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  1. Well I spent my first night on board last night and it was brilliant! The fire was roaring, the back boiler kept the rest of the boat toasty, it took me a while to figure out the gas (I thought a valve might be closed, followed every inch of the line turning various knobs - turns out you just have to push the 'controls' on the the hob and then turn) so was temporarily gasping for a cup of tea, but after downing 3 cups the next challenge was working out the toilet. Luckily all pretty straight forward! p.s. Excuse the fairy lights. Needed to add to the 'cosy look' for any skeptical friends ? So far my only really issue is figuring out how to get these out of the ceiling so I can replace a bulb. Anyone seen one before? Do I have to pull the whole ceiling down?
  2. Yeah, in the end, as much as I wanted a full width bed across the bow, I figured I spend more time (awake and using my eyes) in the living areas, so it feels more live-able this way. I feel like questions will be raised in public when I have them stuffed in pockets... Thats actually really rather nice!
  3. Yeah, I might try some sort of permanently attached to a lanyard, attached to me method... Although I probably don't float any better than cork, I'm potentially easier to find. A few of my neighbours have said the same which is great to hear!
  4. Of course I'll be back! I'm a complete newbie, so I'm fairly certain there will be quite a few scratchy head moments that I'll need help with. Plus I'll post updates when I do them (if people are interested, of course) There may be a small possibility I may just be a little tiny weeny bit excited about it all, yes... ? Oh yeah, I possibly should have mentioned the words of wisdom are for me! Thank you! Not a fan?
  5. I do! Break Out Another Thousand (did I mention spending quite a lot of time trawling the forums, youtube and reading the books? ?) Luckily I'm pretty handy with a spanner and a paintbrush, but I'm under no illusion this will be free living. I do hope that I've picked a good boat - everyone thats seen it says its great! Which will hopefully minimise too many unforeseen painful expenses.
  6. Thank yoouuu! Very much appreciated, everybody!
  7. No sir, but I have used them in the past so will definitely consider it for some bits though. I have done flooring in a few previous digs though, so I'm fairly sure I think I possibly, maybe, might, know what I'm going to do with it... Hopefully. At least I have an idea in my mind and a very full board on Pinterest, anyway! Yeah, the previous owners very clearly looked after it well, which is one of the reasons I loved it. The survey confirmed it, too!
  8. Eek, noted! I will 'lighten the load' next time I'm down at the boat! I'll be keeping a few spares in non-watery locations, but I think I only have one for the engine. Doubly noted; I will 'lighten the load' considerably! It's near Droitwich close to Hanbury junction.
  9. Thanks to advice on here, watching roughly 13.2 million hours of Youtube videos, spending £32k on various books and travelling the width and breadth of Europe* I have finally got the keys to my boat. It was not what I was looking for (I wanted things like a reverse layout, T&G interior, vastly different paint scheme outside, blah blah) but as soon as I stepped aboard, I fell in love. Fast forward a couple months (delays due to previous owners sorting out a flat and me not being in any particular rush) and my cheeks hurt from grinning so much ? I've only got two photos for now, but will post a few more after I give her a good bath, tidy up the mooring, etc. Jobs done: Sit at the dinette with the sun beaming through the windows typing an overly long and enthusiastic post on canalworld forums, grinning maniacally. Sit on the roof feeling the gentle rocking, and waving at passing boats, grinning maniacally. Buy new mattress and bedding. Lie on bed, grinning maniacally. Reassure neighbours that I'm not a psychopath and just extremely happy. Jobs to do soonish: Sort out the mooring - I was going to CC, but the boat came with such a lovely spot, I'm keeping it! At least for the medium term, anyway. But it does need a good tidy up. I'm (possibly) going to paint the interior, or at least some of it. I'd like to brighten up the bedroom, so thought I might try it in there first and see how it goes. I'm also (definitely) going to replace the old carpet with (probably) hard floors of some sort or another. The current carpets are past their best. Jobs to do eventually: Update the kitchen. Nothing major as I like the layout, but a new sink, maybe a new counter top and re-tile. I'll probably redo the whole bathroom (again, nothing wrong with it, just some advantages of having an uncle who's a bathroom fitter and also really fancies a boating holiday). If anyone in the Droitwich area fancies a nosey and a cup of tea and any words of wisdom, I'll be moving onboard 'full time' next week. *possibly a slight exaggeration ?‍♂️
  10. Little update for all: Tom was swamped, Trevor didn't answer but Peter Brookes got back to me and was booked in to do my survey which I had done on Friday. A couple of very minor things - starter battery and gas regulator needs to be replaced soon, and the prop shaft dry seal was leaking, but these should all be sorted. I'd also like to recommend Peter to anyone in the area. He was really thorough, very friendly and prompt. He didn't mind me hovering around watching the survey take place and asking occasional questions (although I made sure to mostly stay out of his way so he could work) and he spent some time with me afterwards explaining various bits and bobs. So all very exciting stuff and I should be 'collecting the keys' on or near to the 5th of March! Photos soon after that!
  11. I heard in so many places that no matter what you have in your head for the boat you want, the boat will pick you. I wanted things like reverse layout, possibly tug deck, painted something muted like grey or dark red, etc. Nope! Traditional layout, cruiser stern and a slightly horrible bright blue, but it just fit!* Once I get on the boat (4-6 weeks) I'll get some photos up! *Possibly because it was the first boat I visited with the fire burning away. Good tip for people selling boats in the winter: make it warm.
  12. I've had a couple people mention Tom off the forum as well, so I think he's the one! I'll give Barrie and Trevor a call as well and get some quotes. Thanks everyone!
  13. Update: I neeeearly went for it, as I did love the boat. I went for another look around it and the space in the engine bay was actually bigger than I thought so belt changes would have been fine in that regard. However, I went to look at another boat the next day and it ticked all the boxes, plus came with a younger, well looked after Vetus engine which started on the button. It was a teeny bit more expensive, but there were a few extra things like a Pullman dinette and 3kw inverter that swayed me. So deposit paid and fingers crossed a healthy survey and I'll be on the water soon!
  14. I have found my boat (yay!) which its currently moored in Droitwich. Does anyone have any recommendations for surveyors in the area? I've been given a list by the broker: Peter Brookes Ian Jones Trevor Whitling Tom Keeling Barrie Morse Chris Williams
  15. Box is a PRM 160D3, which sounds like its 10 more betters than a PRM 150 I see fairly often in boats. Yeah, I'm not too worried about the work itself, it's more how often I'd have to do it. This is what I'm afraid of, really. And being on my own means I wouldn't really want to risk leaving it too long in case it snapped and it leaves me in some iffy situation. I think now that I know more of what I'd be getting into, due to the invaluable advice here, I'll go have another good look at it. Check out clearances, see how well its been looked after, etc. If there's any doubt at all, I can totally cross it off. If I'm still keen, I can put it up on the top of the maybe list, perhaps put in a cheeky low offer. I'll also see a few more boats on the weekend which might make it easier to walk away!
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