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Ray T

Britain's canals are blooming lovely

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CRT Press Release.

13 May 2019  




Take a stroll along a towpath on a summer’s day and your head and heart will be soothed by the tranquillity of the environment, and the profusion of flowers that blossom along these watery corridors. 


This Summer, in a celebration of blooms by the water, waterway and wellbeing charity the Canal & River Trust is encouraging people to come and relax amongst the blooming boats, hedgerows, and gardens along their local canal or river, get involved in some community gardening, or simply spread the love by sharing photos of blooms by the water.


Canal and garden lovers also have the chance to get inspired at two of the biggest gardening events of the year, as both Chelsea Flower Show (21-25 May) and Gardeners’ World Live (13-16 June) have canal-themed gardens.


Matthew Symonds, relationship, policy and strategy manager at Canal & River Trust, said: “Walk along any towpath and you’ll come across a boat or a garden that lifts your spirits with its beautiful blooms.  We want more people to feel the benefits of being by the water, and summer is the perfect time to see the waterways bursting with colour and life. 


“Plants don’t just look pretty – flowers provide food for bees and butterflies, fruit trees feed animals and people alike, while tended spaces fend off weeds.  Gardening can also make a tremendous difference to forgotten spaces, transforming unloved areas into somewhere special to come and sit for a while.  There are some fantastic community gardens strung out along the canals, breathing life into city centres, and providing a place where local people can make a real difference to both the waterways and their own wellbeing.


“This summer we’d love people to come along and discover the secret – and not-so secret – gardens of the towpaths, admire the floating floral displays found on so many boats, and let other people know about the blooming brilliant towpaths by joining in and sharing photos celebrating blooms by the water.”


People can share their photos at canalrivertrust.org.uk/bloomsbythewater, the Canal & River Trust Facebook page, or by using #bloomsbywater on Twitter.


Read more about all the ways the waterways are blooming this summer here:  canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/canal-and-river-wildlife/waterways-in-bloom


For more information on the work of the Canal  & River Trust including how you can donate money or volunteer your time to support the work we do visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk





For further media requests please contact:

Fran Read, Canal & River Trust

m 07796 610 427 e [email protected]



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Walking canal towpaths, be they in use or disused waterways, provides contact with many ecological aspects. Details of flora and fauna has been topics for inclusion in the earliest canal guides. Yet how many look at the history of why certain plants are there is another matter. When the canals were first made it was common to set the "quick" as a fast growing hedge that provided a living fence between the canal and the fields. There are places along the waterway where elements of the QUICK survive, indication that such plants are long lived species 

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