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  1. Chewbacka

    LPG mentor required

    Good luck.
  2. Chewbacka

    Looking for first narrowboat hull questions

    Just a reminder for you, Ebay buyer protections against fraud etc don't apply to vehicles including boats.
  3. Chewbacka

    a reasonable offer.

    But if you don't put a deposit down, then it's not unreasonable for the seller to take a better offer from another buyer even after you have paid for a survey.
  4. Chewbacka

    Rechargeable NiMH 1.2v batteries

    In your case you have lots of batteries and a low quiescent draw inverter, but not everybody does. In which case they may want to think about it. That said, many seem to have inverters that don’t sleep, in which case as you say power saving TVs use nothing in standby.
  5. Chewbacka

    Rechargeable NiMH 1.2v batteries

    Except if your tv is 240v AND leaving in standby prevents the inverter going to sleep, in which case instead of just a watt for the tv you may have 15w (give or take) for the inverter.
  6. Chewbacka

    Smartgauge and Amp meter

    All the negative cables go on the end of the shunt so ALL current going in or out of the batteries must pass through the shunt to give an accurate current measurement, but the smart gauge current draw is tiny as it is ‘just’ a smart voltmeter, so I can’t think of a reason to not wire it in as per the sg instructions.
  7. Chewbacka

    Copper piping turned silver

    But if he has just disconnected all his batteries to see which ons(s) are low voltage ........................
  8. Chewbacka

    Rechargeable NiMH 1.2v batteries

    The mouse probably just measures voltage and using the voltage/power graph for alkaline batteries estimates the power remaining, at least that’s how my old gps handheld worked. But as NiMH batteries naturally have a lower voltage than alkaline they appear to be a bit flat, so probably underestimates the power remaining, so just keep using them until it stops working and then recharge.
  9. Chewbacka

    Brass head lamp

    I do like big headlights......
  10. Chewbacka

    Speed limits

    Upstream against normal flow I can only dream of achieving the speed limit in our narrowboat.
  11. Chewbacka

    The Joke Thread (Friday and Every Day)

    Looks like a mod training problem as there have been a couple of mod/system interaction errors recently...............
  12. Chewbacka

    Corrigendum BS 767

    Worth reading, but if fitting out a new boat and you wish to be compliant you need to ensure you use current standards - ISO 10133:2000 superseded by ISO 10133:2012 ISO 13297:2000 superseded by ISO 13297:2014
  13. Chewbacka

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    You can buy battery protection devices on eBay for a few quid but the problem is, what is the max current you want the isolation relay to handle? Including when the engine etc is running.
  14. Chewbacka

    Where's Gibbo?

    So why didn’t he join tb?
  15. Chewbacka

    RPM measurements

    So long as the unit life is just long enough for people to buy replacements rather than a different brand then they have got it about right for max profit.

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