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  1. The world is flat but slightly dished to stop the sea and air running over the edge. The edge is near Bermuda so any boats & planes that go to find the edge tend to fall over the edge which is why they never come back to tell us what they saw.
  2. Before using this water I would filter it with a fine fabric to get the bits out.
  3. I also find my vision is not as sharp as it was 20 years ago 🤣
  4. Sadly like many things they sag with age........
  5. You may have a compelling argument (I don’t think you do) but the only way to clarify is to go through the courts. If you choose that route, I hope you have a lot a lot of spare money to pay all the costs you will be responsible for. Based on others futile fights I have read about, £50k might cover it.
  6. To get the first slab up you could drill a hole an inch or so below the mid point on one edge then use a plug and screw to lift it. Use a pry bar for the rest in that section. if the slabs are very smooth you might be able to use a ‘handle with a couple of suckers’ (forget the name) like is used for glass.
  7. Jhoots did what they did and must be held to account. If I drive past a speed camera at 20mph over the limit, then drive past the next day below the limit, it doesn’t make it right. Retailers need to be aware that action will be taken (though maybe not for some time) if they abuse the situation. As to “Horse, bolt” I don’t agree, firm action now will deter others from doing the same, otherwise the poor will really suffer, and I don’t want that.
  8. I would be surprised as getting water, pump-out/Elsan, fuel & food must essential travel. Can’t see CRT leaving vulnerable boaters without water etc. and I don’t see them doing deliveries either.
  9. Which is not surprising as the Watt hours is the same.
  10. I bought some computer fan finger guards on eBay and bend the 4 ‘legs’ up so it spring fits into the vent ‘tube’. This stops the big insects, easy to lay a circle of mesh onto the guard if you want a finer pitch. Easy to take out for cleaning as a ‘fine’ mesh will block in a year or three.
  11. People believe many things, doesn’t mean they are correct. Some people believe the earth is flat, others that Trump is a stable genius, and even some that CRT have enforcement powers within a private marina. They are all wrong.
  12. Actually in a contract dispute it is the arbitrator or courts that will make that decision, does not matter what you or I think is reasonable.
  13. We all know that, what is your point? It is very simple, if a marina operator wishes to connect the marina to CRT waters, it is a condition of the connection agreement between the marina and CRT that only licensed boats may moor in the marina. If the marina operator does not agree or enforce that clause with the boats in the marina, then CRT will declare the connection agreement void and close the connection. What don’t you understand??
  14. Agreed, so in the earlier example, the marina operator in consultation with CRT agreed it was not reasonable to require a mooring agreement where the mooring connects to non crt waters to have a clause requiring a crt licence, and this clause was removed, however where a marina is connected to crt waters, crt view the requirement to hold a licence as reasonable and so in those cases the clause stands.
  15. It is very simple, the marina states in its agreement with the boater that you must have a crt licence to moor here. No licence and you have failed to keep to the agreement you have signed, in which case you must either rectify the omission (ie get a licence), or get out. If you fail to do either then you are in breach and the marina can take steps to evict you. Added - during the court hearing to have you evicted you could try claiming that this is an unfair contract term and request for it to be removed, however I am not aware of anyone winning that argument, in which case (as others have found in battles with CRT) your costs associated with your futile fight just keep getting bigger.........
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