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  1. There is growing evidence that a GI can be switch on by stray current within the supply circuit. The correct solution is either a Isolation or Polarization Transformer. Check out the Smartgauge web site.
  2. With that level of voltage a double poled isolator would be a better way to address the situation. If you do use a circuit breaker ensure it is rated for DC voltage up to about 200 volts.
  3. The ex examiner is not going around kicking stone I stand by the generall requirements. I have been isolation since March 20.
  4. I am referring to the panels and the regulator Not the regulator and the batteries which requires protection in the form of fuse or a circuit breaker
  5. To all who have question my statement that it is good practise to have the means to quickly isolate and electrical system. I Ref to page 21 of the BSS check list dated April 2015 general requirements box at the top of the page item 9. I have been a BSS examiner but not for a number years.
  6. With any mircogenerating system it is always good practise to have a means of isolating the DC output as is checked during a BSS inspection.
  7. I had three occasion last year when the the panels required disconnecting when the regulator was putting around 20-volts into a 12-volt battery system. This situation caused damage to both a Mastervolt and Victron equipment. Both unit required replacement. A significant number of installers do not use the correct type of solar plug meaning that a screwdriver is required to disconnect the panels. The cost of a switch is around £ 25.00
  8. Surely in a situation, if the panels needed to be disconnected quickly I would rather turn a switch than have to look for a screwdriver, then undo the two screws.
  9. 12.5 should be enough to start the heater I wonder if there is significant volt-drop on the cable suppling the heater?
  10. Most if not PV installation standards required a form of isolation so that any require maintenance can be undertaken safely. Some PV installation voltages within marine applications are in excess of 200-volts
  11. It is poor practice to have no protection or isolation between the panels and the regulator
  12. It is my understanding if your craft is registered as a houseboat then the wiring is to the IET 18 edition. Not ISO 13297 AC wiring which now incorporates 10133 for DC wiring.
  13. In all of the years I have worked within the Inland Waterways Sector I have never been asked to proved my electrical competence when taking out or renew my PL insurance.
  14. Any one can purchase a copy of the BMEEA C of P. Just contact the technical department of the British Marine Federation.
  15. There is a definition on the HSE website A competent person who is someone who has undertaken a qualification to shown his competency. One way will be to complete the BMET course and pass the exam. It is a two day course presented by a excellent person
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