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Andy Tee

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    Looking for crewing vacancies and boat moving, Many years experience on Narrowboats Yachts, Powerboats and Dinghies.

     Have RYA Inland waterways Helmsman certificate, RYA National Dayboat  grade 2 certificate (all waters, capable of command)

    Fit and active, good sense of humour, clean and respectable. not scared of hard work

    well versed in lots of mechanical type subjects... engineer, mechanic, diesel fitter, plumber, welder, electrical, central heating, gas, generators etc etc
    Photography, CAA registered Drone pilot. Computers, databases websites, video production.

    I work weekends, so am free Monday to Friday, and can take time off work whenever I need to.

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    IT consultant / engineer
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    not yet
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    Leeds Liverpool, Lancaster or further afield..

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  1. Andy Tee

    Crew available

    I’m available as crew, or to move boats anywhere in the Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire area. 64 years young, fit and active, Non smoker. Have RYA inland waterways helmsman and National Dayboat coastal waters certificates, Well experienced, good with engines, electrics, plumbing etc.. I am semi retired, and what work I do tends to be at weekends, so I’m free Monday to Friday most of the time, and some weekends if needed.. No charges, but I’m at my best when fed and watered..! and travel expenses are always appreciated. Once the lockdown is over, I’m particularly looking for someone doing the Ribble link with space for a spare crew member as I want to add this to my experience..
  2. Andy Tee

    Andy Tee

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