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Garrison Flight Closed ufn

03 June 2016 - 07:26 PM

Haven't seen this posted yet but looks like the Garrison flight is closed due to dangerous structure next to bottom lock. Anyone know what this is? At least they seem to be publishing it widely - found out by a noticed pinned to Delph to lock.

Hope the following link works but posting on my phone. Stoppage notice: https://canalrivertr...d-warwick-canalalthough they seem to call it Saltley flight.

With Aston also closed until 17th June it might affect a few people's plans. Quite a few hours further via Ryders Green and Perry Bar but it's one way to encourage traffic on underused parts of the BCN!

New warning signs at Knowle

12 February 2016 - 12:39 AM

I noticed yesterday these new warning signs have appeared on the bottom gate balance beams at Knowle locks. Are these signs unique to Knowle or are they going to appear on all locks from now on to compliment the faded and broken cill warning signs at the top?


Unusual alternator fault

10 December 2015 - 03:25 AM

I purchased a new alternator in August from a reputable supplier on ebay (item no. 181430420788) which has developed an unusual intermittent fault. I have contacted the supplier who doesn't have any idea what might be causing it but happy to do a straight replacement foc so no issues with them. I am just interested in what the fault might be.

The alternator will sometimes make a very slight buzzing noise even with the ignition off, and there is 12v on the D+ terminal even with the wiring to this disconnected. This causes the warning light to not illuminate but the alternator is still charging. 

It does not do this all the time and will occasionally do this after some time sat idle. It was first noticed when the control panel warning buzzer sounded in the middle of the night due to the 12v on D+ terminal earthing through the warning lights and oil pressure sensor. 

The alternator is installed in a dry internal engine room and the wiring checked for faults. I do have a split charge relay connected to D+ but there is nothing connected to the W terminal. The alternator is wired to the engine battery with the relay connecting the 2 banks together. I know this is not ideal and intend to change it at some point, but just interested in the current fault for now.

Thanks for any insight to this fault and apologies for the long post!