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  1. Thin steel is sheet, when it gets thicker it’s called plate. I thought the change from sheet to plate was about 5mm, but when you buy they will know what you mean.
  2. Chewbacka


    Because my boat was a self fit out it was obviously going to be worth more than the sailaway price when it was complete. The insurance company required a surveyor to value the boat, which was done and the insurance company accepted without question. So if you think your boat is worth more than the ‘book price’ the insurance company uses then I would discuss with them how to agree a value, because by accepting their quote (based on their perception of it’s value) you have accepted that value even if you don’t know what it is. No good trying to present photos etc after the event.
  3. He means that it does not matter which month you take the payment it is taxed on a month 1 basis.
  4. Sadly, nothing in this story gets any better........
  5. Not wishing to state the obvious, but the more you take out now the less there is to grow (or shrink) for your future pension.
  6. Update from crt on Gloucester lock. They will install a temporary dam so they can drain and repair the lock. Latest plan is to start installing the dam from 25 March. No indication of when the lock will be useable, guess they need to drain it to asses the work required. I am planning on going up river in mid April................
  7. I am also with GJW direct, phoned them a couple of times over the last few years and they were always helpful, though I have never needed to make a claim. When I checked with them before my son borrowed the boat they said so long as he is experienced and has basic competence then no problem. In answer to a comment above about the need to ask the borrower about accidents, I would feel it reasonable to check with them when assessing their competence level. I also told him that he must be in control of the boat at all times as his mates could not reasonably be called experienced, though they could drive the boat under his direct supervision.
  8. My insurance co allows lending the boat so long as no money is paid. However other insurance companies may be different, suggest you ask. If planning to lend it often, it may be cheaper to pay a bit more for insurance that allows lending.
  9. The proposed new rules only require BS EN 50291. They don’t require BS EN 50291-2 but it is advised, but even then they don’t mention ‘endorsed for boats’. If you want more see 6.4.3 in the link in post 33.
  10. Just a pointless rant, but I do wish the bss people would proof read what they write. For example they say in 6.4.1 consider putting one in the breathing zone in a sleeping place, so mid to low level but in 6.4.3 they say they must be at high level. So how does that work??? Being pedantic in 6.4.1 they say “i.e. near to a bed head” but actually they mean “eg near to a bed head”. Whilst I know (or think I do) what they mean, these are regulations and should be written accurately and clearly.
  11. Here is the proposed wording for the BSS rules/requirements. https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/296462/I3-BSS-CO-Alarm-Checks-and-extract-draft-App-I-2Feb19.pdf
  12. They have it’s now 60 seconds, during which time no bubbles are allowed.
  13. Spay plenty on each joint. As you may have a few tiny leaks that add up to a ‘fail’ it’s best to keep inspecting every few mins for 10mins or so as a tiny leak takes a while to make bubbles.
  14. I would change 20 year old hoses. In the event of a catastrophic hose failure, do you mind if all the coolant is dumped in the engine space, and you can no longer use the engine if this happens in the middle of nowhere? If not the engine overheat alarm may be adequate to alert you.
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