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  1. hello everyone and thank you for all the advice. we made it through without a hitch. took 3 hours 30 mins. thanks so much for the encouragement and especial thanks to David Mack for the detailed instructions. met some delightful chatacters...having a few early drinks at lock 91 who toasted my wonderfulness, cheered me on and threatened to steal me from my husband if he didnt treat me well. so funny but very hard work. but I did it.
  2. Dear David, how very kind of you to give me so much detail. its a great help. I feel a lot more assured now and plan to put my big girl pants on and tackle this lot. 6 years ago I woukd not have been daunted. but hopefully the knack will come back quickly. all the best and thanks again.
  3. Hi everyone, reading the remarks makes me a bit sheepish really, I realise I am most likley just being a bit of a wimp. Anyhow I have someone from this forum who is happy to come along and help subject to his work, so its still iffy but I reckon we will manage. All else failing we can call CART for a hand but would feel a bit embarrased to ask for help like that. Thank you al so much for your input I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks I have sent him an email, just hoping he sees it. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, we are picking up our boat on Monday - 31st - the bank holiday. We lived aboard for years but have not had a great deal of experience of boating, (mainly due to work) After living ashore for 6 years I have retired and we are bringing our boat from Rufford to Buxworth on the Peak Forest canal. Honestly I am petrified of doing the Rochdale 9 through Manchester. I have watched a YouTube video and if that young lad is struggling how on earth are two retired old farts going to manage. Does anyone know if there is any help along the way, or is there anywhere we can shout for volunteers to help from CART. I have had contact from one of the members here saying he was happy to move the boat for us, but he has since gone dark. Any advice anyone ??
  6. Hi Andy, you may remember that I contacted you earlier this month looking for help from Rufford through to New Mills. We now know that we can pick our boat up on Monday bank holiday and I was wondering if you would spare a few days to help us, especially through Rochedale 9 as I am not strong enought to do the locks on my ownl. We are happy to fetch and carry you, plus feed and water you on what should be an interesting trip. HOpe to hear from you. Bridget
  7. Hi Rosie, where are you based.
  8. Dear Peter, thanks so much for contacting me. Sounds like we could have all had a lot of fun. Glad you are feeling up to heaving bags of coal around...I don't think I have ever been in that "place" ha ha. Sorry to read you have had ill health but it sounds like you are going to be boating for a long time to come so hopefully will spot you on the canals.
  9. We are looking at the end of this month or the first few days of September. My husband is happy to go along as well, but we need a bit of help as he can't do the Rochdale etc on his own. I am looking at howmuch it would cost me to either get a crew for it, or if someone was willing to come along and lend a hand. Thanks so much for replying.
  10. Capey_k


  11. Of course I sound terribly lazy, we have however to get the house ready to rent out, sort out loads of other things as well...if we fail to find someone able to do it then of course we will do it ourselves, but just hoping to be able to spend the last few days getting the house ready for our tenants etc. Its all happening at once, as it so often does when you take severance and early retiruement and suddenly find yourlsef thinking ...what the heck have I done. But thanks for all the advice everyone, I hope to be able to wave at many of you on our travels coming up.
  12. Thank you for the replies. Of course it would have helped if I had said where to where to.... It would be picked up in Rufford and dropped off in Buxworth on the Peak Forest. Hope this helps.
  13. Good Morning, I admit I am not new to boating, but am new to this particular boat so hope its OK to post this here. I am taking ownership of a boat but am working right up until the last day and need to find someone who will bring it down for me. I did find a firm on FaceBook but have had no reply to either the message or on their website so think they may have closed or be away. Is there anyone that you might suggest for an aproximately 3 day quick of 4 day (a bit more relaxed) trip with 3 flights. My old fella can go with as well to help out if needed. Thank you in advance.
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