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  1. You could do what I do and run a copy of Windows 8. Assuming that the software is compatible and doesn't need 10. You might ee be able to use XP? I picked up a CD off EBay and ditched W10. I use Linux but like you I need a Windows for a couple of programs. Just be sure it has the registration number with it!
  2. If I understand you correctly I would walk away. I am not going to put a non-refundable deposit on the boat PERIOD. I would put up a deposit on a boat I was interested in as long as could get it back if there were unexpected issues. I would even be willing to say if the issues were above a predetermined amount of money I couldn't back out. But no way would I GIVE them a 1,000 to determine if the boat had problems. There are many more boats out there fr sale. I would just keep looking and let someone else take that risk.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I have one of the small cheaper inverters in my truck/lorry. I used to use it to charge laptop, photh, PALM Pilot (remember those?) when working and out on the road. This was before USB charging became the norm. One thing I found is mine was far from reliable. It made short work of the battery if I was not driving. I suspect a lot of your issue may be the inverter itself. I was never impressed with mine. Plus your taking 12 volts, stepping it up to 220 volts and then plugging in a transformer that is taking that 220 volt down to something around 18 volts I would guess. Lots of wasted energy in that process.
  5. We laughed pretty good too. First time to empty a cassette I image a lot of people react similarly. Especially if you have an aversion/fear of handling sewage as so many seem to have Hence the great toilet debates.
  6. I am in the US and doing a little homework and I found a couple of International Banks where I could set up accounts in the US and UK. Forgotten the names now but one was actually UK based. When I arrive in the UK I would already have an account along with UK based debit and/or credit cards. Since our plan is moving back and forth and our income with be from the US this appears it will work very well. Easy to move money around from one to the other account.
  7. You are preaching to the choir there. Win10 was the kick in the but I needed and I now use Linux. I do have need of Windows occasionally for a couple of specific pieces of software. So I have mine set up with a Dual Boot with Win7 as the second OS. But day to day. 98% of time it is Linux Mint.
  8. Ahhh Windows, why am I not surprised. Glad to found it. These software designers go out of their way to "improve" their software.
  9. Just making a WAG, but sounds like every time you change pages it is not recognizing you. It thinks you are a new visitor and flashes up the message. Being it is only one computer there is something about it or it's settings. If cookies were off it MIGHT cause that. That is all I got.
  10. I really do appreciate this. But I have an old, slow, windows laptop set up on my desk that I print from and it's set up just for this. I hate to change methods now.
  11. Do you block cookies? Just a guess but if so that could be the reason.
  12. I knew someone would say this (about the printer). It would print, but it would not allow me to enter custom paper sizes. I sell full size plans for kayaks and they have to printed accurately and on my custom sized paper. The generic driver would not allow me to do that. Have not heard of crossover but will look it up.
  13. Probably not for everyone but I can say without hesitation the Linux is a good OS and can serve most people well. I got totally annoyed with MS about two years ago and decided to get serious about Linux.I have numerous computers and some are old but used only for specific task and win10 just created a lot of issues and was very annoying in my situation. Plus I didn't want to buy numerous licenses for all my computers either. I had looked at Linux for a long time and decided to give it a serious look. This time did I a lot of reading and I settled on Mint version as it is similar to Windows layout so pretty easy to adapt to it. After well over a year of using it I will never go back to MS as my main OS. Even so I will say that Linux is not for everyone. There are some things that were pretty simple in Windows and that can be a real pain in the butt in Linux as a new user. But the average user wouldn't deal with what I did either. Like network file sharing among multiple computers, multiple networked printers, file sharing with Windows and Linux machines. I still have to use Windows for a couple of things. So I keep an old laptop with windows & just for printing and scanning. I have an old scanner I use 3-4 times a year that I can't get drivers for. I don't need a scanner enough to buy a new one that works with Linux but there are plenty. I have a HP 42" wide plotter that there are no drivers available for Linux which has been my biggest surprise. I also have a dual boot set up on my main computer so I can shut down and reboot into Windows 7. I have two pieces of boat design software that I need and these are Windows only. (No they will not run in Wine on Linux) Otherwise I find Linux does 98% of what I need and it doesn't crash, doesn't lock up, it just works like it should. Unless you area a bit of geek like me and want to dig into it it really easy.
  14. As was said, the engine is a big concern. If it hasn't been touched I would expect major repairs, maybe to the point that replacing the engine would be cheaper than repairs. I had a 20 foot sailboat that sank. Apparently someone got on it leaned it over till it took water over the sides one night. Found it the next morning and we had it floating by noon, so at most 12 hours on bottom. What amazed me was how much damage it did to the plywood inside. It absorbed water and many places the plywood started to delaminate. Didn't show up at first but a few weeks later. So you could be facing some serious hidden repairs inside the boat. Without seeing it and knowing the details I would expect a major refit. My feeling is you would be better off passing. There is probably good reason no one wants it.
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