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  1. How is stating a fact, "blatant virtue signalling"?
  2. No mine are actually Biodegradable! The bags you are talking about were made from materials which have been in the environment for millions of years. When the sun absorbs the earth such materials will just melt into one big blob! We cant possibly know that they dont, but it is only an educated guess that they do!
  3. Interesting but my doggie doo bags do biodegrade as I am sure thousands, if not millions, of others, do as well. So if they got that wrong maybe they have other stuff wrong too!
  4. We shouldnt have 'bucket & chuckit' zealots in this day and age.
  5. You never know where 'species' are going to turn up. Roundham Lock on the Lower Oxford had a colony of Fiercests a few years ago.
  6. Well, there are reasons which you may not have thought about. First, l do not want you pouring a couple of gallons of p*ss on my woodland however far it is from a watercourse (and be honest you are not going to walk full containers a mile or two). Second, most of the canal towpath has a hedgerow and there are plenty of m*r*ns who will think "well that's a hedgerow that'll do"! Then 34,000 boats dumping their urine, sometimes in close proximity, along/in the canal will set us back100 years in sanitary disposal. Finally, there is no fact-based reason not to use the socialist disposal system, one group of people being paid by all to dispose of the sewage properly.
  7. But take away your allotment and then what will you do with it?
  8. I have been up and down the canal a long time and never recall seeing a pond there. You may of course be right, it could have been a dew pond, but it was an argument between the farmer and CRT about EOF mooring payment that caused the boat to end up in the field. That edge of the field once used to have a number of boats along it indeed the "Moorings Available" sign is still in the tree at the end of the field.
  9. It could be if the burning was used to heat some houses. They used to burn waste in Newark years ago to do just that.
  10. No not true! A farmer who had an issue with CRT about End of Field moorings decided to piss off CRT by putting hay bales and farm machinery in the locks at Napton. Following a prison sentence, he dug a pit near the canal then broke through the canal bank moored a boat there and bodged the bank back together. The man is a froot loop. A veritable Richard Head. He should go to prison again but CRT can't be arsed.
  11. FFS they are fender hooks. Paint black, white, or varnish or the same colour as the boat and be done.
  12. Roses and Castles so last century! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  13. Sometimes the bin is full because people put their boat rubbish in it! I have been moored opposite a Poo bin for the last 5 months and often see people putting cans etc in the bin.
  14. So where do boats fit into this:- "There are three different situations in which composting toilets are used: • Permanently sited composting toilets at private dwellings, campsites, holiday parks, National Trust properties and recreation/conservation areas. • Portable composting toilets hired out for use at festivals and show grounds etc as an alternative to sealed chemical toilets. • Temporary latrines which are dug into the ground and moved when the pit is full.
  15. No! Ally or wood 'gives'. 6mm steel is not only heavy but has no intention of forgiving!
  16. I wouldn't want to lift mine off! Who are you insured with I forgot what you told me.
  17. Maffi


    I went to the papers in Coventry several years ago about this very subject. I consequently took my evidence to the council and got two perps prosecuted!
  18. Maffi


    Oh FFS use some leeway here! Go to the council with the evidence gained and report them!!!!!
  19. I have knocked up this drawing Midnight. I think it is easy to see. I used 3x1 and a pair of 6 inch wheels with a long coach bolt for an axle. The total length of mine is 1.2 meters. Conceivably you could use 2x1 and 3 inch wheels its up to you. You can buy the wheels at B&Q.
  20. Maffi


    A lot of truck tyres have a locator/owner tag inside. I know its a lot of time on your part but if you took one tyre to a reading station it could identify who the tyre belonged too. From there you could contact them and find out who replaced the tyre for them. And then deliver the tyres back to them. Do you use house coal or smokeless?
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