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  1. Then you need a potable water accumulator, the colour doesn’t matter, though some may say convention is blue for cold and red (expansion vessel) for hot.
  2. Could it be the shower rose needs a clean/descale as it is restricting the flow? Or even that the cold water is a bit warm, so hot flow is reduced? Or even a combination?
  3. My diesel was about 18 months old dosed with marine 16, no bug. My understanding is that the cetane rating drops after 6 months or so, so I added some cetane booster, engine starts easily and so far no problems with either the Webasto or engine. I would not use an emulsifier, as if the water is sucked from the bottom of the tank there is no need, which whilst messy is my preferred option. Had I not added the stuff, would I have had problems??? So success or snake oil?? Either way, if I have to leave the boat unused for a long period I would do it again, less to sit at home broo
  4. Once most fridges were ranked A they then had A+, then A++ and I think even A+++, so letters B and beyond were redundant. Hence new targets.
  5. But no shade is good for solar power generation
  6. Once you have left Gloucester there aren’t any easily accessible shops, so stock up in Sainsburys. For mooring as said already, just about anywhere, goat chains are very useful as there is a lot of steel piling. Because it is deep and wide there is normally no need to slow down when passing moored boats. If the bridges don’t make you wait it’s about 5 hours to Sharpness. You do NOT want to be approaching Gloucester if there is a spring tide that is high enough to overtop the weir at Gloucester. If in doubt give Gloucester lock a call before your trip to check if ther
  7. Some D.C. converters have a large in-rush current, I would use a fuse/circuit breaker that is 150% of full load current to avoid nuisance fails - this assumes the wiring is safe at 150% of full load
  8. I have one of those as well, very good. It lives on a shelf in the shed, no danger of the shelf ever rotting as it is now impregnated with chain oil.
  9. That’s because it’s a posh (aka expensive) Apple laptop. Whilst not cheap, Apple designers do think. My old Asus and before that Toshiba laptops both sat at 100%
  10. It shortens the battery life by quite a lot (certainly with older laptops) as they just sit continuously at 100% charged, but as they are company owned it doesn’t matter
  11. That is correct, but I doubt the neutral is directly connected to the aerial cable braid as if it was and someone replaced the plug and swapped the live and neutral wires the aerial would be live. This would be a dangerous design error.
  12. My tv is all plastic case with a 2 core mains lead - no Earth wire so the tv is only connected to ground by the antenna mounting, so a single earth point.
  13. Good point about the connectors, I would argue that wago connectors retain the wire by friction and so long as it takes more than 2kg to pull out, will be ok. added - just measured the pull out load of a 0.75mm2 - didn’t pull out at 5kg which surprised me.
  14. Rather than screw connectors I would use wago connectors, spring loaded so never become loose with vibration, not that expensive either. As an example - https://www.toolstation.com/wago-221-3-way-compact-lever-connectors/p43878
  15. CRT will only be bothered by boats that don’t seem to be complying with cc rules, so it’s those they will want to confirm if the claimed mooring exists or not. That’s a lot less work and manageable.
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