going to be the same inside and by running your dehumidifier you're trying to reduce the humidity of the planet too. As you've probably got enough ventilation it's going to be heat that's your friend and as others have said a stove is likely to be best. I wouldn't worry too much about that safe zone. It's going to be pretty much unobtainable on a boat anyway.
  10. There seems to be a distinct lack of tow rope.
  11. That’s the only detail I could pick out which made me think the same. @alan_fincher It was a picture that I took of Sickle which made me think Northwich so it may be one of the middle ones? Which obviously narrows it down a lot but unless the image size can be improved only the likes of Pete Harrison et al will be able to identify it with any certainty.
  12. Could be any one of a number of GU boats. The picture is too small to see any detail. I've tried zooming in and I reckon it's one of the Yarwoods ones.
  13. I want to say it's got a look of the Stroudwater about it but the only lock which might match would be Ryeford but I'm 99% sure it's not. Edited to add: Looking more at it I'm now 100% sure it's not.
  14. No option to get rid of them for me either using Chrome on Win10. Please make them go away.
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