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Where have all the boats gone?

27 June 2014 - 03:18 PM

This is the bottom of Foxton locks on a Friday afternoon at the end of June - mid summer. 2014-06-27%2014.34.41.jpg?dl=1



We were there for about 3 hrs having lunch with some work colleagues and only saw 1 boat moving. Not a single boat on any of the visitor moorings except ours.

https://www.dropbox....27 14.34.41.jpg

https://www.dropbox....27 14.32.02.jpg

https://www.dropbox....27 14.30.40.jpg

Oil pressure gauge

01 April 2014 - 05:58 PM

Thinking of fitting an oil pressure gauge for my Lister ha3 to the pigeon box so I can keep an eye on the engine when cruising.

What would people recommend, electrical or mechanical and what range should I be looking for? I guess the ha3 oil pressure is not that high. Also any tips on installing it and any recommendations for gauges (preferably traditional looking) would be welcome.



Lister HA3 major oil leak

10 March 2014 - 12:51 AM

My Lister HA3 is leaking large quantities of oil and spraying it all over the engine room from the cooling air. As it appears to be leaking everywhere including the top accsess panel on the flywheel casing and from around the exhaust/inlet manifolds and side ducting I assume it is the flywheel oil seal that is leaking.

About 18 months ago I replaced most of the top end gaskets and seals including the felt seal in the main bearing housing in an effort to cure the leaking.

Unfortunately this only had a very limited effect and the leak is now worse than ever - it's using about 1 litre of oil per 10 hours engine running (and spraying that quantity over the engine room!) so I need to get this sorted.

Is it possible to fit a modern type oil seal to the flywheel end? Or are there any other suggestions I could try? Really need this done before the BCN challenge in May as doubtful I could take the boat as it is.



Rooftop gardening

12 April 2012 - 06:26 PM

Hi there,
I am looking for ideas on veg (type and variety) and flowers suitable for growing in pots on the canal boat roof top.
Hope to still be cruising so will need to be short enough to get under most bridges without having to remove them.
Advice on how big a pots I would need for this would also be welcomed.
P.s new to growing veg.
Thank you :rolleyes:
Bex & Tom

Help on solving our Mystery Boat

28 February 2011 - 03:31 PM

Hi there,
As you may be aware we are currently re-fitting narrow-boat diesel and dust but the more we work on her the more of a mystery she becomes, and so we thought we would seek your help and pick your brains.

To start with we'd like to do a bit of a Cilla Black "surprise, surprise" for our boat. We are wanting to get in touch with the following people to find out more about her past, how she was make, how she looked when she was owned by some of her loving ex owners etc....
The following people are:
Mr. Roy Willoughby Who apparently made her.
Mr. Roy Anthony Vennard (HGV Driver)of Rugby who was one of her loving ex owners.
Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Lightwood (mental Health Nurse)Who was also a loving Ex. owner

Next we come to the boatman's cabin. The previous owner (not mentioned above), removed the traditional boatman's cabin and replaced it with a somewhat rare and unusual fit out. We are wanting to restore it back to the traditional format it was before but have found that she does not conform to what we would have expected.
The boatman's cabin is 9ft8 long X 5ft high.There is a "unknown" item between the space that the table cupboard would be and the "Bed hole" cupboard. We think it would have been may be a cupboard, full height and is 8-10" wide but really don't know. Any ideas or suggestions?