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  1. Chewbacka

    Alternator wiring

    The BSS does require an isolator between alt 1 and the batteries. But it is quite common to wire as yours is done, though an examiner ‘might’ pick it up. It’s not normal to have a fuse between the alternator and batteries - alt1 & 100A fuse.
  2. Same as on land where an area becomes ‘nice’ and house prices rocket leaving the lower paid, often local people, unable to afford to buy or even rent. Not saying it’s right or moral, but it is not a new problem.
  3. Chewbacka

    What is this wire please....

    Fuel pump below the injector pump??
  4. Chewbacka

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    He probably considers it a reasonably non-confrontational response, unlike ‘I don’t care’, which would sometimes provoke a more violent reaction.
  5. I guess the installer assumed ‘you’ would check the system pressure is lower than the drinking water pressure before opening the valves. Personally I would add a double check valve as you described ‘just in case’.
  6. Pumps have a cut-in and a cut out pressure. Mine cuts-in a bit below 0.5bar and cuts off at about 2 bar. If you want to up the pressure when filling, turn on a sink cold tap to drop the pressure and get the pump to turn on. I can’t see a non return valve on you filling loop, so be careful because if the pressure in your heating system is higher than your cold drinking water when you open the filling valve coolant will flow from the boiler system into the drinking water.
  7. You said “Am i correct in thinking that cold water is drawn into the calorifier at the bottom and leaves at the top? There must be two separate compartments inside it, otherwise newly added cold water would bring down the storred hot water temp. “. The answer is ‘yes the water enters at the bottom and leaves at the top’ but it is a single cylinder, the hot water being less dense floats on top of the cold water and does not mix. There is some heat conduction from the hot layer into the cold but it takes a while. On my tank if we go to bed with it full of hot water we can both have a shower in the morning without reheating. As an aside, a vertical calorifier is better as the layer between hot and cold with a half full of hot water tank is much smaller than with a horizontal tank. That said most have a horizontal tank as it more efficiently fits in the boat.
  8. You can probably depressurise the system by making sure the valves either end of the filling loop are close, then disconnect one end of the flexible, hold the end over a bucket and slowly open the valve. I can’t see a non return valve.
  9. Chewbacka

    Fuse Alternator Cable???

    Same as Nick, I don’t like having the alternator connected to the boat side of the isolator switch so I wired the alternator direct to the batteries with an isolator switch, meets the BSS requirements and you don’t even need to ever switch it off.
  10. Chewbacka

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    Shame they don’t ship it connected to a battery, that way it would arrive wound on to close to where your broken original meter is reading.
  11. Chewbacka

    Immersion heater rating for 16A

    If you mean 27" are difficult to find, screwfix has a selection, however if you mean 27" AND 1kw rating then I agree.
  12. Chewbacka

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    I got an ebay hours meter and it's racked up 1000 hrs so far without problems. Similar to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Rectangle-12V-36V-DC-Generator-Engine-Sealed-Hour-Meter-Counter/202237766833?hash=item2f164f6cb1%3Ag%3AuGYAAOSw42JZIVd0&_sacat=0&_nkw=12v+hour+meter&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.X12v+hour+meter.TRS0 It ticks over every 6 mins (ie 1/10 hour) so good for lots of hours but no good for minutes and seconds.
  13. Chewbacka

    Alternator wiring

    The bulbs I linked to on eBay are 12v, though most with that base are 24v or higher.
  14. Chewbacka

    Alternator wiring

    The code printed on the side of the resistor is 47RJ. I take this to mean it’s 47 ohms. added - the J is the tolerance which is 5% as to the bulb, is anything printed on the metal plates on the side? added - I was curious about the bulb and it looks like a T5.5 base which you can get on eBay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/T5-5-12V-100ma-Slide-Bulb-x-2/321583551934?hash=item4adfdf95be:g:vtgAAOSwuMFUY82q or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-LAMP-6020-Filament-lamp-telephone-T5-5-12V-100mA-Bulb-T1-3-4-4-8mm/192225689025?hash=item2cc18b3dc1:g:mi0AAOSwDrNZTHte
  15. Chewbacka

    Alternator wiring

    The ceramic blocks are wire wound resistors probably about 5 watts. To get the alternator to power up when it starts it uses the warning light, but if the bulb is too low powered it won’t work. Solution is to either use a brighter bulb or increase the current by putting a resistor in parallel. The resistance value is not critical, and in your case a 47ohm resistor has been used. 47ohms at 12v is just over 3 Watts, so the resistor needs to be a bit chunky. You can get them on eBay, look for ‘5w 47r’ Added Jen beat me, I’m getting slow at typing

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