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  1. I get that but its in a bag any way. Never did like burning plastic on the stove. But a lot of people do. as can be bourne out in the piles of ash in the hedgerows.
  2. SO what would think about doggie doo in a plastic/poly bag. Coz it gets picked up in a plastic bag that everyone says is bad for the environment! Never liked burning plastic on the stove.
  3. What about the neighbours or people walking past the boat. They might be thinking I love the smell of burning word then snort in you Poop smoke.
  4. Right Sam OK I gotcha! So we have never met?
  5. Funny you should say that, I was thinking of doing that with my doggies doo doos!
  6. Blame them arabs they didn't like me I was too fast for them. 😂
  7. At least I am not afraid to show my face, Sam!
  8. The Far East wouldn't stop you Sam. I did my first three years on this forum from Riyadh!
  9. Oh dear another one jumping on the band wagon. Don't you ever get tired of your bullshit? You sound really tough behind ya keyboard! Take a look at my profile? You see me (photo) and my boat name. Its clear for all to see! I'm not scared! I've been threatened by bigger turds! Where as you and Tracy Who are you! Nobodies I should think! But bring it on you can add assault of an OAP a 70year old to your resume! That'll make you feel big! I thank you for your advice but I have never wanted to stay in a marina. And as for 'moving',
  10. You are not a Tracy either, are you Sam?
  11. There is a story attached to this pic. The lady that took the pic phoned the company and complained. The company called her back and said they had spoken to the crew onboard and they said they hadn't realized they were going so fast. If you zoom in there are two people looking back and one might even have a camera in his hand!
  12. Simple I've met him. He is one of the worlds odious people.
  13. A center line Keith is a handling line That ends at Noon
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