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  1. Little update for all: Tom was swamped, Trevor didn't answer but Peter Brookes got back to me and was booked in to do my survey which I had done on Friday. A couple of very minor things - starter battery and gas regulator needs to be replaced soon, and the prop shaft dry seal was leaking, but these should all be sorted. I'd also like to recommend Peter to anyone in the area. He was really thorough, very friendly and prompt. He didn't mind me hovering around watching the survey take place and asking occasional questions (although I made sure to mostly stay out of his way so he could work) and he spent some time with me afterwards explaining various bits and bobs. So all very exciting stuff and I should be 'collecting the keys' on or near to the 5th of March! Photos soon after that!
  2. I heard in so many places that no matter what you have in your head for the boat you want, the boat will pick you. I wanted things like reverse layout, possibly tug deck, painted something muted like grey or dark red, etc. Nope! Traditional layout, cruiser stern and a slightly horrible bright blue, but it just fit!* Once I get on the boat (4-6 weeks) I'll get some photos up! *Possibly because it was the first boat I visited with the fire burning away. Good tip for people selling boats in the winter: make it warm.
  3. I've had a couple people mention Tom off the forum as well, so I think he's the one! I'll give Barrie and Trevor a call as well and get some quotes. Thanks everyone!
  4. Update: I neeeearly went for it, as I did love the boat. I went for another look around it and the space in the engine bay was actually bigger than I thought so belt changes would have been fine in that regard. However, I went to look at another boat the next day and it ticked all the boxes, plus came with a younger, well looked after Vetus engine which started on the button. It was a teeny bit more expensive, but there were a few extra things like a Pullman dinette and 3kw inverter that swayed me. So deposit paid and fingers crossed a healthy survey and I'll be on the water soon!
  5. I have found my boat (yay!) which its currently moored in Droitwich. Does anyone have any recommendations for surveyors in the area? I've been given a list by the broker: Peter Brookes Ian Jones Trevor Whitling Tom Keeling Barrie Morse Chris Williams
  6. Box is a PRM 160D3, which sounds like its 10 more betters than a PRM 150 I see fairly often in boats. Yeah, I'm not too worried about the work itself, it's more how often I'd have to do it. This is what I'm afraid of, really. And being on my own means I wouldn't really want to risk leaving it too long in case it snapped and it leaves me in some iffy situation. I think now that I know more of what I'd be getting into, due to the invaluable advice here, I'll go have another good look at it. Check out clearances, see how well its been looked after, etc. If there's any doubt at all, I can totally cross it off. If I'm still keen, I can put it up on the top of the maybe list, perhaps put in a cheeky low offer. I'll also see a few more boats on the weekend which might make it easier to walk away!
  7. A bit of background: I'll be solo, so single handed 90% of the time. I'll be travelling a lot! A brother and friends in London, business partner in Stroud, parents near Worcester (I'd like Droitwich to be home mooring if I can get a spot) and my best friend and his new young family in Nottingham. I'm handy with a spanner; restored some old VWs and MGs, built a beach buggy, and played about with various other cars before I realised 4 wheels bad, 2 wheels good (although it seems I'm onto no wheels best, now) so doing the work of changing the belt doesn't worry me too much (I've done a cam belt/water pump on an old Golf where all the bolts were so rusty they snapped off. Great fun drilling and tapping all of that under a car in 3 inches of space). It's more what sort of inconvenience will I be having? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind some inconvenience. I'm not buying a boat because I think its going to be plain sailing (sorry)! But if it means pulling an engine out every couple months at £150 a pop, that probably wont do for me. I could handle once a year though.
  8. I'm hoping to be on the move quite a lot, so I think that might be a bit impractical, sadly. I might make a silly low offer mentioning the cost of an engine swap and see if what happens. Going to see some more boats on Friday, so I might fall in love all over again!
  9. Do you get condensation problems with dog/pigeon boxes?
  10. Damn, looks like I'm giving up on this one then!
  11. Would it be silly buying the boat and replacing the engine with another, more suitable (used) unit?
  12. Also, is having a big engine bad on the canals? I think I'd be doing a few rivers, like the Trent, Severn and Thames, so might be better for that? As a random side question so I don't create a new thread; When you get a survey and the surveyor scrapes the blacking to check the hull, do I need to get some paint to cover the scrapes up again? Amazing! What a beast! Okay, I'll keep hunting, although I do really like the rest of the boat, so I think it'll sit at the top of the maybe pile.
  13. Thanks Alan! Very useful info. So should I walk away from this one?
  14. Some excellent advice there, thank you WC! I don't suppose you have any photos of your setup, do you? I think its tough for me to figure it out exactly until I actually have a boat to work with (which should be soonish, at least). Does your bike sit below the tiller or further back?
  15. I'm currently interested in a boat that all looks pretty normal apart from having a Ford XLD418 engine which I haven't seen mentioned much. I did a search on here and a thread came up on cam belts and to make sure there's enough access to change one (photo attached for opinions on that). Is there anything else I should check on it? And what sort of horse power do they get? And does anyone know the builder "D Perryman"?
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