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  1. The survey company is paid to summarise the ‘official survey’ responses, all else is just noise and probably just ‘filed’. So if you want your views on CRT to count it’s better to use the survey.
  2. When I got one a year or two ago I think they said it was a random third. But I also seem to remember the response rate was low.
  3. Which is why CRT who are in no hurry simply wait for the licence to expire, then say they are not ‘satisfied’ about something (usually cruising patterns) and refuse to issue a licence. If you do not have a licence for any reason (including because they won’t sell you one), then they will apply to the courts for s8 and as many in this situation have found, you must either remove the boat from their (CRT) waters or they will remove it and you will be responsible for their costs. If you fail to pay their costs the will sell your boat, returning any surplus to you.
  4. More interestingly, what was the battery voltage when the charging current was lower than expected?
  5. My Webasto unit came with a wire harness, so I guess the person that fitted the harness on your boat didn’t want to chop the harness to length - might give warranty problems, or not happy joining cables etc - so ‘lost’ the excess cable in routing it.
  6. Might sound daft, but dirty panels will have a low output, on my panels a single sheet of A4 on the panel has a massive effect, make sure they are clean and no patches of shade. It is also possible that the batteries are reasonably charged and won’t take more than a few amps at a safe charging voltage. This time of year the sun rises fairly early and by noon when the sun is high in the sky where peak power would be expected my panels output is very low, but that is because the batteries are almost full.
  7. The computer chips that drive the ecu are only made for a few years, so making a new ecu some years later is not possible, so the car makers buy a ‘lifetime buy’ of complete ecu modules and hold as stock. This is expensive, so they don’t want too buy too many, and they don’t want to sell them too quickly and run out. Plus you can only buy from the manufacture. So they charge to make a good profit and high enough not to run out of stock. I guess with electric cars with a lot more control electronics and displays, this will only get worse.
  8. Good place to keep magnets, you obviously remember where they are. I keep a couple of magnets on the end of my too box, but I shall move them to a fire extinguisher as it’s a good idea.
  9. On this basis it Probably needs a team of 8 to formulate a reply
  10. G&S canal is £1.60 domestic!!!
  11. If the only prep prior to applying epoxy was pressure washing and not grit blasting then there may be poor adhesion between the epoxy and steel hull. Best get the boat out and pressure wash to assess the condition of the epoxy, only then can it be determined what is the best action.
  12. I think the EA has bigger problems to worry about, a quick Google shows that a couple of years ago “The plant, run by Anglian Water, recorded nearly 4,200 hours of sewage spilling out into the River Great Ouse, which runs through much of north Bedfordshire”. Think about that the next time you think about swimming in the river.
  13. I doubt one has enough leg power to tread water whilst holding a push chair above water, probably just poor/sensationalist journalism. Though that does not diminish the selfless actions taken by the woman. Well done to her.
  14. There is nothing better than boating in a warm September, if you want to know the other side try it in a January, when it’s cold and rainy. Some are happy, many hate it - my wife hates it and I like it, but with your parents there are two on the boat, and it’s a very small space if one is miserable and grouchy……..
  15. I spoke to a couple of floor paint manufacturers and they told me I would be lucky to get more than a few years on a boat roof - being an ‘indoor’ floor paint they were not resistant to UV, and boat roofs get a lot of that.
  16. I think that if the surveyor was worrying the hammer would go through then something needs doing soon. As to the 10k figure, you said yourself it was only a rough estimate, which helps you decide whether to scrap the boat, or get the boat out and comprehensively checked over so an accurate quote can be made, just getting the boat into a condition that a quote can be made will cost a bit……
  17. If you know the engine the solenoid was designed for, then the main dealer would be able to tell you the part number of the mating part. BUT they may not sell loose connectors, and sell you only a complete harness. That would be eye wateringly expensive. I would save time and cut it off.
  18. And also how close (or far) from the ideal wave form is the inverter output.
  19. I would ask Butler Technik, they were very helpful when I was buying a Webasto system - though it was a few years ago.
  20. If everything is perfect, probably not a corrosion problem, but in the real world with damp switches (from time to time) and poor wiring - for example another item sharing the bilge pump supply, then very small currents could flow more often than you would like or realise and corrosion would then be a real risk.
  21. And don’t be tempted to use the hull as a negative return for anything (like cars do) it will work electrically, but it will also greatly increase hull corrosion.
  22. Try walking around a couple of hundred meters to see if you can identify the source. Is it powered by you boat on by it’s own internal batteries? If powered by the boat see if running on it’s own battery helps. How long does the interference last for? If it’s exactly 13:28 everyday it must be something on a timer, do you have anything?
  23. As an aside, I have found on old cars (pre lots of electronics), that when a number of lights etc start working strangely it’s a bad earth, possibly in the multiple connector. You could try running a temp wire from a good earth (such as the battery negative, or engine block, and then finding a negative wire on your control panel to see if that fixes it. If it does it will help to narrow the search for the dodgy connection, which may not be in the multi connector.
  24. The reason they leave a layer of water behind is because they are cheap centrifugal pumps, but there are a couple of advantages, namely the pump doesn’t run dry and any oil or grease in the bilge will float on top of the remaining layer, and not be pumped into the canal.
  25. BSS Requirements for Fire extinguishers, fire blanket and CO alarms etc are from page 46 in the BSS checklist that the examiner will use. They are also strict on petrol and generator storage etc, which is also in the checklist. It is not the easiest document to read, so if you get confused (I did the first time I read it), just ask on here and someone will answer. https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/299273/bss-examination-checking-procedures-core-private-boat-public-interim-complete-compress.pdf The BSS is generally NOT negotiable, so as an example, even if you have brand new, very expensive fire extinguishers, if they don’t have the specified marking, they will fail.
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