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  1. I like spray foam as insulation, if you have a written agreement for min thickness AND you are there when it is applied you can ensure it meets the agreed thickness. Be upfront about this - it may cost a bit more as you are using more stuff and time. I also agreed to trim back the excess myself, as it is a crappy job and another incentive to spray a bit thin. Just buy a couple of bread knives and a big roll of bin bags.
  2. Maybe obviously, but the log periodic aerial must point directly at the transmitter if in a poor signal area. If the cable needs waggling about, it sounds like either the connectors are dirty/corroded or the cable has an internal cracked core, in which case you need a new cable.
  3. But none are allowed to be used in boats.
  4. It’s a draft version containing the proposed changes which has been made available for interested parties to comment upon. They have also more clearly defined what constitutes an lpg leak that needs urgent fixing and the leak level that is considered as immediately dangerous, requiring system isolation. I shall have a read through and see what else is different in the next few weeks.
  5. Chewbacka

    dvt 1000

    If it works fine, then a ‘better’ one won’t be better. That said I use a log periodic aerial on a pole, it works better in poor reception areas than an omni-directional antenna, but it must point directly at the transmitter or it will be worse than you have now.
  6. I think they are sensitive to fuel gasses, and being typically mounted high up react to CO and Hydrogen, lpg being heavy tends to stay low down below the alarm and you smell it and fix the leak.
  7. Or to say it’s perfect for continuous cruising what with it’s new gear box.
  8. It may help to increase the ventilation to the housing as when the lights are on the temperature goes up the warm air will evaporate a lot of the moisture, if it is ventilated the warm wet air can be replaced by drier cold air taking the moisture away. Maybe need a breather pipe to outside the warm wet room.
  9. Good point, if the EA gives permits to the water companies allowing sewage discharge directly into the river, why don’t they sell permits to boats as well???
  10. Agree, ex 3 is the best method and the one I used. Plastic Barrier pipe was developed to minimise oxygen diffusion through the pipe walls and dissolving into the coolant as it will cause corrosion. So if you haven’t used barrier pipe I would replace it.
  11. LPG may carry on, but the limiting factor for ‘mains gas’ boilers will be determined by the date they swap natural gas to hydrogen. However I would assume the industry to start selling hydrogen ready boilers that can be converted. But the demise of ‘mains’ natural gas is inevitable.
  12. Whilst it is not yet law the “In the Heat and Buildings Strategy, published in October 2021, the government announced that they’re aiming to phase out gas boilers in UK homes from 2035.”
  13. Natural gas as supplied to uk homes is Methane, and is anything but a green fuel, hence the government intention to ban the sale of natural gas boilers in the (relatively) near future.
  14. probably can’t buy that bit, need a complete burner. Have a look here https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-hob/spinflo-caprice-mk-3-cooker-oh92000-12v-spare-parts#ppSpecs[iframes]/0/
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