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  1. Good morning Which area of the canal system are you based? I have installed many BTM-1 over the years I would be happy to take a look.
  2. Battery voltage does not need resetting, this sounds like a wiring issue? The manual should be on the web site, I will try to find the link https://images.mastervolt.nl/files/ManualBTM020300EN.pdf
  3. I would use one of the many fire stopper products
  4. https://www.google.com/maps/search/car+parking+new+street+birmingham/@52.4768114,-1.9001079,17z Using the above map should help
  5. Yes they were aware of the rules but by waiting for an ambulance it was going to around two to three hours
  6. Sadly two competent officers have resign because of a formal warning, because they took a injured man to hospital. all of that experience and expertise has been lost.
  7. It was not because they did nor what for a ambulance but because they used a stretcher in a private vehicle
  8. The person who works from his narrow boat could have the same qualifications as using someone from a boat yard Over heads will be slightly less. A small example public liability insurance is over £ 1000.00 per year.
  9. Most boat yards and individual technician will be charging around £ 60.00 per hour. As an individual I feel this to be a fair price for my skill and knowledge.
  10. You could try Key Diesel from Burton-on-Trent
  11. Is the breaker you are using design for an AC circuit or a DC circuit?
  12. The IET recommend H07 RNF for marine applications. And before anyone starts I am fully aware that at the moment the IET has no jurisdictions.
  13. I was at an installation yesterday which has a BMV 700 & 712 installed, both will not be operational for some time yet, However, I look at both manuals and they give the impression that the 712 has an internal buzzer. I would now talk to the supplier?
  14. Having now read the manual. I will also check on Monday, I am working on an installation which is using a BMV 712 If the buzzer has been activated and all the setting is correct it may be an issue with the monitor itself. I would suggest talking to the supplier
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