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  1. I like it so will use as and when we are allowed out without adult supervision!
  2. I think what may happen is: 1. No app stay indoors for next 6 months 2. Bars, pubs etc lockies lol no app no passing go so go away 3.trains and tube no app no travel Apple and google are even working together to try and make sure the apps all talk to each other across both platforms and it would be down loaded by system update. intresting times just glad i am no longer working as I did aircraft engineering for 50 years all those aircraft parked up need each wheel turing 1/4 turn once a week that is a s**t load of wheels to jack up! Emirates A380 fleet 4 main + nose, jack 9 times per a/c and and a fleet of 120 thats 1080 jack ups every week and thats only the A380 fleet lol.
  3. Not a good idea back in 1976 local authuritiy hired a light aircraft from Biggin hill my place of work at the time flew over New addingington and a few other places took pics of the green gardens then went round and stuck them with a fine, simple rearly! Why would a fuel boat ony tie up with only one line not to safe if that one line snaps or comes off!
  4. so i move for water toilet empty etc but I just dont rtn to previus mooring spot then!
  5. I'm happy if they think I have it then they will stay well away from me which what I want in the first place!
  6. I bet they would not have charged 10 cu yards for in fact what was 10 cu meters. Just one of the ways for companies to have you over when things change over, always round UP. I can work in both but as a Licenced aircarft engineer all my working life civil aircraft always have been and always will be imperial. I was working in france and went to the tool store for a 1/8th drill No was the replay we have no 1/8th drills, ok ok let me have a 3.2mm drill yes that we have and gives me a drill marked 1/8th lol.
  7. Being old school and I dont do meters. As to the law of the land which still does feet and inch's 2 meters works out to about 6'6'' now that I understand lol.
  8. I went to Foxton locks from Debdale marina in the boat to get bread and milk as NO online slots available for ever no pretend coppers seen in the canal blocking my way asking what when and why I was moving. lol. Fridge near empty freezer near full but still need odd items now and again so back and forwards it will be maybe as far as Market harbrough if major shop up required. Been penned up because Foxton locks closed for 2 months just as they open this happens, all part of lifes rich pattern of cock ups lol.
  9. I remember the truck coming round doing door to door with this 3d deposit on the bottle.
  10. I live in Goa India having retired there with my half Irish half German born in Assam India wife who has a British passport, yes I know its complicated so to the point. Driving round Goa in the season Nov to march is hell on earth with holiday makers riding round on scooters/Enfields with a death wish but never mind there are plenty more where they come from is what I think. But you mind the cops as they do and have thrown people in clink on trumped up charges demanding a lot more then £6, try £1000+ so beware. I crossed a state line with 4 tins of beer in the car not knowing the state was a dry state cost be 50,000 rupees about £500 at the time seeing a white face in a Goa plated car his eyes rolled round like a one armed bandit he was.
  11. Should I carry on cruising? Our priority is to strictly follow Government advice to support the national effort to keep people safe and help fight the pandemic. Following the announcement from the Prime Minister (8.30pm, 23 March 2020) regarding the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis, we are asking leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel. As a result, and to help those who live-aboard (along with those who would need to travel to their boat in order to move it) we are suspending the requirement to move every 14 days. We are asking boaters to stop all non-essential travel on our waterways, with exception of accessing local facilities. The suspension will be kept under review in line with revised government guidance, applying initially until 14 April 2020. During this period you do not need to contact us to tell us you will be staying one location for more than 14 days. We ask everyone to be considerate and make sure vital boater facilities and services accessible to those that need them. There may, in a few cases, be the need to pass through manned structures. Information about this will be posted on regional webpages so please check if this applies to you. Above posted by CRT at 18:00 GMT today
  12. Lockies at Foxton this morning think a shut down is coming big meeting at HQ going on as we were speaking. So having got milk and bread at the shop went back to Debdale marina. Couldnt get online shopping so had to take boat to shop. lol stay safe and it will be over sometime, when is the milion $ question..
  13. How about when on a marina NO licence required, however you want to go out on the cut you require a licence of 20% of yearly amount per week/month. Or maybe a barrier across the entrance that requires a smart card to open barrier on CRT side of entrance no licence no access, "Simples"
  14. As a retired aircraft engineer of 50 years "Deep cleaning" on a aircraft is shed load of cleaners cleaning all the things not done on a 90 min turn round. This normaly done on hanger maintenance but could be called up on overnight stop over. so for the boat cleaning more areas not done on a normal weekend swap, inside cuboards walls roof etc How much could be done in the time available, not sure, effective not sure as this virus could be any place in or on the boat. Hard to say but maybe best to not hire out until this virus is done and dusted. However boat good place to keep away from crowds I havent spoken to anyone for days1
  15. So please take your tin tub and park it on a hard standing as you have NO right to keep on the canal as you are not paying for it and no doubt have no insurance as well so when your boat goes up in smoke and takes other boats with it are you going to pay us out, no thought not and you are the one who shouts SLOW down all the time too when I go past at 2mph when you shouldn't even be on the water. I bet also the roof of your boat looks like Steptoe's yard full of wood, coal and junk. rant over
  16. I feel like I am in isolation already I can go days and not speak to anyone. lol. i was ment to flying back to India tomorrow as i have a OCI card which means I travel there visa free as wife was born in india, but mid day Friday bang OCI also banned until 15/04/20 so stuck here over my birthday which is on the 13th. At the moment stuck in Debdale marina cant go north landslide just outside marina and Foxton locks closed for another week so it will have to go to Market harbrough again just to get out and about for a trip. keep safe all Ken
  17. This is me in my Mahindra XUV500 AWD at over 18,000 ft above sea level, night stopped at 16,000 ft ASL she started 1st turn after a night of -2deg C. After putting on scales 2560 kgs max allowed 2600 so at max weight the engine 2.2 lt turbo common rail diesel. Whish I could get one in UK cost £17000 on the road new in Goa. life a bit slower now on a 57ft, however back home to Goa on Monday for a few months so Indian driving head to be installed. lol.
  18. The main place that the dye remains is in the fuek filter so after a few top up's and by using red down to almost empty a few times then change your filter should be good to go. After running down till near empty filter should be changed anyway as empty is when it picks all the crap in the bottom. Older engines like ours that have a machincal pump can be tuned to run on veg oil, so just down to tesco's. I knew a guy a few years back did that with is car old chip shop oil (filtered) and or cooking oil from tesco's. lol
  19. Boat now in Debworth marina in the yard at the rear. only way to salvage is to completly strip it out and sand blast back to plain steel as the burnt smell is to much. I saw it on the canal the day after as i came past on my rtn to Debworth from Market Harbrough. very sad to see i hope it all works out for the owner insurance companies will be working hard to find an out to stop paying out on it I bet.
  20. So what do you think your replacement battery & solar panel cost will be when due to none perfromance? Also I would hate to have to depend on sun power alone to move, it might be winter now but I can still move about rain or shine. The only thing I can see coming other then tax on fuel for diesel power would be partical seperators/cat convertors being mandated. Maybe electric for new builds at some point in the future if Greta gets her way lol.
  21. There seem to be people who say "I'm electric its fantastic" it cost me a penny a mile, solar its free etc etc, however just wait until in a few years your batteries are toast and need replacement all that free energy will not be free after all. That to you think the tax man has not got this on his radar just waiting to get to a certain point of no return and then bang taxed up to the hilt. Also I bet electric boats dont have that little gen set (5kva I bet to) tucked away that get used every other day to "so much for clean boating. Or do they sit in a marina 24x7 like I see so many boats. I have had mine since April last year and up to date done 600+ hrs of cruising that to mid Oct out of UK for 2 months then stuck because of floods and Foxton flight being closed. I bet my carbon foot print is lower then a house owner running a car heating etc so boat on Diesel is not so bad after all. IMOH
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