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  1. I always use the View New Content link at the top of the page. This morning it shows nothing. That is that there is now new content and of course there is. I tried two computer and different browsers. Same result. Tried a few hours latter and same thing when there is clearly new content.
  2. Assuming UK and US are using the same or similar Bands I have been battling a similar problem at my home. We are well within range and I have tried a couple of aerials. Work great for a couple of months and then we have reception issues. Nothing changes and no problem can be found. Swap out for a better aerial and same thing. Works great for a while and then receptions degrades, we loose some channels and then we star seeing random breaks in the signal for no apparent reason. Then it improves and is fine for a while. I have done a lot of reading and one thing I have found is that digital signals are more sensitive to obstructions and changes in weather than the old analog signals. Apparently my problem is not rare but not common either. Only advice I have found is a better aerial and since we are moving (House) not to long I just live with it.
  3. One of my favorites PISSUPONU-II
  4. That makes sense. But I am asking here to try to understand. The epoxy is not going have a any grip on the hull, just the blacking. So when you scrap the side your still going to scrap the epoxy and blacking off. So now you still have a small area of blacking exposed to fuel spills of what ever. I can't image fuel spill happen that often either. Just seems to me unless you apply the epoxy to the hull so you have good adhesion that you are really gaining a lot for the money it costs? Again, just trying to wrap my head around why you would do this.
  5. The epoxy is only going to be as good as what is under it. So I see no advantage, you still have blacking on the hull and it will still come off just as easy when you hit something. So you are going to have explain to me the advantage?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Question me this. If you don't have mains, how are you going to charge a cordless tool? They don't change by 12 volts. You really need two sanders. A orbital disc that spins in a circle to remove the rust and really rough stuff.. Much faster and much more aggressive. Will leave scratches in the metal that need to be dealt with. Or something else aggressive or you will working on those rough spots for a long time. A ROS Random Orbital Sander is more of a finish tool, as the name implies it spins in am random orbital pattern. It will do a good job with the right grit at smoothing up the rough spots and and it will remove old paint but it not aggressive and can be slow at some tasks. It will be the go to tool for most the job, prepping for paint. I know you want to keep it cheap but you are taking a really big job. You can do with it nothing but sandpaper but I sure wouldn't want to take it without the proper tools.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Makes sense and while I was a mechanical designer (many years ago) I never dealt with hydraulics past specing out some cylinders. We always left the pumps and details to someone experienced in that area. Glad you chimed in on this.
  10. On thing pops in my head and I do not know the answer. But will the old engine turn enough RPM's to properly power the pump? I know these are different but my experience with hydraulic powered tractors you have to keep the speed up to have enough hydraulic power for many tasks. Just something you should probably look at. Maybe not be an issue at all.
  11. Now it makes sense! They are writing more for boats in marinas where you have a line hooked up under pressure to your boat! I have been total puzzled by how you could have any back-flow filling a tank because there is no back pressure. When you start talking about a pressured system from a hose it suddenly makes more sense.
  12. OK, I can see what they are thinking on some of these. BUT, is there a contamination problem with contamination now? I don't know but seems like they are solving a problem that doesn't exist or is there something I don't know? Sure don't claim to know everything.
  13. That is a strange. My first thoughts would be there is a problem in/with the breaker panel. The odds of all your DC powered items shorting at one time is about 0. So I would start with the panel.
  14. Everyone seems to have overlooked this but I think that is brilliant!! Requiring the marina to do all that work for free might be a bit much, but they would think twice before allowing someone in.
  15. Curious how easy/hard is it to find places to dispose of oil on the cut for Constant Cruisers? I have read that (some) fuel boats will take it. If you are actually cruising just curious how you find disposal/recycling places?
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