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  1. The block was done by lockside in castleford.......the engine has been done by bronte boats ...
  2. I think the engineer neant until the rings seat properly ....will keep you updated I think the engineer neant until the rings seat properly ....will keep you updated
  3. The engineer said it is tight as its had new shells in ??? Does that make a difference
  4. Pause for thought...... When revving the engine out of gear .no black smoke .... In gear at 1200 rpm onwards increases in black smoke..... Surely if timing pump problems it would smoke the same in and out of gear.... The engine mounts are set up for the old engine .......if this new block has been placed directly onto the engine mounts but no realignment done would this cause any problems . The prop does rotate by hand but if slightly out would it explain.???? Would it smoke the same out of gear the as much as does in gear......my non mechanical brain says it should????? Any thoughts ???
  5. Starts excellent and sounds really good for a perkins Would pump timing cause black smoke the higher the revs
  6. I purchased the engine . However the head on the engine was not good so they used my cylinder head.....my head had new valve guides and seals. So i dont know if thepump was redone.....i am guessing not . So apologies for not thorough explanation.....it has been an ordeal. Icould have got a new engine by the time its sorted I bought the engine in good faith off a friend . Nightmare to say the least
  7. Beyond me . They just relocated it back on to the engine mounts and reconnected the prop . But as far as i know as to whetherit was aligned i have no idea
  8. So would it be worth getting the pump overhauled as that wasnt done. The injectors were new.
  9. No the entire stern tube was replaced last year in its entirety. And not overtight etc
  10. I only took it to 1800 due to the smoke them backed off. At 1800 its going pretty fast
  11. No only in gear. Out of gear pretty much nothing Out of gear even at high revs it is minimal so to speak
  12. But once you open the throttle its billowing black smoke Can i ask what is max fuel??? Within the dpa pump
  13. Thankyou for your reply. Some folks are saying over fueling and others oil burning ....so at a loss... it does tickle smoke at low revs but assumed an old engine
  14. As in something around it....no its clear Will check again though in daytime
  15. Hello advice needed. Ive just had a perkins 4108 rebuilt. On start up it gives white smoke....once up to temp it clears with just a bit of normal exhaust smoke.....however in gear as you pass 1200 rpm to 1800 it gives black smoke.... The boat engineer is coming to check as it has an oil leak behind the timing cover plate. Any advice or ideas please
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