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Since the latest upgrade, there is an images frame at the top of the main page.


Is there an option whereby I can hide these - they take up space, are a distraction and, currently, are all attributed to  DarrenAldridgeBoatFitters so could be construed as advertising, not something I would want to see and, I think, in breach of forums rules.


Thanks in advance, and congratulations on getting the last upgrade resolved so successfully - a great improvement.


Colin T.


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15 minutes ago, restlessnomad said:

Its annoying but only shows up on desktop and I think most people use mobile here. 

They don't show up on my desktop unless I click on the gallery button


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This is definitely something that only affects the desktop version of the site.


Using Chrome on my PC they are there (On the forum home page no where else)


Using Chrome on my Samsung Tablet they are not, however if I switch to 'use desktop version of this site' on my tablet they appear.


Yes that are bluddy annoying (as nice as the work is)

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I use an Ad Blocker (Adblock plus)  and on no page on CWDF does it indicate that it is blocking anything.  I would suggest that the ads are nothing to do with CWDF but an outside intrusion such as a PUP (potentially unwanted program).  Malwarebytes or similar gets rid of these.

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