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  1. But if you are competent and use suitable materials then the risk of a failure causing harm is very small. But you are correct in that if your work were to result in a harm sufficiently serious for you to end up in court then you will struggle to convince the court of your competence, because presumably there is sufficient evidence to show a lack of competence - otherwise why would they prosecute?
  2. Out of interest, do you use an approved gas fitter to change the empty bottle??
  3. Dirty panels will also reduce power output, make sure they are clean
  4. My MPPT controller floats at a fair bit less than 14.4V (can’t remember exactly) but the alternator doesn’t do float, it just pushes out whatever current the battery will take at 14.4v. So the current on my setup always increases whenever the engine starts. The other thing to consider is if you are measuring charging current or alternator output, as the alternator will put out more current than the batteries take as it goes to power the fridge, radio etc.
  5. And under the hex head dip stick/plug is a big thick washer that will slip into the bilge when you remove the dip stick, so take care.
  6. On mine if you stand at the auxiliary belt end of the engine the dip stick is on the left hand side, about the middle point. As Beta paint (annoyingly) green, you are looking for a green loop about 30mm in diameter. The gear box filler depends on which gear box you have. if it is a prm150 this may help. Just click on the manual link. https://www.prm-newage.com/p12-prm150
  7. I’ve done it and without injury, but it is not my favourite job. You will need a beanie hat (no matter how hot it is in there), vacuum cleaner, foam ear plugs, impact safety goggles, dust mask and thin gloves. Only turn the angle grinder on when you are suitably wedged in a secure position. If you are not confident using an angle grinder this is NOT the job to learn how to use one.
  8. Being pedantic it’s actually 1080Wh. But I agree that you should be good for 8 months of the year. But don’t be surprised when your controller never shows anything like 640W flowing into the batteries.
  9. Tip a bottle of this in https://www.toolstation.com/knock-out-biological-drain-treatment/p74134 leave for a week, then pump-out and see if it worked.........
  10. The point I would make is if you will use a wet dock giving a controlled environment and going right back to bare metal, then it seems foolish not to use a good (expensive) paint. If like me you will do it on the canal tow path, fixing the rusty bits, then a quick abrade all over before painting with lots of insects and some dust and the odd leaf landing on the wet paint then seems a waste to buy the (expansive) paint that gives an excellent finish. In which case a good oil based exterior metal paint is the way to go. Last time I used Dulux. I hate water based gloss.
  11. When I fitted out 10 years ago the ISO std required a 10mA RCD in both galley and (from memory) engine space, but the requirement went in a revision shortly after. Don’t remember why, probably too many nuisance trips.
  12. If you think in Watts, then simply decide the voltage you interested in and calculate the current to suit using W=IV. If going through an inverter or transformer than add on say 10% for losses.
  13. Yes, but you need the long type, and if you drill the hole the correct size and put a smear of epoxy around the head, they don’t spin or leak.
  14. As cheap taps snap easily leaving a blocked hole and good taps are expensive, you could buy the setting tool and use rivnuts. I like rivnuts.
  15. The the justification for keeping the hose off the ground at all times when filling the boat with water is because of a small, theoretical risk of toxic substance permeation. The unintended consequence of this is that the hose crossing the tow path is now a very real trip hazard, with consequent legal liability for the boater for injury caused to other towpath traffic. Therefore CRT need to ensure all water bollards are on the canal side of the towpath, which seems to be the opposite of current crt policy. Joined up thinking???
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