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  1. Composting Toilets Not Allowed In Marina.

    I bet the liquid waste is dumped a lot more often. Is it always into an Elsan disposal point?
  2. Best drill bit ever?

    Someone was pushing down hard when using a wood drill.
  3. Composting Toilets Not Allowed In Marina.

    I suspect the objection is that the liquid waste is dumped over the side or onto the surrounding land.
  4. rookie question - propane tanks

    And the cylinder take weight is on the ally disc around the bottle neck. It’ not obvious as it’s in pounds and ounces.
  5. Solar Panels Basic Info

    Same as a boat, the first thing is to do a power audit, and then estimate the worst case for his water wheel, that will tell him his summer shortfall, then estimate the solar panels required, bearing in mind some days, even in summer, it can be cloudy.
  6. Neutral-earth bonding

    Inverters can be a bit 'strange' the one I have has a couple of capacitors to make it act as centre tapped but the manual also states that if you prefer it is acceptable to EN bond the inverter - which I have. So just testing with a multimeter may not tell you exactly what is going on. So if you KNOW what you are doing the light bulb method above is a good check, but if in doubt leave it alone.
  7. Stiff chuck on drill press

    I used white spirit to degrease something similar thinking that it would evaporate when I had finished swilling it about, also being 'thinner' I thought it would penetrate quicker. Worked ok.
  8. AC earth bonding and BSS

    They have rubber blocks, but the spec sheet did state they are suitable for earthing the engine to hull.
  9. When is an Inverter 'inverting'?

    I have come across amp hours, but not amp days.............
  10. AC earth bonding and BSS

    I don’t have a cable between the engine block and hull as the engine mounts are designed to do this. As most but not all boat engines have an earth return starter motor and alternator the D.C. neg to earth is probably via the engine. I do have a cable from the engine bearers to the consumer unit earth block. So not sure what you will find
  11. No engine, have mains, new battery set up

    Not true for private boats. The bss specifically states that a battery can be in an accommodation space and may vent into the accommodation space, but if it does it must have fixed high level ventilation. See bss rev2 apr2015 section 3.1.1 for more detail
  12. No engine, have mains, new battery set up

    If the engine is dead then presumably you will be in the marina 24/7 using 230V ac shore supply. So long as the 230V to 12V unit you have is big enough to run all the 12v stuff at once there will be no problem, though a battery would give you a buffer should you lose shore power for an hour or two.
  13. Car radio cassette wiring

    Tend to pull the fuse out if leaving the boat for more than a day and reprogram the radio upon my return.
  14. Which el cheapo inverter?

    Don’t run off a ‘centre tapped’ battery bank for long otherwise you will damage your batteries when you recharge them
  15. Slow electricity

    DAB radio is behind FM radio by a second or two, so when they say the time is 6 o'clock which is correct DAB or FM???