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  1. If you mke the apperture the right width and shape for a foot/toe hold, you have the possiblity of MOB self-recovery into the front well-deck. just a thought.
  2. All good stuff from the 'team' as usual. My only remark is that remember you are dealing with fuel and air, excess/over fuel can also equate to reduced/lack-off air for combustion. Any air filter fitted?, Any inlet ducting/pipes with kinks/dents in them.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Plus you always had a water supply 'in hand'
  5. We were boating up the River Bure at wroxham and getting ready to'shoot' the bridge when we spotted a hire boat adrift in the river with a puzzled crew aboard. SWMBO put us alongside and I jumped aboard. A quick Q&A determined they had cast off, then done10/15 seconds glow-plug on the BMC, then no start followed by extra gunning the starter. I tried 30 seconds heat and still no start. Second attempt was a good minute of heat and hey presto. Smug me, then motored them back ashore and told them to use the heat I had and not what the boatyard matey and the handbook said. Happy Broads days, now long gone.
  6. M53 so probably slip roads in dips.
  7. I've just listened to the 1150 traffic news on Radio 2. Loads of flooding about. Lancashire, wirral, Essex.... 'It rained and it rained for a fortnight It covered the whole countryside It rained and it kept on pourin' Till t'Thirwell were forty miles wide'
  8. You need combustion air for the heater plus you need a supply of air to heat up. Will your intake supply enough for both purposes? Or will the air for warming come from the engine bay?
  9. When we had a diesel smell in the cabin I traced it to a leaking union on a feed pipe to the diesel fired hob. A very careful nip-up of the joint cured the problem. A bit of diesel goes a long way. Check any diesel fired stoves, hobs, warm air heaters, CH boliers for leaks. Plus what all the others have said.
  10. When I was working I expected at least two threads to show through a self-locking nut. I also expected a new self-locking nut every time. We had standards in railway land despite being sold off.
  11. They area mainly Broadland item for tethering a boat in the reeds (rhond). Designed to be pressed in with your foot. if you are on a river bank then your pins will be just as good. Th anchors do have a curve in them, which may affect the security in the ground. If you do go down that route make sure they have rings on them. We hand rhond anchors and mooring pins on Grebe.
  12. MAIB report/bulletin about the deaths that occured in December 2019. Always sad reading. Linky thing
  13. Confused of South Yorkshire here. If you are at Osberton you have already passed through Retford on your way up the canal. Was that the two months ago? If so more that double up on your next orders if you use that much in the summer time.
  14. We were broads moorers/boaters/dwellers for 17 years. It's mainly down to atmospheic and weather conditions. All of the navigable broads system is tidal, low pressure allows the sea level to rise so up come the rivers, northerly wind piles up the north sea against the netherlands, Belgium and Kent/Essex so the sea level comes up and the rivers respond. The recent rainfall is also a factor but usually the least of the three. Extremes of these factors caused those awful 1950s floods. We've seen 50 litre drums loaded onto boats to fill with water for ballast, crowds of people on boats, anything to try and get them through. When Belaugh boats were in operation and couldn't gety their boats through Wroxham Bridge they would turn round their boats at Royall's in Hoveton (but then they were family. I once took Grebe through Potter Bridge with 6 ft on the gauge - that was tight.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Whichever battery you choose to use: Make sure the dedicated feed from the battery has a fuse in it. Make sure the fuse is OUTSIDE the battery box. Battery gases can go BANG, so you do not need a potential ignition source.
  17. Yes. tidal all the way to Doncaster 'Crimpsall' weir. Also spring tides with low pressure.. Only saving grace is the SW wind. It also means the C&RT staff can dash round doing water control at locks etc with the worry of the New Junction sending a tide topping across the flat land to poor old Fishlake.
  18. Latest update via BBC. Incident revised to 'boat versus wall'. Fire and recue departed scene. Dive team being prepared.
  19. Dead fish in the Middlewich Branch. Again
  20. plus at the fitters'/machinists'/engineers' 'secret' measures - the smidge - the knat's.... - the nip
  21. NC. It's the wrong 2016 location Rachel. should read Stalham Staithe. Thanks for all your posted images.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Never reuse a 'nyloc' locking nut - new every time. If you do use them ensure that at least two full threads show above the fitted nut.
  24. The remote analysis has been great but I'm sorry to go back to basics, but are we sure that we are not just dealing with expansion when the coolant heats up. Owner fills header tank to brimming - turns engine on - coolant heats up and expands and creates pressure in the system - 'radiator cap' operates like it should and dumps the excess water.
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