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    This is not only barbaric, but disgusting. I have no interest in hunting, but I know several people who hunt, and they are decent, normal human beings, not elitist snobs. Hunting may be an anachronism, but to wish what you have on those who are simply behaving according to a tradition in which they have been raised, however out of step with modern thinking, reveals an almost psychopathic wish.
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    This was very much on my mind when I posted, and exposes the lie that the hunts of today are chasing a dragged scent trail. If foxes are a genuine pest then the gun is the only method of control that approaches humane despatch. Suggesting bull fighting is worse is disingenuous, there are many documented acts of cruelty carried out by those intimately connected to the hunts, and is akin to saying being done over the head with a lead pipe is preferable to being stabbed. The term snowflake is a fairly vacuous response to many points of view that are hard to defend, and as such is meaningless. What is your take on hare coursing, cock fighting, etc? These were once regarded as traditions. I struggle to place angling in the same category as the wanton cruelty that is fox hunting, and have personal experience of many occasions of pollution and illegal netting being reported by anglers. Many of today's rivers would be devoid of life without the campaigning of various angling organisations, with the Thames having recovered from near extinction on the lower reaches by the mid eighties-which sadly has been undermined by regular discharges of raw effluent from the Hampton court area.
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    All this talk of tortoises reminds me of a nice tune by the Corries (another one for Tumshie) @Tumshie
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    Actually it was a couple of weeks ago......I could find you the hunt report if you wish....and no I don't eat meat...as I said in the reply to your post... edited to add it was 14.10 on Saturday 8th Dec......I see you don't deny the hunt was clearly breaking the law and not following a trail
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    The hunt is not breaking any laws. If you are taking direct action against the hunt you are the one breaking the law and deserve anything that gets 'thrown at you'.
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    It seems the antis are the 'fast dying breed' there was the odd-one last year but at this years meet 'narry a one'. They know when they are unwanted & outnumbered - it was estimated by the Police (who were there to keep the peace & the 'antis' under control) that there were over 5000 'supporters' Some of the tactics applied by the antis in previous years makes you wonder if they actually 'care anything' for the horses or the hounds.
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    Sam of course is right and there are two sides to the Loo problem. I would never have a dump through though and ripping this one out to replace it with an HDPE tank would be difficult.....so replacing with a cassette is the obvious place to be. However, then you are carrying buckets of sh*t around every 3 days and constantly looking for places to empty them. I much prefer taking my boat to a little man, for him to pump it out, each month.
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    I’m guessing that your xxxxx lives under a bridge, allegedly?
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    Isn't something beginning with "t" implied in Grieg's Peer Gyntt Suite?
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