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  1. as far as I know it was! he reservoirs were in the pound below the top two locks and water was pumped up to the summit around locks 27 & 28
  2. on your canal it might be but on mine its a series of electric pumps!
  3. whilst my reply is from me it concerns my mum who like me has done no end of single handed boating with our old boat 70' length she took it from the Erewash to London, back up the GU and then through the BCN, shroppy T&M and onwards to Liverpool before heading back down to London again. the only problem we have encountered is the lift bridges on the southern oxford which can be a challenge! unlike Carl We always used a centreline that reached back to the cabin slide and even if it fell in it wouldn't foul the prop as for wind only had 1 bad day in 30 years, on the Wyrley & Essington on a very windy day took all our combined strength to get off the bank but we still managed it with the help of a bridgehole!
  4. offers of assistance? form an orderly queue!! lol
  5. I have no idea either on this but I see a lot of Turkish lorries on our road so they must do and as for Delta's comment about the A-7 not a road I'm familiar with, but the A84 I use a bit and the predominant lorries are Norbert's seldom do I see a British plate lorry similarly the ferry always seems to have a lot more foreign than British lorries aboard
  6. and think about the size of Turkey!! not saying it will Martin but It will get worse staying in! what has Egypt got to offer?
  7. can't help but agree with Southern Star it is the problem caused by the EU expansion that threaten the very existence of the UK economy no matter what the EU supporters say or think the rot is already setting in big time but those fortunate enough to have money or a retirement can't or won't see how the EU is killing the very life blood of the Uk workforce
  8. sorry but we do, Derby produce Trains not Trams but we could just as easily produce them if need be, nothing to stop us but cheaper imports from the rest of the world and under investment in British Industry. exactly what I was saying Higgs and with the reopening of Eastleigh well under way we could soon see more UK built stock appearing
  9. No I was purely responding to the comment you made nothing to do with picture!
  10. so we stay in the EU because we are held to ransom by a few foreign businesses!
  11. arr the personal attack approach - good for you, maybe you read what you want to read about UKIP's anti immigration policy it is but a part of their ideals. maybe you should look into the facts that have caused this, like the shortfall in housing, school places, hospital places etc, the rising cost of buying your home because of the shortfall. the high unemployment / low wages cheap foreign labour has added to so we should continue down the path we are currently on should we with it getting worse by the week? an uncontrolled unregulated economy that we have no control over is the right way is it? sorry but I don't believe it is and nor do 1,000's in this country I don't know the answers any more than anyone else but we can't continue the way we are? percentage wise what is the immigration rate in the other EU countries as against the UK? this is only part of the problems we face but it is a part we can deal with by taking control of who comes here NO ONE is shutting the door just trying to control who comes through it!! exactly Martin something we both agree on, so they would also have to think of the consequences of leaving again!
  12. and another thing Hitachi are relatively new in the rail business in the UK compared to the likes of Bombardier and Siemens (yes I know they do other things!) remember we were once the envy of the world and exported Gorton Built Beyer Peacock "Garretts" to the world. we still have the expertise to build in Britain although on a much smaller scale.
  13. you don't know that I haven't! just because its in the newspaper doesn't mean jack as the recent assault on UKIP has proven. even if it was said, whose to say that when it came down to it they would act accordingly. Ford made hollow promises to their workers here then moved the entire operation to plants in Belgium and Turkey despite Turkey not even being part of the EU. don't delude yourself that the EU has anything to do with a companies stay or go policy its where they think it will cost less, make them more money and where they will get no aggro from the workforce.
  14. Why haven't "they" had long enough to think up some feeble excuse ?
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