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  1. “Liquid metal” is just a filled resin that cures as the solvent evaporates. Not so different from other fillers, but it is designed to be tough.
  2. I find the best method is to cut the end off the bolt, a bit of epoxy on the threaded end then screw it back in until it is a couple of mm below the surface, when the epoxy has set, a bit of filler in the ‘pit’. When the filler has set, sand it flush and smooth and when painted it is invisible.
  3. Solar good, gennie bad is good advice, but the basic question is how to charge the batteries for the few months that solar is no use???
  4. The batteries true capacity will depend upon how will they have been looked after since fitting, so possibly they are already well past their best. See how you get on - fingers crossed.....
  5. I would suggest you consider cooling. The engine in a boat is often in a confined not very well ventilated space. A water cooled manifold will reduce the engine space temperature by having a cooler manifold and exhaust pipe and silencer, this will improve belt life and possibly alternator life.
  6. Any easy way to confirm if the Webasto is working or not is to put your hand in front of but NOT too close to the Webasto exhaust. Mine is about 200c up close, so it is very hot.
  7. Any fan powerful enough to create a draught you can feel would have to have a guard to prevent injury to little fingers. Eco fans never have guards which must tell you something..............
  8. Nothing wrong with Macclesfield, I spent my formative years there.
  9. That is a good point, there is a lot of water to heat up, mine takes about 20mins before they feel at all warm.
  10. There is no point only welding up the pits the surveyor found as 99% of the hull has not been cleaned to a condition to inspect it. It will be difficult to get a sensible quote for welding up the pits without cleaning off all the marine growth and possibly grit blasting as well to remove blacking from any pits so they can be found. This is getting expensive. If you do go this route, and I am not sure I would, if the surface is grit blasted then I would use epoxy 2 pack after pit repairs as though expensive it is much better than traditional blacking.
  11. Individual Radiator valves on? Also if it was last used in summer there may be a valve after the tee to the calorifier that shuts off the rads in warm weather. This valve could be on either the feed or return side.
  12. Something to be aware of is the flow when the levels are high is a few mph, so if you normally cruise at 4mph then going up river you will have a very low over ground speed, which makes for long journey times. You will therefore have to run at high rpm, so you need to check the boat can run at high powers without overheating, and if the boat has been stood a long time the fuel may be a bit dirty, so check for diesel bug, and maybe service the engine including fuel filter.
  13. I beg to differ. I find it depends on how you treat the residents.
  14. Yes. Though you can in a normal narrowboat pass under Netheridge, Sims & Rea bridge when they are not manned - traffic lights turned off.
  15. There is always some wind blowing from Sharpness towards Gloucester which makes heading South into the wind very cold, dress warm. The bridges are all CRT operated, and also closed on Tuesday & Wednesday in winter.
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