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  1. On the web cam they are moving the work boat into the lock. Looking good for opening tomorrow.......
  2. The chance of it back siphoning is very small, but if it was mine I would fit a double check valve. Just saying.
  3. Probably been said already, but no bleach or similar to clean the bog as it kills all the good stuff in the holding tank, and then it stinks.
  4. You are both correct in that the final seal to the ‘system’ in this case ‘a bit of pipe and ball valve’ must be sealed with an effective seal requiring tools to remove. So a screw in blanking plug is common (after the tap).
  5. I was referring to your part in bold and the comment you typed which was “Shall use, not just deploy. (my bold)“
  6. Yes but you missed off the next bit - whenever there is a risk of the vessel striking....... so ready to deploy when there is a risk....... so touching gently onto (for example) a lock gate, then gently sliding up or down would probably not constitute ‘striking’ though one could argue that there was still a risk.
  7. Non permit holders are forbidden from falling in in this zone.
  8. So another reason for a composting toilet.................
  9. Just a thought, but in a narrowboat, not many would venture onto a river if it was flowing much faster than about 2 to 3 mph. In fact they tend to close the locks on the river Severn if there is much flow, so you can't go anywhere anyway. So for inland waterways you may want to size you anchor based on a max speed of say 3mph. Just something to think about.
  10. Just a thought - you could cut out the forward half of the front deck (which presumably your existing tank is below) and raise it up by say 8 inches. This would enlarge your existing tank, and would also give you the opportunity to get in and repaint it. The new deck would also have an access hatch for the enlarged tank. You would then have a flat space by your front doors and an 8 inch step upto the new deck. You could also make the new deck the full size and fit shorter front doors, in which case you may only need to raise the full area deck by say 5 to 6" to give a reasonable increase in tank capacity. This would also keep the weight lower down helping stability.
  11. The army would paint stones along path edges, so the navy could indulge in cleaning the old paint off the brass until the surface is perfect and then repaint - repeat.........
  12. Used to use ferric chloride to etch copper when making my own circuit boards, copper film on epoxy pcb disappeared in a few mins, so don’t leave it in too long......,,,,
  13. Still closed. They hope to have the lock drained about now, then they will assess what needs repairing, so hopefully more of a plan is coming soon.....,,,,,
  14. You may find this of use https://www.barrus.co.uk/media/3828/rdg603a60-issue-4-shanks-4-cylinder-engine-parts-book.pdf
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