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Anderton Boat lift closed


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Oh dear 

Its not bookable. At least theres not as many as usual able to get to it. 

The original planned closure in October was cancelled I believe and till now no closure was planned 







Following routine testing on the Anderton Boat Lift today, a defect has been notified meaning we cannot safely operate the Lift. We have a method of repair and will be back onsite tomorrow, Tuesday 26 July to carry out the works.


Then 29.07.22



We are extremely sorry to inform our customers that the Anderton Boat Lift will remain closed until further notice. We have attempted a temporary repair of the mechanism that failed a routine safety test on Monday; however we have concluded that we will need to keep the lift closed to undertake further detailed analysis and complete significant repairs to the gate mechanisms that allow water in and out of the caissons. 

Our North West Customer Support team are now contacting all those customers who have booked passages that are affected by the closure. We are working hard to understand how long the lift will remain closed, we will update on the repair programme as soon as we can. We are working through alternative passage options for our customers that may need to get onto or off the River Weaver Navigation. If you would like to speak with the team to discuss your booking or how this closure may affect your cruising plans, please call us on 0303 040 4040.

We are hugely disappointed about this turn of events and are very sorry for the disruption that this will cause our customers.  We’re committed to reopening the lift as soon as possible and thank you for your ongoing support.

A further update will be provided by Friday 12th August or sooner if we have anything to share with our customers


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5 hours ago, Tim Lewis said:


Consultations had already started on the timing of a stoppage possibly 18 months long for a major refurbishment.


One of the guys operating it a few weeks ago was very pleased to advise us that the planned stoppage/ refurb wasn’t now going to be needed as they could do what was required  to one caisson at a time. 

At least they are negotiating transit via the ship canal it seems but probably not for long. Did that many years ago when affordable and less requirements  , rather boringly straight (at least to a 10ish year old 🤣) but hopefully the horrible cost to go on is not applied so could be a good opportunity for some to go on the Manchester ship canal. 

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The main reason for operating the lift is the trip boat.  That in turn supports much of the rest of the Anderton activity.

With no trip boat Anderton has turned from an income centre to a cost centre.  IMO  CRT will be keen to get it going again.



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