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  1. Just because you cc doesn’t mean you ‘live’ on the boat, as you may have a house even if you don’t live in it much. The big assumption here is that the bit of CRT that ‘knows’ you live on a boat talks to the bit of CRT that issues licences. Probably doesn’t happen.
  2. I had a couple of cheap 30v lights and they put a lot of noise onto the supply wiring upsetting the radio at the far end, so increasing distance between light and radio didn’t help.
  3. At 90 degrees a snug rope will get very tight as the water level changes. Angled ropes have more capacity to cope with level changes. Loose ropes at an angle together with spring lines are even better at holding the boat steady and coping with level changes.
  4. If the pump is pumping air then the tank outlet pipe is above the water level in the tank. Possible reasons - 1. Tank nearly empty 2. As it’s a bladder tank it might have twisted so the outlet is too high 3. The tank is below the pump and the pipe between tank and pump has a leak such that the pump is sucking air which is easier than sucking water (which is heavy) out of the tank. without more information we can only guess
  5. Also if buying cheap your copper cables are often multi strand cca where cca is copper clad aluminium. The eBay cables mentioned earlier are cca. Aluminium has reasonably good conductivity, but not as good as copper, so power is lost in the cable, but it is also not as flexible as copper, and tends to break if bent too often. I would never buy cca jump leads.
  6. No Parallel. If a number of panels are in parallel and one goes short it will present as a short for all the panels in parallel with it. Hence if a few panels are in parallel they should have a fuse between each panel and the feed cable to the controller. That way if one panel goes short then when it ‘takes’ all the current from the other panels it’s fuse will blow. The internal conducts within a failed panel can ‘burn out’ like a fuse but I believe there have been instances of internal arcing and serious over heating. So if you have a few big panels in parallel I would fuse the individual panels. Obviously not required on a single string of panels in series.
  7. I agree, however if you have a number of panels in parallel and one panel fails with an internal short then the conductors within that panel will have to carry all the current from all the panels. Whilst it is rare it is a risk worth considering.
  8. Panels (rather than controller to batteries) only need fuses if you have several in parallel, which you probably don’t. With a VoC of 46v if you put your panels in series you will be getting some fairly high open circuit D.C. voltages, so exposed terminals etc need guarding, and a warning notice by the controller wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  9. Those gates are very heavy, and don’t even think of trying to open one until the levels are completely equal. If no volunteers to help, you will probably have to join her to open the gate.
  10. I bought a stove at crick a few years ago and he drove his van full of stock from the stand to my car in the car park for free, even helped me load it into the car. Worth asking if you want to buy something heavy or bulky.
  11. When you get £2m per day in green subsidies from the uk government you can afford to pay a bit extra for HVO. All helps with the green image.
  12. That’ll be because the traders paying a lot for a pitch know what will sell and what doesn’t and boaters are ‘careful’ with their money, whereas wannabe boaters have come for a fun day out and have more disposable income as they don’t have a boat to pay for.
  13. But then Drax power station also claim their wood chips are carbon neutral and never taken from whole trees cut from primary forests……..
  14. Not on the G&S canal. Fuel supplier (supplies mainly farms and construction sites, but boats as well) told me they considered stocking it, but none of their big customers were prepared to pay the extra, not worth their while for the few boats that are interested.
  15. I fitted my stove over 10 years ago, tiles onto a calcium silicate board. Tiles still in place and grout is fine, I didn’t light the stove for a few days to ensure any excess water in the tile adhesive had evaporated, then a gentle fire for the first few hours. Be careful with the calcium silicate board as it is very brittle and not very strong, but then it is foamed, so mostly ‘air’, and surprisingly expensive.
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