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  1. Strikes me as odd that the Surveyor could not figure that out. Of course the plumbing just could be hidden from sight, but if I were the surveyor I would have really not like saying... I don't know. I did home inspections for many years and sometimes you do run into some odd things. But saying I don't know was always a last resort.
  2. Pretty much! Something like this is where we are leaning. I think a Bimini top over this would be a very practical... if I bit ugly. Wife wants a Pram hood and I see it is a very practical but I don't think I would buy one if it didn't have it. Just for the record, I see advantages in all three stern designs. I love the 'engine room' on a trad for storing ground tackle and all the misc gear. Don't like the lack of social space. No place for the wife to sit and 'nest'. That is why we most likely would not buy one. I love the space of a cruiser stern and it has to be easier/more space to work on an engine. But don't like the lack of seating and seems to waste space for our use. We want to be CC'ing and all that open space has to be colder in the winter. Semi-trad has to be a real pain to work on the engine. But the seating seems to suit us the best. As long as there is storage space under the seats, that allows storage for ground tackles, lines, fenders outside of the living space.
  3. We are still doing research and leaning toward Semi-trad with Cruiser a close second. My feet don't like standing in one place for long period of times. So I am leaning toward Semi trad and want a small raised up seat in the back corner to be able to sit down when I am tired of standing. Keeps my feet happy if I am m oving around. I am sure I could put something on a cruiser stern to sit on too. But the wife really likes the Semi-trad. As she put it she can 'create a nest on one side' and talk while we cruise. Not even considering a trad, just no social space.
  4. Simple. it is because you are not logged in. Since you are not logged in there is no way for the software to know who you are and if you have posted the required 10 posts. This is not uncommon in forum software.
  5. Did you check the voltage leaving the solenoid going to the thruster motor? Could be the contacts inside the solenoid are burned and while it is operating, it is not allowing power through it to the thruster motor.
  6. Good! I used to teach a boat building class every year near DC and it took me 2 days to drive up there. And New Orleans is a full day the other way. Hope you enjoy your trip, your hitting some places I have wanted to go to.
  7. Google is about is good as it gets and especially being free. Google My maps will allow you save maps but can't use with GPS I don't think? There is a fairly new Google Maps to Go app that I started using because the original version keeps crashing on my phone. Pay attention to what John6767 has said. You're going to be hard pressed to drive all you have mentioned in 2 weeks! Denver to DC is a LONG drive without all the detours and taking time to sight-see. You mentioned some good places, depending on what you like but I think you may be underestimating the distances there. The US is mighty big! Might want to fly out of somewhere further West than DC if you wan to see the places you mentioned. Maybe book a flight from New Orleans to catch the DC flight.
  8. Possible that the tachometer it wrong. Probably not but it is possible. But I lean toward with Mike the Boilerman ideas.
  9. Love stuff like that. Just hate it when the next generation become dependent on it and can't do anything when it dies. Don't need it on my boat (once it get back on the water) but would love to have it. 🙂
  10. As a newish member I have to totally agree.. We are nearing retirement and planning on buying a boat and spending 6-9 months a year in the UK CC'ing. We learned of the Canals from other sources and started doing serious research into them. While I have learned a lot from reading past posts on here, if I had found this forum first, I would have probably decided against it. It would have lead me to believe that people on the canals were not people I wanted to be around.
  11. COMMON SENSE.... is it so rare it is like a Super Power.
  12. Didn't read the rules/guidelines did you? 🤔
  13. Someone recenlty mentioned https://www.sofabedbarn.co.uk/ . No experience, just saved the link.
  14. This sort of information would be a great thing to add to Open Canal Map! Not sure if it can but maybe the owner is open to the idea of letting us add to it?
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