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Trojan/Powerline T105 Battery problems

18 January 2017 - 11:55 AM

We seem to be having some problems with our Powerline t105 batteries. They were new in October and we were told by Tayna that the Powerline batteries were just re-badged Trojans and other than price they were the same basic battery.

Our setup is 4 T105s wired in pairs for 12v 450ah total. We live off grid and charge most days using generator and charger to at least 80-90%, and charge to 100% (tail current 4.5-6.5A) at least once a week (usually more). Monitoring consists of smart gauge, volt meter and shunt based ammeter. Battery charger is caravan & leisure 40a that charges at 14.6-14.9v depending on temperature with ability to equalise at 15.8-16v. We also have 1kw solar but it's not doing much at the moment!

When first installed the batteries rarely dropped below 80% but now we struggle to keep them above 50% (lowest has been 40% this morning). All the classic signs of sulfation.

We tried to run an equalisation charge a couple of times but not sure if we are doing it right. We charge at 14.8v to a tail current of 4.5A (several hours) then switch to equalisation at 15.9v. Initially the current was 35a quickly dropping to 25a, then over the next hour dropped to 21a, before climbing again over the next hour to 36a when we switched it off.

This is what confused me surely the current should continue to drop not climb again? Will it damage the batteries continuing to charge at this voltage/current? Interestingly when switching off equalising, after a couple of minutes the battery charger stabilised at 14.8v 10.5a how can it be charging at a higher rate after 2 hours equalising than before? Does this mean the batteries are knackered already or do I just need to charge/equalise for longer? What's the best charge/equalise procedure?

We have a very basic, cheap hydrometer but find it very hard to read as the float seems to stick to the side (any recommendations for a better one welcome). My best guess was that one cell was reading about 1.225 and all the others were about 1.250 but wouldn't place too much emphasis on those readings. All cells have been topped up to correct level (just below filler neck) and were bubbling equally at end of charge.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Garrison Flight Closed ufn

03 June 2016 - 07:26 PM

Haven't seen this posted yet but looks like the Garrison flight is closed due to dangerous structure next to bottom lock. Anyone know what this is? At least they seem to be publishing it widely - found out by a noticed pinned to Delph to lock.

Hope the following link works but posting on my phone. Stoppage notice: https://canalrivertr...d-warwick-canalalthough they seem to call it Saltley flight.

With Aston also closed until 17th June it might affect a few people's plans. Quite a few hours further via Ryders Green and Perry Bar but it's one way to encourage traffic on underused parts of the BCN!

New warning signs at Knowle

12 February 2016 - 12:39 AM

I noticed yesterday these new warning signs have appeared on the bottom gate balance beams at Knowle locks. Are these signs unique to Knowle or are they going to appear on all locks from now on to compliment the faded and broken cill warning signs at the top?