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  1. I have no idea what these witchy words mean, but this is my magic box wot does the electrickery!
  2. Its an upright tank roughly 80cm tall, so I guess that should be the one! Eek! That doesn't look like it was fun to remove?
  3. Yeah, everything else is working, but as soon as I flick the switch for the immersion, everything trips out. Plus the amount of water and rust at the top of the calorifier also makes me feel its probably unhealthy. They seem to be relatively cheap to replace although it doesn't look like a particularly fun job, but I'm not doing much else at the moment.
  4. Yeah, I also have no idea how long its been there, (was there when I bought the boat about a year ago) so could well have come from a hard water area and gotten all furry.
  5. Yeah, sorry that would probably help, hey! It’s quite a tight space to get into, so sorry they’re not super clear
  6. Good shout - no, very little. I also just used a little online tool and apparently I am in a soft area.
  7. I'm not sure if its hard or soft here, but I just had a good close look at it with a torch (he lives in the back of a very dark cupboard) and its definitely looking like it needs to be replaced. Any recommended ones?
  8. Hi all, Couple questions: Under the red cap of my calorifier it can be a bit wet and there appears to be a bit of rust. I assume this is just condensation? Second question is power related: Eventually I'll be updating my electrics when I can afford solar and all the gubbins. At the moment I'm on shoreline, however, I occasionally will get the breaker flip off and all power go when I add too much draw (for instance, turning on the immersion heater, or running the microwave and washing machine at the same time). And it seems to be getting worse. At the moment the power cuts even if I have everything off and try and switch the immersion on. I'd have thought that on shoreline there wouldn't be an issue with power draw? Does it do something weird like go through the batteries and shoreline just charges those? And if thats the case, does it sound like my batteries are dying? P.s. I am almost entirely an electrics numpty, so hopefully the above makes sense...
  9. Well I spent my first night on board last night and it was brilliant! The fire was roaring, the back boiler kept the rest of the boat toasty, it took me a while to figure out the gas (I thought a valve might be closed, followed every inch of the line turning various knobs - turns out you just have to push the 'controls' on the the hob and then turn) so was temporarily gasping for a cup of tea, but after downing 3 cups the next challenge was working out the toilet. Luckily all pretty straight forward! p.s. Excuse the fairy lights. Needed to add to the 'cosy look' for any skeptical friends ? So far my only really issue is figuring out how to get these out of the ceiling so I can replace a bulb. Anyone seen one before? Do I have to pull the whole ceiling down?
  10. Yeah, in the end, as much as I wanted a full width bed across the bow, I figured I spend more time (awake and using my eyes) in the living areas, so it feels more live-able this way. I feel like questions will be raised in public when I have them stuffed in pockets... Thats actually really rather nice!
  11. Yeah, I might try some sort of permanently attached to a lanyard, attached to me method... Although I probably don't float any better than cork, I'm potentially easier to find. A few of my neighbours have said the same which is great to hear!
  12. Of course I'll be back! I'm a complete newbie, so I'm fairly certain there will be quite a few scratchy head moments that I'll need help with. Plus I'll post updates when I do them (if people are interested, of course) There may be a small possibility I may just be a little tiny weeny bit excited about it all, yes... ? Oh yeah, I possibly should have mentioned the words of wisdom are for me! Thank you! Not a fan?
  13. I do! Break Out Another Thousand (did I mention spending quite a lot of time trawling the forums, youtube and reading the books? ?) Luckily I'm pretty handy with a spanner and a paintbrush, but I'm under no illusion this will be free living. I do hope that I've picked a good boat - everyone thats seen it says its great! Which will hopefully minimise too many unforeseen painful expenses.
  14. Thank yoouuu! Very much appreciated, everybody!
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