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  1. Here in the States, at least my part of it house sales are strong too. Doesn't sound as crazy as some of you are describing but I am sure that varies with location. I am no longer working in Real Estate but my connections said it staid fairly stong during the lock down but once we loosened up the rules it really stepped up. Which I was ready to sell mine but it's going to be a few months yet.
  2. Makes sense and while I was a mechanical designer (many years ago) I never dealt with hydraulics past specing out some cylinders. We always left the pumps and details to someone experienced in that area. Glad you chimed in on this.
  3. On thing pops in my head and I do not know the answer. But will the old engine turn enough RPM's to properly power the pump? I know these are different but my experience with hydraulic powered tractors you have to keep the speed up to have enough hydraulic power for many tasks. Just something you should probably look at. Maybe not be an issue at all.
  4. Now it makes sense! They are writing more for boats in marinas where you have a line hooked up under pressure to your boat! I have been total puzzled by how you could have any back-flow filling a tank because there is no back pressure. When you start talking about a pressured system from a hose it suddenly makes more sense.
  5. OK, I can see what they are thinking on some of these. BUT, is there a contamination problem with contamination now? I don't know but seems like they are solving a problem that doesn't exist or is there something I don't know? Sure don't claim to know everything.
  6. That is a strange. My first thoughts would be there is a problem in/with the breaker panel. The odds of all your DC powered items shorting at one time is about 0. So I would start with the panel.
  7. Everyone seems to have overlooked this but I think that is brilliant!! Requiring the marina to do all that work for free might be a bit much, but they would think twice before allowing someone in.
  8. Curious how easy/hard is it to find places to dispose of oil on the cut for Constant Cruisers? I have read that (some) fuel boats will take it. If you are actually cruising just curious how you find disposal/recycling places?
  9. Nothing like internet trouble shooting but 'to me' it doesn't sound like an ignition issue. Fuel filter is a good call. Does it start back up after it stops or not? Did you check to see if has spark when it stops? Typically the carburetor is the main source of problems. Ignition usually just fails and never works. It can fail when hot but sort of unusual. That is why I was asking if you had spark with it stopped. Someone gave me a older Husqvarna recently. First check was did in have compression. Then spark and then I tried to crank it. Wouldn't run so I just ordered a new carb and it runs like new. Carb is just so ofen the issue it not worth trying to clean them. We used these, leave them with gas in the carb which eventually dries up. This leaves a varnish on the all the insides of the carb and doing this over and over it builds up and with such small openings that is usually what fails.
  10. Speaking of fire blankets one of things I notice is where they are located. I have seen several browsing the adverts that if you had a fire, assuming it was at the stove, you would have been hard pressed to reached it without a serious risk of being burned.
  11. While I sort of like the idea, there wouldn't be anything outside of it I suspect. I have found that after about 10 or so replies nearly all go off the rails so I just stop reading it.
  12. No! I totally agree. I watch the boats and since we are about the sell our house and build a new one, we will need a camper/caravan to live in while we build and it is the same there. But it tells me a a lot about how they live and that they very likely did not do any maintenance to keep it up. I worked in Real Estate for many years and the things I saw just dumbfounded me. I was always thinking you knew I was coming and you couldn't even clean up dirty clothes off the floor??
  13. You should have just moved and not said anything, you have gotten less judgement heaped on you.
  14. Funny to read all the stereotyping in this thread. I agree that most places a Narrow Boat makes no sense. I live on the Tennessee River and one would be down right dangerous on a windy stormy day. But the US dwarfs the UK in size and diversity and to say they wouldn't work in the US is a painting with a broad brush. There are lots of places where they would fit and work well.
  15. Yup! In the States and we are just now starting to see things like this happening here. My Dentist cancelled my visit, has to close except for urgent needs. I understand but people are going to go full on panic as they keep tightening things up.
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