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  1. The IET recommend H07 RNF for marine applications. And before anyone starts I am fully aware that at the moment the IET has no jurisdictions.
  2. I was at an installation yesterday which has a BMV 700 & 712 installed, both will not be operational for some time yet, However, I look at both manuals and they give the impression that the 712 has an internal buzzer. I would now talk to the supplier?
  3. Having now read the manual. I will also check on Monday, I am working on an installation which is using a BMV 712 If the buzzer has been activated and all the setting is correct it may be an issue with the monitor itself. I would suggest talking to the supplier
  4. Just taken this from an advert my feeling is it only comes with a contact an external buzzer is required Victron BMV712 Smart battery monitor kit complete with shunt & connection kit - c/w low battery alarm contact. 9-90vdc
  5. Do you not use an external buzzer and the relay as the switch?
  6. Do not forget to delete the old battery history before updating the new Ahr's
  7. If this is a new craft you should have wiring schematics in the owners manual. if not ask the boat builder for them.
  8. Have you fitted the temperature sensor to the battery post? And are the batteries crossed wired? Has the combi for the type of battery installed? Your description sort of indicates a possible battery issue.
  9. it's a long time since I was involved with propulsion engine servicing such as a 1.8 One of the jobs you have to be careful with is cleaning the heater plug holes, I made a tool for this job.
  10. Some Schneider breakers are suitable for DC voltages however they cost is 3 or 4 the cost of an AC breaker. You will not be able to pick them up from any electrical distributor they will require ordering. Some breakers can only be used with 24 volts DC.
  11. Check the sensing and supply wires to the external regulator.
  12. You will need to get the 3 voltages re-set So that the equalisation mode can be activated
  13. Having quickly scanned the document I cannot see if it for AC or DC circuits, both of which require total different types breakers
  14. Depending on the state of charge of the batteries from bulk until the inverter /charger going into float a minimum of 6 hours however it is normally longer. Could you not spend 24 hours in a marine with an AC supply? The main point of float is the charging voltage reduces to around 13.2 volts.
  15. Tipping current for a B curve is 3 / 5 time the current rating of the MCB A C curve MCB tip between 5 / 10 the rating of the MCB. A D curve MCB tip between 10 / 20 the rating of the MCB. I have often found Boat Builders using D type MCB's, the cable will melt long before the MCB operates
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