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  1. Everyone makes mistakes. I still enjoyed his TV shows, he made plants interesting.
  2. How about this: Llangollen > Corwen > Bala > Dolgellau > Porthmadog. Doable? Kind of moot though isnt it...
  3. Valley floors and locks. You did say money and land ownership were not to be a hinderance. Minimal impact to the national park would be required..
  4. I would wait until yours are complete and add a narrow one from Llangollen to Porthmadog.
  5. Well this is getting curiouser and curiouser. I hope we find out the eventual outcome. Isn't the Mid Summer Meadow mooring just a short distance away?
  6. The aim was to try to help someone out. Not the best idea I guess.
  7. Well, the persons name who posted it on FB is Emma Smith. In the original post, where I copied the details from FB, there is a Police ref: 19000511980. No details of the boat though other than the photos provided.
  8. I am copying this verbatim from a facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NarrowboatOwnersGroup/ Please excuse me if its already been posted, but I haven't seen it after a search here.
  9. Good on you! I hope to be doing the same in the not too distant future.
  10. He has adopted a pseudonym and answers (sometimes) to Djinn nowadays. Scares most people until he opens his mouth and a rather pathetic miaow comes out.....
  11. Got a guard cat at the moment. Ugly enough to scare off even the most hardened thief:
  12. Good point Nick, will take that one with me.
  13. A nice narrowboat. I want to be able to go where I please. I also expect to be single handed, so thought the stern entrance into a galley or saloon to be suitable. I also like the idea of a fixed cratch extending the bow, but thought of it as more of a morning place for a coffee with a view. I think I am going to need to rent a few boats and see what feels best. Thanks for all the input though, its what I was hoping for.
  14. Hi there, Just a quick and probably silly question from an absolute beginner, but what are the pros and cons of a traditional versus a reversed layout? To my way of thinking, the reversed layout makes sense, purely as coming onto the boat with shopping, or with muddy or wet shoes etc, would not require traipsing through the boat messing it up, or before unloading the shopping. Would be interested to hear what people who have lived on both styles think and why.
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