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  1. magnetman

    IWM windlass

    It could just be someone's initials like Ian William Montgomery. Looking at the bend in the handle I'd say it's a reproduction item not a useable windlass. Probably brass as opposed to bronze. Liable to break at the bend. Unfortunately Laurence Hogg is no longer with us. He would know about this sort of thing.
  2. I don't think a boatman would fend off the butty with his foot. Looks like the cast of the Rappers Delight !
  3. Its ok I do know it's a rope and what it is for and exactly how and why it is used and every component part of the setup. You were being flippant so I decided to continue the theme.
  4. There was a one-off opening to allow stranded boats to get back to their home moorings. This was over a month ago if I remember correctly. It was arranged by Anvar Alizadegh who is named as the person in charge of the Hammersmith and Fulham council highways structures in the PLA notice to mariners Upper 10 of 2020 which is still in force. This information is announced on every London VTS River Broadcast on vhf channel 14 (157.00mhz) at 15 and 45 minutes past each hour. "Hammersmith bridge closed to navigation until further notice. Notice to mariners Upper 10 of 2020 refers. End of the River broadcast, London VTS out". I've had this in my ears a lot recently. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible to navigate under the bridge in a boat.
  5. Must be a pretty high wattage bulb in there to need a cable that large. I bet they would be happy with LED if they had the chance. Presumably the accumulator was in the motor so the cable length had to be adjustable somehow.
  6. I'd be interested to know who claims to have been under the bridge since it was closed to navigation. Any links the (b)(v)logs ? An awful lot of traffic is definitely an interesting idea. I wouldn't be surprised if stand up paddle board dickheads had done it but have any actual boaters been under?
  7. I dislike lights in tunnels. Ok you need some illumination but nothing particularly bright. I suppose the best approach would be to have a ridiculously high powered "night sun" light bar on the boat which only ever gets used it someone else shows you the same thing.. Rest of the time just a normal vehicle type fog lamp turned slightly to the right or a trad tunnel light will do. I have always had a lamp by the hatches but that is just a relatively small hand rotatable spotlamp. Nice picture of commercial road lock or should I say locks. The other one no longer operational sadly, and the house which is just visible to the right is no longer there of course.
  8. Edit as got the model wrong I was thinking of the Royal. I'd Google Rayburn repairs and send an email to someone who looks like they know about them.
  9. I was referring to inboards. Outboards arrr usually designed as a drop-out solution.
  10. Yes Barrus. They have already badged some Chinese electric outboards recently. I've seen a few on the Thames including some electric hire vessels at Cliveden near Maidenhead. Interesting to see, it's a lot nicer than using petrol. These units. Which I suspect is a Goldenmotor unit Interesting to see how much Barrus charge for their sticker. On the Goldenmotor website thy are $1460 but probably add a bit for tax and delivery. Maybe $2000? I guess they will be doing a drop in replacement for diesel soon.
  11. I wonder why they think Rugby is on the Grand Union. Anyway fast forward 43 years not much has changed. This is my solar electric canoe and yes it does run off the sun and do 2.5mph It's a 17ft long GRP former training rowing boat. £25 on eBay was a bit of a steal I have to admit !! Next plan is to put a second 80w panel over where my legs are with a gas strut so it can be opened up to get it and out and when closed it will protect ankles from sunburn. Also a handy picnic / beer table. 160w on there should improve the range to run all day on one 20ah LFP battery. At least that is the general plan. It's just a single hull vessel so takes very little power to push it. I put a 28lb thrust minn Kota pod on it with a 8x6 RC aircraft propeller.
  12. magnetman

    Rudder ladder

    I would consult the shell fabricator on this. Presumably they have some understanding of vessel handling characteristics and rudder dimensions. It will all be in the plans. Along with things like tons per inch immersion and metacentric height.
  13. Indeed, living on boats is totally different from land. They even have a different word for getting rid of you You get no security. Ok so you also get no security with rental but the difference is that when you get evicted from rental you only have yourself and belongings to move but when you get 'eviceted' from towpath you have the problem of a boat to remove. If you don't remove it then the navigation authority will do it for you. And yes, they do. Apologies for making light of a spelling error.
  14. I think you missed the point I was making but never mind. If there is to be a major change to the way boats are propelled then is there any reason to think there won't be a major change to the way boats are hired? I could see 1,2 or 3 day hires becoming popular and never mind the rings just enjoy the thing about moving across water, quietly.
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