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  1. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    Nothing is straight forward. Thanks for all the answers.
  2. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    Yes I see what you mean. Virtually impossible.
  3. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    I am trying to find a figure to put into my bmv 712.
  4. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    I used 33 amp hours since the last full charge.
  5. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    Yes I do. Sorry for that.
  6. Nobag

    Maths for Dummie

    I have two 110 ah batteries about two years old. 12.4 v in the morning after resting overnight, according to a chart i have that is 80%. so I have used one fifth. If I multiple 5 x amps used, does that give me remaining capacity. 5 x 33 = 165 Thanks
  7. Nobag

    Three Mobile reception at Specific Marinas

    There is a app called "Opensignal" Which shows nearby towers and download speeds.
  8. Nobag

    Mains charger

    I have the same charger and had to try few times to connect via Bluetooth, when it did it updated the software on the charger. When i tried to reconnect i had to delete the connection on my phone then connect with no problems. I think this is the fault of my phone.
  9. Nobag

    Webasto Thermotop

    Thanks for the replies So the boiler going from full to half heat when the correct temperature is reached, and then back up to full heat when the temperature drops is normal behaviour. Cheers
  10. Nobag

    Webasto Thermotop

    Just wondering what peoples definition of the boiler cycling is. 1: Going to half speed when the correct water temperature is reached. 2: The boiler shuts down when correct water temperature is reached and then restarts.
  11. Nobag


    Saul Junction.
  12. Nobag


    The guy who was flying it had a CRT logo on his jumper and hi-viz vest.
  13. Nobag


    See that C&RT have a new toy. They were flying one over our moorings this morning on the G&S hovering over each boat?.
  14. Nobag

    Best landline broadband deal?

    Talktalk have offer on at the moment £19.95 including line rental, they are pretty reliable.
  15. Nobag

    Webasto Start-up Problem

    Mine did this the other day, i took out the main fuse by the battery and cleaned it.been fine since.

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