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  1. Chewbacka

    Feasible to hand sand small narrowboat?

    For my 56ft narrowboat I washed it down using sugar soap with a stainless steel pan scourer which gets all the crap off, but it also slightly abraded the surface as well. Then a rub down with wet abrasive paper followed by undercoat, then a couple of gloss coats. Looks ok, but don’t expect to hide surface blemishes and you will get some dust and insects if doing it in the open, so choose a still day.
  2. Chewbacka

    My toaster doesn’t like my generator

    The outside diameter of 2.5mm2 arctic cable (the blue stuff often used by boaters) is about 11mm. So yours at “at least 5mm diameter” sounds thin. Even 1.5mm2 artic cable is about 9mm diameter. So I have no idea what you could be using. added - just had a look online and 0.75mm2 cable is about 6.5mm diameter. This is rated at 6A max.
  3. If the light is normally off, then turns on/off a bit (with the boat rocking) and then stays on it says to me it is a level warning light. If so, level of what? Ideas are - 1) Sink waste tank if you have one - When you say water pump do you mean the pump that supplies water to the tap or a pump to drain the waste water from the sink? If the latter it may be a warning light to tell you the sink tank pump is a bit blocked and it is about to overflow. 2) Fresh water is low and about to run out 3) Toilet tank is full and needs a pump out
  4. Chewbacka

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    Also worth remembering that if going up river from Gloucester to Tewkesbury or Worcester it is for quite a few hours and if using high engine revs to make way against higher than fair weather summer' flow then you will use a lot more diesel than normal (maybe five times), so don't try it with a very low tank. Added - You can check tide times and heights for Sharpness here http://www.ukho.gov.uk/easytide/easytide/SelectPort.aspx The high tide is about one hour later at Gloucester (2 hours in summer as times are normally in GMT) and if more than about 8m will come over the weir, so if in doubt, call Gloucester lock for advice.
  5. Chewbacka

    Solar tilt in the winter months

    Which means that either side of noon the sun will come from the side giving a glancing angle and losing a lot of power unless as already stated you rotate as well. So fixed panels are angled a bit flatter to get more power either side of noon. This explains it better than I can. https://www.solarpaneltilt.com/ Don’ Forget that it is windy in winter and a near vertical panel will act like a sail or even tear itself of the roof
  6. A bit of flex is often designed into a bond. As an example most car windscreens are bonded with a pu adhesive which has a controlled bond thickness a a few mm. This allows the car body to flex over bumps etc without cracking the glass. Likewise the temperature and expansion coefficients are different for glass and steel, this difference being managed by the adhesive. So in the op problem, wood and steel will expand vey differently with temp and humidity so I would use an adhesive with a bit of flex and bond thickness of say 5mm but if the bits of wood are very long it may be more than the bond can accommodate. Something like this. https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p60981 added - if the trims are short say less than 300mm you will probably be ok with a thinner bond.
  7. Chewbacka

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    I would ask the gas fitter for a recommendation and check which ever one you buy is ok for boats as if it isn’t the fitter may refuse to fit it.
  8. Chewbacka

    Inverter earth

    Sorry if this is obvious but lorries are often 24v and boats are usually 12v, could this be the problem ??
  9. Chewbacka

    Diesel engine compression tester

    Thanks - That makes sense.
  10. Chewbacka

    Inverter earth

    Presumably there is an chassis earth stud on the case, so if you want it earthing, run an earth wire from the stud to you AC system earth which should also be bonded to the hull. Added - I would use a 6mm2 green/yellow insulated cable. The iso standard allows an earth of cross sectional area the same as the 'live' supply cable (so probably 2.5mm2 ) but I would use 6mm2 as it is a safety wire and I like physically strong cables, but I do tend to over engineer things.
  11. Chewbacka

    Diesel engine compression tester

    With a petrol engine you can spin it on the starter with the plugs disconnected so no danger of it firing up, but with diesel if there is unburnt fuel in the cylinder then it could ignite during cranking and I not sure what would happen to the compression tester. But maybe in reality it doesn't happen. Anybody know if there is a risk??
  12. Chewbacka

    Rev Counter not 'Counting'

    As you have two rev counters why not connect them both to the same engine in parallel and then calibrate the new one to the existing one.
  13. Chewbacka

    Putting in a shower

    Maybe it was a full size baby bath🤣
  14. Chewbacka

    Putting in a shower

    I took my drain pipe through the floor and back up again to the pump. It helps if the pipe is longer between the shower and pump than between the pump and outlet, also keep the pump to outlet reasonably short, that way it will minimise waste water draining back into the tray.
  15. Chewbacka

    Putting in a shower

    Does the 1.7m height include the shower tray? Also the roof slopes down, so if the shower is off set from the centre line it may get a bit tight, especially if used with a deep tray.

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