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  1. Ian D you do like putting people down who have a better knowledge than you Good Bye.
  2. I have just looked at my post and it did say 1.0 / 1.5 kwatts. What alot of people are missing is the torque of an electric motor which you cannot compared with a diesel engine. The reason I do not often post on this forum is the people who shout put of people off who have the knowledge. Why cannot my figures be accepted over 5 years of development. With a very full order book
  3. It is standard NB built by one of the many fabricators within the UK. As to weight most have been around 15+ tons. It is down to design and care of installation, Using correct cable and CSA of cables. and other design features. I one builder at Crick was stating only around 3 / 4 hours of cursing before recharging and that was Lithums.
  4. I will try answer questions 1.0 kwatts is a third please read and reproduce all of sentence not just the bit which helps you out. The figures were obtained over a number of years and now nearly 2000 miles cruised. I did attend Crick and did not hear the figures you are quoting more than one supply was using similar figures to which have been produced over a number of years and many craft built
  5. I have to dis-agree with your figures typical with the narrow boats which I have been involved with no more than / 1.5 Kwatts roughly a third of your figures. With the GPS on board display around 3.5 miles per hour Cursing the tidal Thames around 2.5 Kwatts against the tide part of the way.
  6. Yes this is a narrow boat. A lot depends on the efficient of the motor. I am using 8 pole motors with 3-phase electricity
  7. Do not forget that there many marinas around the system, you can stop and recharge over night. Another good reason for joining the EBA. And a well design system should not need any recharger between Mid-March and late October to date I have five systems function with out the use of plugging over night.
  8. Why not join the Electric Boat Association. A wealth of knowledge. You are perfectly correct. As most builders are using Victron and they do let have access to there soft ware. I do not see how you can start.
  9. Do not forget that the new installation must conform to ISO 16315.
  10. And what do you do when the battery charger does not work because the use of an incorrect generator. I have experience this situation many times.
  11. First find your competent Marine electrician. As someone who design electrical drive systems many items will not talk to each other, that in my opinion is why always buy your system from one supplier it may cost a little more but it will work straight of the box.
  12. There is no reason why you cannot have what electrical items you may need if the system is correctly design. Get in the 21st century when comes to electrical design. I do hope you will be using 24-volts not the out dated 12-volts. or may be 48-volts?
  13. I would relocate the header tank away for the AC electrics.
  14. With this type of generator the capacitors should be consider as a service item and change regularly.
  15. If the installation is installed to current regulations. Each systems which can generate AC power should have a doubled poled breaker before supplying the distribution board. I would suggest that this breaker for what every reason has been operated.
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