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  1. Well apparently I’m the only person who finds this racially offensive, including your forum moderator. Clearly this forum is not the place for me.
  2. Personal visits to brokerages are only just getting back - so many have been insisting on appointment only because of the blasted virus, and I have been relying on phone calls and messaging to remind them how much they want to find me a boat But honestly it seems like people are buying boats sight unseen at the minute and I'm simply not willing to do that. Also I'm not willing to travel further south than Staffs/Notts. I'll get there, no rush, and my boat is out there somewhere. Your bit about mailing lists - I don't get your drift there. Am I being dim?
  3. Thank you, Iuck is what I need. I am now in touch with some brokers who operate around the north midlands, Lancs and Yorks. My daughter lives near York so I have a southerly base to work from (well, southerly to me at least I'm also mobile and have oodles of time on my hands - and I do love a road trip. When I got our current boat (a little grp cruiser) I did a trip to Essex one week and then Scotland the next... all part of the fun. BTW does anyone want a nice little cabin cruiser
  4. All of these are separately budgeted for as running costs. We are already boat owners so we're prepared for the ongoing costs I have been monitoring ebay, facebook, gumtree, apollo duck, you name it, for some months and continue to do so! As well as being on the mailing list for every marina and brokerage I can lay my eyes on. But, as I said earlier in the thread, there's no rush. And it's nice to look at all the boats I can't afford
  5. We have Ektorps at home and love them. Even the massive chaise longue version came in a kit form - not sure it would fit on a narrowboat though the two seater deffo would
  6. Here's a pretty introverted quiet guy living alone through circumstance rather than choice in an environment that has been forced upon him (he feels this is the case and therefore we must accept his feelings). I suspect he is a bit lonely and feeling isolated. It's a shame the thread got a bit unpleasant, because I enjoyed a lot of the humour earlier on. People often react sharply when poked. I'm not finger pointing; almost everything that has been posted has been well intentioned. Just saying there might be another side to it. Maybe he'd just wanted to reach out in quiet anonymity for a bit of company.
  7. Delibe


    DOH! I never thought of that, what a numpty!! though it seems that there are more Elsans than I had thought.
  8. I know that boats are money pits! we've been sailing and motor boating for several years. It's just the whole canal thing that's new Running costs are not a problem, I can cover that fine; it's the purchase that is on a tight budget, I have a certain amount of money saved up and I'm not willing to borrow.
  9. Sorry it's me back again. I'll bugger off and have a coffee soon and leave you in peace. I've been wondering about ex-hire fleet boats. I know they are totally lacking in personality, but an interior re-fit and repaint would sort that out. But I was guessing that the engine and steel work would be well maintained? Or am I being very naive? I haven't really been interested in them as they prioritise the number of berths they can squeeze in and have grim wipe clean interiors. But maybe I'm missing a trick here, given that I'm happy to improve the loveliness for myself. And they do seem usually to have nice bathrooms!
  10. In my dreams or in the real world Real world answer is 45' - 60'; cruiser stern essential, otherwise layout is immaterial. My outlay including survey, blacking and essential repairs cannot exceed £35k. General upgrade to interior, titivating the paintwork etc can be done as time goes on. Like I said, it's a small budget. As for the dream... I won't really know that until I've run my own boat for a year or two.
  11. first of all thank you to everyone who responded to my enquiry about buying through a broker. It was very helpful. So sorry to revisit a well worn topic, but... 1) If you are continuous cruising how practical is a cassette toilet? I reckon from my caravan experience to empty every 4-5 days (more frequent if I have hubby aboard!) So I would have to plan to be near an Elsan point rather regularly. 2) I am soon to view a boat that has a pump out toilet - can anyone advise me the best way to have its holding tank checked? 3) and no I am not considering a compost loo until the CRT has been able to sort out the dumping problems. Thanks in advance.
  12. That's always a possibility of course 😱
  13. Thank you all. This is very helpful. We aren't in a massive rush to buy, hoping the market will cool a little along with the weather! viewing boats is a bit of an undertaking from where we live, and the temptation to rush is in quite strong. But I'm pretty level headed and know what I want.
  14. I do review Apolloduck regularly (obsessively more like) but most are brokerage adverts once you open them up. I only ask as we have been warned off brokerages on the grounds of inflated prices.
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