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  1. Hello Greg, Can I suggest think about booking for next year. I know hirer companies are already take a good number of bookings for next year. So as not to be disappointed.
  2. From personal experience I have fitted two of these systems. The first was using a skin tank, the supplier wanted us to use a water intake but the owner insisted on a skin tank it did not work. The systems was totally reinstalled within the year. The second did not use a skin tank worked first time.
  3. Check what the input AC voltage is? If you are happy to do so, if not get someone who can. By switching on the kettle you will reduce the AC voltage. so that the battery charger see the correct input voltage.
  4. Another vote for Run by the Sun.
  5. £ 86.00 for an RCD that is alot of money.
  6. Simply contact BM Technical department and asking to purchase to copy BMEEA C of P. To me that does not look like the BMEEA website but the BM website.
  7. The BMEEA C of P is readily available to any one, one cost around £120.00 this is two complete ISO plus many guidance notes plus other additional information I do not consider this an expensive document.
  8. Very sadly most professional builder take very little notice if any, to date I have been involved with Four court actions. And not one of the builders won. with significate damaged being paid. I just wish the people who buy these craft would use trading standards than let these called professionals get away with it. Within the industry we are working to turn things around.
  9. Correct, you still have to use ISO 13297: 2021 as well. Also checking that the correct voltage fuses are being used. Have ferrules been used so simple so many installers do not use them.
  10. I have have completed Boat Conformity inspection on two new Craft using the new ISO 13297: 2021. One of which was electrically propelled. You still find T & E in craft built after 1998 both professional and DIY. I include this in the report it is up to the insurance as to what they take.
  11. Ask me that question when I have finished my current report over 75% of the cabling is T & E. which should be some time today. Sorry Alan it is no longer the RCD it is now RCR Recreational Craft Regulations. I would take a very common sense view. Using the current Boat Conformity Check list as found within the BMEEA C Of P which is soon to be reviewed.
  12. Difficult to tell. I have also completed electrical inspection of craft trying claim from there insurance companies. To see if the installations are up to standards.
  13. Insurance companies are changing there requirements some are now asking for independent electrical reports. I have already carried more than six this year. I am in the middle of one at the moment.
  14. If you go back a few post I have already mention this.
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